Targeted tv enhanced online advertising


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Targeted tv enhanced online advertising

  1. 1. Calero Media Systems Targeted Advertising Calero Web Server Web-To-TV software app Play the Web on your TV! 1 Confidential – Calero Media Systems, Inc – May 2008 Calero’s Web-to-TV software and MediaDancer web server provide an integrated video advertising solution. Advertisers & Publishers create targeted “commercial” playlists. Users create and share playlists. Users gain awareness of and access to commercial playlists through social media widgets, email, twitter, etc. Invoking a commercial playlist produces image and interactive ads on controlling devices (laptop computers and smart-phones), and embedded video advertising on the family TV set - where share impact is high. Advertising is coordinated and targeted by user demographics and real time viewing history. 1
  2. 2. Calero Media Systems Setup Calero Web Server Advertiser Users Network Campaign Setup User Setup Playlist Design Web-to-TV registration Media Links MediaDancer Login Display Ads Opt-In Demographics Parameters for Viewing preferences distribution Play the Web on your TV! 2 Confidential – Calero Media Systems, Inc – May 2008 Users activate their server hardware by registering with the Calero server. Servers are tracked by unique IP address for the household. Household demographics are stored. User opt-in is required for demographics data. users register with ID & Password to save, share and play media playlists thru web pages and social media widgets. Viewing preferences - including Broadcast TV - are optionally stored. Advertisers & Publishers provide campaign content and distribution parameters. 2
  3. 3. Calero Media Systems Targeted Media Playlist Calero Web Server ABC.Com Playlist for Joe.User American Idol - Jordan YouTube -Evolution CSI – Episodes Hulu - Saturday Night Live House – Hugh Laurie Play the Web on your TV! 3 Confidential – Calero Media Systems, Inc – May 2008 A targeted playlist is a set of links (URLs) and optional display ads - impression and/or interactive. The links may contain embedded video advertising or related web content. Using either a laptop computer or smart-phone to access the playlist and activate the link, the media is displayed on the user’s TV (through the Web-to-TV applicance). For example, If I like to watch ABC’s “House”, a playlist associated with “House” is automatically sent to my MediaDancer page or widget on my phone or PC, where I can select and view media on my TV, at my convenience. 3
  4. 4. Calero Media Systems Fulfillment Calero Web Server Link activated confirmation Page view billing Play the Web on your TV! 4 Confidential – Calero Media Systems, Inc – May 2008 When a targeted link is selected and viewed on the TV, a billable event is logged in the advertiser/publisher’s account. Impression and interactive Ads on the Playlist are billed by CPM and CPC as defined in the campaign parameters. 4
  5. 5. Calero Media Systems Summary Online media preferences tracked through playlists & widget (cookies) TV media behavior tracked by (hard) viewing history & demographics A unique model to monetize video advertising viewed on TV coordinated with online call-to-action Play the Web on your TV! 5 Confidential – Calero Media Systems, Inc – May 2008 5