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Weekly newsletter published by the U.S. Division-North Public Affairs, COB Speicher, in collaboration with subordinate units. Featured stories were written by 109th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, 1st Assist and Advise Task Force, 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Stryker Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, 4th Advise and Assist, 1st Cavalry Division, and other U.S.D-N personnel.

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The ivy leaf, volume i, issue 2

  1. 1. United States Division - North Volume 1, Issue 2 Established in 1917 to honor those who serve November 12, 2010 The defining moment of a New Dawn Steadfast and LoyalWarrior ‘Ready First’ Combat Team transfers partnership to ‘Devils’LongKnife By Spc. Kandi Huggins Operation New Dawn. 1st AATF Public Affairs Following Ready First’s 1st Inf. Div., USD-N lead, Col. Eric Welsh, com- mander, and Command Sgt. CONTINGENCY OPERAT- Maj. John Jones, senior en- Ironhorse ING SITE WARRIOR, Iraq – listed leader of 1st AATF, 1st The color guard, comprised of Inf. Div., unfurled the brigadeDevil Iraqi Army soldiers, Iraqi Po- colors, marking the official lice, Kurdish Peshmerga and transfer of authority to the Sol- American Soldiers, standing diers of “Devil” Brigade, and before an equally mixed audi- the beginning of their mission ence of distinguished guests to advise, train and assist Iraqi Fit for Any Tes TFit for Any TesT and military officials annotated Security Forces in the northern the beginning of a mission and province of Kirkuk. an ever-evolving partnership “Great U.S. Army Soldiers between Iraqi and U.S. forces. can do anything and go any- Deployed in support of Op- where,” said U.S. Division- eration New Dawn, Soldiers of North Commanding General the 1st Advise and Assist Task Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins, Force, 1st Infantry Division, who served as the reviewing from Fort Riley, Kan., con- officer for the ceremony. “Col.Ironhorse ducted a transfer of partnership Swift, you and your folks have Devil ceremony with the “Ready done a phenomenal job that First” Combat Team of the 1st exceeded everyone’s expecta- Advise and Assist Task Force, tions in what some could argue 1st Armored Division at COS as being some of the most dif- LongKnife Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq Nov. 7. ficult problems that we have to Col. Larry Swift and Com- deal with.”Steadfast and Loyal mand Sgt. Maj. James Daniels, Perkins, commander of command team of 1st AATF, Task Force Ironhorse and 4th Photo by Spc. Kandi Huggins, 1st AATF PAO, 1st Inf. Div., USD-N part of the 1st Brigade Combat Infantry Division, from Fort Col. Eric Welsh and Command Sergeant Major John Jones, com- Team, 1st Armored Div., from Carson, Colo., praised the mand team of the 1st Advise and Assist Task Force, 1st Infantry Fort Bliss, Texas, furled the work of both units and said the Division, from Fort Riley, Kan., uncase the “Devil” Brigade colors Warrior Ready First colors ceremoni- progress that has been made in during a transfer of partnership ceremony at Contingency Operating Site Warrior, Iraq Nov. 7. The uncasing marks the unit’s readiness to ously marking the end of their Kirkuk is nothing short of phe- continue the mission of the 1st Advise and Assist Task Force, 1st Ar- 12-month tour in support of nomenal. mored Division, which redeployed after completing its deployment Operation Iraqi Freedom and “Col. Welsh, as you and the in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. See NEW DAWN, pg. 3 1
  2. 2. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 THE Ivy Leaf The Ivy Leaf is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. Contents Task Force Ironhorse of The Ivy Leaf are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by the U.S. Commanding General – Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins Government, Department of the Army or the 4th Infantry Division. The appearance of advertising in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or Command Sergeant Major – Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel A. Dailey patronage without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the Task Force Ironhorse Public Affairs purchaser, user, or patron. All editorial content of The Ivy Leaf is prepared, edited, TF Ironhorse PAO – Lt. Col. Steve Wollman provided and approved by the United States Division – North Public Affairs Office. TF Ironhorse PA NCOIC – Master Sgt. Carmen Daugherty-Glaze Do you have a story to share? The Ivy Leaf welcomes submissions from readers. TF Ironhorse Layout & Designer – Spc. Thomas Bixler