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Chwarae Teg & the Climate Change Agenda


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Presented at the Climate Change Commission for Wales Annual Breakfast Meeting 2013. Enabling Third Sector Action on Climate Change.

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Chwarae Teg & the Climate Change Agenda

  1. 1. Chwarae Teg & and the Climate Change Agenda
  2. 2. Workplaces now and in the future Workforce to increase Aging workforce Demand for part time working at all levels Increased number female employees 1 in 5 UK Workers will be mothers Challenging the long hours culture Increased efficiencies Property costs Expectation of Flexibility
  3. 3. Why are we doing this • Embedded in what we do • Workforce practices – Flexible Working • Save costs • Supporting Equalities Agenda • Socio – economic
  4. 4. Work to date
  5. 5. Working in Practice • Wanted to share what we were doing and learn more – WCVA Climate Change Leadership • Green champions in each office • Monitor – Waste – Millage – Energy – Paper usage – Who we procure from – Environmental policy and action plan
  6. 6. •Flexible Working •ICT •Training •Awareness Raising •Procurement Agile Nation
  7. 7. Working in Practice 7,744 =£3,097.60 2.28 T=11.5 Trees 4 hours/week Boost for local economy