Membership Matters: CDHA Membership Marketing strategies


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Membership Matters: CDHA Membership Marketing strategies

  1. 1. Team approach is a must for success.
  2. 2. ELEMENTS OF MEMBERSHIP TO CONSIDER• Existing full member renewals• Entry to practice conversion to full members• Student recruitment• Lapsed member recruitment• New member recruitment• Student conversions to entry to practice
  3. 3. NEW WORLD ORDERTHE END OF MEMBERSHIP AS WE KNOW IT!Shifting demographic and psychographics of workforceLess value on lists of THINGSMore value on CULTRE of organizationsIt’s about the membership EXPERIENCEEMOTIONAL connection counts
  4. 4. WHAT’S VALUED??Traditional pillars of membership benefit plans are no moreNetworkingInformation /Resources/ProductsAdvocacyMember Loyalty
  5. 5. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? – WHAT’S THE ROI?These are just FEATURES or ASSETS of membership but not the outcome focussed benefits or VALUE of what you get from your membership.It’s not enough to just be the nice to have anymore you must do something different to create a MUST HAVE membership proposition.
  6. 6. EMBODY THE ESSENCE OF THE ORGANIZATIONChoose thepower/emotionalwords that embody theessence of CDHA/province?These must be usedthroughout marketingMaterials.
  7. 7. ASSET AUDITCompile list of everything we have to offerIdentify level of driver of membershipare theyLowMediumHigh
  8. 8. ASSESS ASSETS AND ADJUST ATTRIBUTES What is it ABOUT these THINGS that are our VALUE proposition? What problems does membership in our association help solve?Instead of the website, directory, conference….what ADVANTAGES do each of these give our members? The CDHA/provincial ADVANTAGE We give you.....
  9. 9. CUSTOMIZATION & FLEXIBILITY• Basic membership plans + + + or opt outs with discounts• Choice of online or hard copy delivery with incentives• Pricing incentives for early renewal• Rewards/privileges• Limited time offers, free trial offers, satisfaction guaranteed or money back.• Monthly or quarterly pre-authorized payments• Pro-rated payments
  10. 10. DATA MINING• Use of notes fields in iMis• Areas of expertise populated• Website addresses• Cell phone numbers• Twitter IDs collected
  11. 11. MEMBER CENTRED PHILOSOPHY• Listen twice as much as you talk!• Know everything you can about the organization.• Training provincial front-line staff?• Be knowledgeable on how to navigate website to assist members,• Engage with and ask questions of members - understand what motivates and why.• National and provincial staff must be accountable to and play a part in membership.
  12. 12. MEMBER CENTRED PHILOSOPHY• Discussions on membership services and value should be regular part of all meetings and planning.• Stop using term e-blast – shouldn’t be BLASTING anything – SHARE useful items of VALUE• Use the word YOU in copy wherever possible
  13. 13. CONNECTING NOT CONTACTINGCreate as many “touches” as possibleNot always “selling” products or “pushing “informationbut just touching baseOpening doors for two way engagement and participationwhenever possible.
  14. 14. WE WANT TO BE “RTU” NOT “ROT”Relevent /Timely / Useful not Redundant / Old/ Trivial
  15. 15. CHALLENGES – ACKNOWLEDGING LIMITATIONS• iMis capabilities• Memberships paid via provinces• Insurance cycle variance
  16. 16. DO IT DIFFERENTLY!• Greater use of iMis fields and improved data gathering• Exit strategy for dropped members• Shorter, simpler messaging & less hard copy mail• When non-members fill out form to create an online account – ask why they aren’t members
  17. 17. 2013 CAMPAIGN IDEASPlay on the 2013 50th anniversary theme–It’s our birthdaybut we’re giving you 50 reasons to join– create a list of50 reasons why membership is beneficial. 50 reasons to helpus grow - Sign up a new member, get $50 CDHA gift certificate.Trial membership with temporary free access to oneissue of magazine or other benefit for lapsed members.Feedback Friday – once a month encourage members topost, email, call with any comments/suggestions on howwe can improve their member experience.
  19. 19. OPEN MIC – THE FLOOR IS YOURSAny other thoughts, comments, suggestions, feedback,