Send to the USD-N PAO at The Ivy Leaf reserves the right to edit submissions selected for the paper. For further information on deadlines, questions or comments, email USD-N PAO or call VOIP 242-1212 or DSN 849-0089 1st Advise and 2nd Advise and 4th Advise and Assist Task Force Assist Brigade Assist Brigade 1st Infantry Division 25th Infantry Division 1st Cavalry Division Task force ODIN inducts Rough Riders train IA, Long Knives advise IP at PRT, Iraqi scholars teach new NCOs HMMWV electrical systems training academy farming techniques Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Ironhorse Soldiers commemorate Veteran’s Day in Iraq World War I, but to pay hom- place and time – just like those age to the deeds and spirit of who served so valiantly during all those who took an oath to World War I. serve in our armed forces. All of us are volunteers, During this special day, we some serving the first term of pay our undying respect to the enlistment, others no stranger veterans who have served our to deployments, hardship and nation in times of peace and sacrifice. Regardless if you times of war, those men and have served six months, six women in uniform and their years, or twenty six years, we Families who have sacrificed are all members of an honored and contributed so much for legion of remarkable individu- the preservation of the Ameri- als whose selfless service has can way of life, our great na- secured freedom for America tion and the defense of freedom and millions of people around around the world. the world. Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins, commanding general of U.S. Division- We take time to honor those Your service today is sig- North and 4th Infantry Division, places the Ivy Leaf Shoulder Sleeve Insignia on Spc. Joe Gehmie, motor transport specialist, assigned to who serve, our comrades to our nificant to the people of Iraq. Company D, Division Special Troops Battalion, 4th Inf. Div., U.S. Divi- left and right, as well as to pay Working side-by-side with our sion-North, Nov. 11, during a combat patch ceremony for Soldiers de- tribute to all who have dedicat- Iraqi partners, your hard work ployed with Task Force Ironhorse in support of Operation New Dawn. ed their lives to the defense of and dedication will leave an en- The Soldiers of Task Force Ironhorse, 4th Inf. Div., from Fort Carson, Colo., arrived at COB Speicher in early October. our great nation. during impression on the Iraqi The words of our 34th Com- people that will be felt for gen- To the service members of lence and tyranny, Americans mander in Chief, President erations. Your enumerable con- Task Force Ironhorse, answered the call and stoked Dwight D. Eisenhower capture tributions throughout the years On the 11th hour of the 11th the light of liberty. Little did the meaning of this observance: have made freedom and de- day, of the 11th month of the these Americans know that de- “let us solemnly remember mocracy evolve from a dream year 1918, the Allied nations cades later their heroic deeds the sacrifices of all those who to a reality. and Germany signed an armi- and selfless contributions fought so valiantly, on the seas, While Veteran’s Day is for- stice, ending “the war to end would result in an annual ob- in the air, and on foreign shores, mally observed in November, all wars.” An epic conflict that servance honoring all who have to preserve our heritage of free- we have a duty and responsibil- affected the lives of nearly 10 served our nation. dom…. ” ity to always conduct ourselves million people, World War I This week, we celebrate Like our veterans, today’s in a manner that honors those would have truly changed the Veterans Day, not only to honor service member stands ready who served before us and those course of history as we know the 115,000 American service in peace and is prepared for who will follow. it today, if not for the spirit and members who lost their lives war. Today, Task Force Iron- Steadfast and Loyal! resolve of the American people. or the additional 200,000 more horse stands forward, answer- IRONHORSE 6. When millions faced vio- wounded in combat during ing our nation’s call at a critical 2
