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Sneak Peek at the 2014 Benchmarking Survey (Guerrero & Dzenko)


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Sneak Peek at the 2014 Benchmarking Survey (Guerrero & Dzenko)

  1. 1. Benchmarking Survey Working Group Update Presented by Heather Guerrero, MA, CCMEP Gilead Sciences, Inc. Karen Dzenko, Boehringer-Ingelheim
  2. 2. Benchmarking Survey Working Group Beth Page, Lilly Karen Dzenko, Boe hringer- Ingelheim Co-chairs Riaz Baxamusa, Astellas Kristan Cline, NPS Pharmaceuticals Jill Erickson, Takeda Heather Guerrero, Gilead Sciences Patty Jassak, Astellas, (IACE Lead Elect) Pamela Mason, AstraZeneca April Pond, Talecris Janet Moga – Genentech Julia Shklovskaya – Takeda Nancy Santilli – Independent Contractor Members IACE and ACEHP Leadership Jason Singer, IACE Lead, Lilly Christine Amorosi RN MHSA, Division Director - Quality & Innovation
  3. 3. Survey Content - Department Scope and Budgets - Grant Review and Approval Process - Nature of Interactions with Providers - Educational Value - Future Trends IME Focus Areas Ranked Important to PACME Leadership
  4. 4. Developing the Survey 2009 • 6 organizations represented on Working Group • Identified need to benchmark practices and processes related to Industry funding of educational grants as a framework for future surveys Design • Survey Development (Spring 2009-Spring 2010) • Questions for each focus area were developed, reviewed and revised for clarity and accuracy • Survey was beta-tested by the PACME Leadership Group and refined • Survey consisted of 53 questions – and required approx. 45 minutes to complete Today • 12 organizations represented on Working Group • Same survey dissemination process as in 2009 •Survey link was sent to one key individual per organization from the IACE (formerly PACME) membership list •Three reminder notices sent to distribution list •Anonymity guaranteed through use of Zoomerang (now Survey Monkey) platform
  5. 5. What the BWG Has Delivered • Inaugural year of the Benchmarking Insights in 2013 • Almanac publications in 2012 and 2013 • Policy and Medicine communication February 2014 • Annual survey since 2010 • Two additional surveys focusing on monitoring and outcomes in 2011 • 8 presentations • Presented at the IACE Summit, Task Force, CME Congress and CBI Presentations Surveys Publications
  6. 6. New Look and Feel to Insights Report
  7. 7. How Does Your Organization Use this Data? 0 2 4 6 8 Outcomes Grant review cycle Grants Resource/staffing Value CME Budget RFP/CGA Monitoring Process/SOP 67% improve organizational process 29% validate organizational process 14% compare against other companies
  8. 8. Free Text Response Answering How Survey Respondents Utilized the Data 2013 Survey “Organization data was compared against the benchmarking data; improved grant processes to reflect majority of industry.” “Validates some thinking on areas (ie budgeting, processes).” “Staffing; evolution of department’s roles and responsibilities.” “Add monitoring. Increased outcomes expectations. Expand scope of reporting.” “Confirm processes to ensure validation of activities within our organization across the industry.” “Use of RFPs including information to be included on RFPs and posting options.” “We use the data internally to champion the value of CME message, justify additional resources, and to benchmark processes (like monitoring) within industry. Its a very valuable tool!”
  9. 9. Using the Data • Insights from Karen and Heather and how their organizations use the data from the survey • Any input from the attendees about ways they have used the data in their organization? • Any future topics you would like to see addressed? Discussion Case Studies
  10. 10. Deeper Dive in the 2014 Survey Grants review committee New topic • Open Payment • Satellite symposia • Single support /multiple support • RFP/CGA • Change of scope • Monitoring • Outcomes Topics Explored at Greater Depth
  11. 11. For More Information About Survey Participation or a Copy of the Benchmarking Report Text to: 281-660-3794 Device companies to be added to survey recipients Pharma companies to be added to survey recipients Update contact information Questions or suggestions