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Pathfinder Engagement Lessons


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Pathfinder Engagement Lessons

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Pathfinder Engagement Lessons

  1. 1. WG Pathfinder: Lessons for Engaging Communities on Climate Change for Climate Change Commission for Wales
  2. 2. [BEFORE] • Carbon targets • CC focus • Behaviour change requirement • Policy timelines • Metrics • Unfunded DOs [AFTER] • Soft and Hard Impacts • Groups’ effectiveness • Learning & change • Rhythms & Journeys • Stories • Unfunded PCs
  3. 3. • Do Engagement from the bottom up • Start from where (different) groups are at… and go on a journey (groups are not delivery bodies) • ‘Green’ speaks to niches, and (most) communities don’t count carbon • Try SD on the ground, not CC in the air (flood, food, health, jobs) • Community action takes time (and stability) – and measurable impacts take longer • Do behaviour change with not to (a way of working) • If you take learnings in lieu of impacts, onus is on you to share learnings, and then act on them