  3. 3. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 Task Force ODIN inducts new NCOs By Sgt. Shawn Miller “The Backbone of the Army.” Perrone, the 67th Battlefield Corps struck a chord within one 109th Mobile Public “The importance of the cer- Surveillance Battalion com- of the honorees. Affairs Detachment emony is to officially let the mand sergeant major, and “It really does make your USD-N Public Affairs Soldiers realize that they have guest speaker at the ceremony, heart jump when they empha- crossed the bridge between be- reminded the NCOs of the im- size that we are leaders and CONTINGENCY OPERAT- ing a Soldier and being a non- portance of respect, citing a what the stripes on our chest ING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq commissioned officer,” said passage written in their NCO mean,” said Sgt. Melissa My- – Nineteen Soldiers from Task Command Sgt. Maj. Mickey guidebook by retired Command ers, an Army reservist with Force ODIN joined the ranks Somers, the senior enlisted Sgt. Maj. Gary Littrell. 378th Combat Service and of the Noncommissioned Offi- leader of Task Force ODIN. “Respect is not issued to you Support Battalion, attached to cers Corps during a ceremony Graduating from the junior with a set of orders and a set of Company B, Task Force ODIN. Nov. 8. enlisted ranks, the new ser- stripes,” Perrone read. “Respect It’s important to know that Senior NCOs from the Sol- geants are now the first line is something earned by taking difference that being an NCO diers’ respective units called of leadership and mentors to care of the Soldiers that you makes, added Myers, a native out the names of the newly young privates and specialists train, supervise and prepare for of Lititz, Pa. promoted sergeants, welcom- serving under their watch. combat.” ing them into what is known as Command Sgt. Maj. Philip Being inducted into the NCO See ODIN, pg. 4 Division-Center and 1st Armored Div., joined Iraqi officials, military officers, and a wide range of local Iraqi leaders to show their commitment and support to the Soldiers of the two participating units and their mission. “Today, I stand here representing the 6,000 Troops of the Ready First Combat Team from the nine battalions that served under this headquarters over the past year,” said Swift. “I would like to say thank you.” As the Devil Brigade assumes its role in support of Operation New Dawn, it will focus on supporting the ISF as they en- force the Iraqi Rule of Law and governing capability, said Welsh. “With the shadows of Operation Iraqi Freedom to our back, we stand ready to forge ahead with Operation New Dawn, and welcome an era in Iraqi history that will endure in the free world,” he said. “To our Iraqi partners, we will move forward Photo by Spc. Kandi Huggins, 1st AATF PAO, 1st Inf. Div., USD-N to maintain this lasting bond that we have The color guard, led by Command Sergeant Major John Jones, 1st Advise and Assist Task worked so hard to build … it is my true Force, 1st Infantry Division, from Fort Riley, Kan., stands at attention during the invocation belief that we will not only complete this beginning the transfer of partnership ceremony at Contingency Operating Site Warrior, Iraq mission, but our partnership will stand the Nov. 7. The color guard, comprised of Iraqi Army soldiers, Iraqi Police, Kurdish Peshmerga test of time.” and American Soldiers, represented the enduring partnership forged between the Iraqis and Americans. “Soldiers of the Devil Brigade,” said the task force commander, “you will leave Continued from NEW DAWN, pg. 1 sets the foundation for your legacy that will a legacy here … and I know you are pre- live on for generations,” Perkins said. pared for the challenges that lie ahead. And ‘Devil’ Brigade come on board there is no Out of respect for their subordinate to our Iraqi partners, we look forward to better leader, nor team to follow in the foot- commanders and their brigades, Maj. Gen. helping you achieve peace and prosperity.” steps of ‘Ready First.’ Vincent Brooks, commanding general of “You have the experience, the leader- the 1st Inf. Div., based at Fort Riley, Kan., ship, and the capability to not just solve the and U.S. Division-South, and Maj. Gen. problem now, but to solve it in a way that Terry Wolff, commanding general, U.S. 3
  4. 4. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 Rough Riders roll into tactical vehicle training with Iraqi Army soldiers By 2nd Lt. Lesley Holley mechanic, and native of Phoe- 27th Brigade Support Bn. nix, assigned to Company B, 4th AAB Public Affairs 27th BSB, 4th AAB, 1st Cav. 1st Cav. Div., USD-N Div. “The IA were very eager throughout the training. It was CONTINGENCY OPERAT- a pleasant experience.” ING SITE MAREZ, Iraq — During the training, the U.S. Troops assigned to the 27th Soldiers showcased their exper- Brigade Support Battalion, 4th tise in mechanical skills as well Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st as the importance of safety and Cavalry Division, began train- the proper procedures for trou- ing soldiers from the 3rd Iraqi ble shooting their equipment. Army Division on high mobil- The Iraqi soldiers learned ity multi-purpose wheeled ve- vehicle maintenance skills and hicle electrical system mainte- gained knowledge essential to U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Charles Vanzandt, 4th AAB nance at Al Kisik, Iraq, Oct. 25. the overall operational level of Sgt. Jeffrey McDonald, an all-wheeled vehicle mechanic assigned to Company B, 27th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Advise and Assist The “Rough Rider” me- the 3rd IA Div.’s vehicles. Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Division-North, instructs Iraqi Army chanics, who deployed to U.S. “The maintenance training soldiers on how to operate a high mobility multi-purpose wheeled Division-North in support of provided the opportunity for vehicle’s electrical system during a three-day training exercise with Operation New Dawn, taught a U.S. forces to strengthen part- Iraqi soldiers from the 3rd Iraqi Army Division in Al Kisik, Iraq, Oct. 25, 2010. The training gave the transportation units of the 3rd IA Div. a three-day maintenance class to nership efforts with their 3rd foundation on which to build an effective maintenance program. 13 Iraqi soldiers. Iraqi Army counterparts,” said The hands-on training fo- Sgt. 1st Class Charles Van- “The Iraqi Army is very ea- from the 27th BSB, transpor- cused on starting and charging zandt, the noncommissioned ger to learn and receptive to us tation units of the 3rd IA Div. the tactical vehicle systems. officer in charge of the logisti- training them,” said Vanzandt, now have a foundation to begin “They asked a lot of ques- cal transition assistance team, a native of Lockney, Texas. a new process on maintaining tions and picked our brain for Headquarters and Headquarters “They stayed motivated while vehicles for the overall readi- knowledge,” said Staff Sgt. Company, 27th Brigade Sup- learning from us.” ness of their mission. James Handley, an all wheel port Battalion. With the help of Soldiers Continued from ODIN, pg. 3 “It does ignite a sense of pride in the The 19 newly initiated sergeants now corps and being a noncommissioned offi- return to their units with new duties and cer,” she remarked. responsibilities and a future of leadership. Somers said his goal was to instill pride “Their career is only limited by their in the NCOs under his command, noting own desires and commitment,” said that he was never formally inducted after Somers, who asked the Soldiers to pass on his promotion to the NCO Corps. the induction tradition. He added making time to conduct the Perrone offered the group a bit of pro- ceremonies and recognize the achieve- fessional development, leaving them with ments of the Soldiers is crucial. advice garnered from his 31 years as an “It makes me feel more like a part of NCO. something,” said Sgt. Scott Durbrow an At- “Take care of your Soldiers,” said the Photo by Sgt. Shawn Miller, 109th MPAD lanta, Ga. native assigned to Headquarters Omaha, Neb.-native. “Stay physically and Command Sgt. Maj. Mickey Somers, senior and Headquarters Company, 21st Cavalry mentally fit; but most of all do what is right, enlisted leader of Task Force ODIN, left, in- Brigade, Task Force ODIN. do the best you can, treat others as you like ducts Sgt. Arturo Rodriguez, Troop A, Task Force ODIN, into the Noncommissioned Offi- It is a good feeling to be able to better to be treated, and you will be successful.” cer Corps during a ceremony at Contingency take care of subordinates and give them Task Force ODIN, an acronym for Ob- Operating Base Speicher, Iraq, Nov. 8, 2010. better advice, stated Durbrow, who will serve, Detect, Identify and Neutralize, Nineteen ODIN sergeants were inducted dur- now look over several Soldiers in his unit. deployed in summer 2010 in support of ing the ceremony. “It’s a good tradition,” he said of the Operation New Dawn and provides coun- ceremony. “You feel the change of respon- ter-improvised explosive device and air sibility that you have.” surveillance support. 4
  5. 5. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 ‘Long Knives’ advise IP at training academy 1st Cavalry Division By Spc. Terence Ewings sist the Iraqi Police in teach- 4th AAB Public Affairs ing their recruits,” said Lt. Col. 1st Cav. Div., USD-N Kevin Henderson, Stability Team Transition Chief of Task CONTINGENCY OPER- Force Shield. “We observe and ATING SITE MAREZ, Iraq advise the IPs when they need — Soldiers from Task Force it.” Shield, 4th Advise and Assist While the IP instructors are Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, solely responsible for lead- visited the Mosul Police Ser- ing the classroom instruction, vices Academy to assess Iraqi the Soldiers and advisors of Police instructors providing Task Force Shield observe the training to new recruits during classes and