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Energy Savings Trust Smart Metering Update


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Energy Savings Trust Smart Metering Update March 2013

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Energy Savings Trust Smart Metering Update

  1. 1. Smart Metering therollout in WalesAnne Sharp14 March 2013
  2. 2. Smart Metering roll out• Part of an EU programme• UK Government – every home in England, Wales & Scotland be offered a smart meter (and In-Home Display) by 2019, Northern Ireland by 2020.More background info available here: 2
  3. 3. Smart Metering in Wales• February 2013 – EST facilitated workshop in Cardiff Bay3
  4. 4. Smart Metering in Wales• February workshop update: • EnergyUK establishing Central Delivery Body by June 2013 • Technology still being tested • WAN (Wide Area Network) communications in Wales – up to the job? • Timely behaviour change and engagement will be critical to realise savings • Increased opportunity in Wales due to housing stock and fuel poverty • No major smart metering installations in Wales at present4
  5. 5. Smart Metering in Wales• Opportunities for Wales • Exploring potential for trials via Nest and / or arbed 2 • Behaviour change engagement • Bilingual provision • Consistent messaging • Vulnerable households5
  6. 6. Useful references: • Smart for All – understanding consumer vulnerability during the experience of smart meter installation consumer-vulnerability-during-the-experience-of-smart-meter-installation • Smart Homes Integrating Meters Money Energy Research (SHIMMER) Smart-Homes-Integrating-Meters-Money-Energy-Research • Smart Metering Advice Portal