provide support to the first week of November. the instructors if needed, said The academy is currently Henderson, a native of New- training approximately 800 burg, N.Y. new recruits, who are expected Lt. Col. Daham Hamed Bas- Photos by Spc. Terence Ewings, 4th AAB PAO, 1st Cav. Div., USD-N to graduate in early December. sam, the Iraqi Police training An Iraqi Police instructor, trained by U.S. Soldiers and civilian police After completing the course, advisors, teaches rifle marksmanship techniques to IP recruits dur- commander for Mosul, said he ing their four-week basic recruit training course at the Mosul Police the newly trained policemen believes that maintaining the Services Academy, Nov. 4. will be assigned to a district school without the presence of within the Ninewa province. U.S. troops will be challenging, advanced courses for experi- throughout their deployment The Iraqi Police instructors but is also an attainable and re- enced IPs to learn and teach to northern Iraq, advising their at the academy were trained by alistic goal. additional skills to their fellow Iraqi partners and observing U.S. Soldiers and civilian po- The basic training course policemen. the newly trained IPs as they lice advisors deployed to U.S. includes cultural awareness, The Soldiers and advisors protect and serve the people of Division-North in support of weapons training and self- of Task Force Shield will con- Mosul and the Ninewa prov- Operation New Dawn. defense classes, he said. The tinue to train, assist and men- ince, said Henderson. “Our troops are here to as- academy also offers different tor the cadre at the academy An Iraqi Police instructor, trained by U.S. Soldiers and civilian police advisors, teaches IP recruits blocking and punching maneuvers during a self-defense class, part of a four-week basic recruit training course at the Mosul Police Services Academy Nov. 4. Soldiers from Task Force Shield, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, attached to U.S. Division-North in support of Operation New Dawn, assessed and mentored IP instructors as they trained a new class of recruits. 5
  6. 6. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 PRT, Iraqi scholars teach farming techniques 25th Infantry Div. By Spc. David Strayer 109th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment USD-N Public Affairs CONTIGENCY OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq – Members of the Salah Ad Din Provincial Reconstruction Team, in partnership with 1st Battalion, 27th In- fantry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, and Iraqi scholars, worked to educate local Iraqi farmers and provide micro-grants to stimu- late local economic growth during a meet- ing at Contingency Operating Base Speich- er, Iraq, Nov. 8. “The whole purpose of the PRT is to work with local farmers in the agricultural area of the Jalaan Desert to equip them with the education and financial means to enable them to have both immediate and long term Photos by Spc. Coltin Heller, 109th MPAD, USD-N PAO success,” said 1st Lt. David Tyson of Com- Hussein Iswead Ali, the Director General of the Agricultural Extension Center in Tikrit, advises pany B, 1st Bn., 27th Inf. Reg., 2nd AAB, sheiks from the city of Ador to build the local economy by using their agricultural resources 25th Inf. Div. during a farming seminar at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Nov. 8, 2010. The event, Scholars from the University of Tikrit, hosted by the Salah Ad Din Provincial Reconstruction Team and 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, U.S. Division-North provided specialized in veterinary medicine, and local farmers with grants for farming and techniques on how to effectively utilize resources. Hussein Iswead Ali, director general of the Agriculture Extension Center of Tikrit, living for the entire area. means, and another thing completely to were invited to the meeting to provide local “It is all about helping to improve the have knowledge to effectively utilize them. Iraqi farmers with the knowledge needed to quality of life,” said Tyson. “Some of the Professor Ziyad Tariq al Doori, the as- sustain long-tem success in husbandry and best ways to accomplish this are through sistant dean of administration at the Uni- the raising of crops. education and stimulating those who pro- versity of Tikrit Veterinary College, spoke The PRT in collaboration with 1st Bn., vide life-sustaining services such as ag- at the event. 27th Inf. Reg., 2nd AAB, 25th Inf. Div. riculture and husbandry, and watch the Tariq said his primary goal was to make provided grants to the farmers to stimulate effects trickle down through the local econ- a presentation to the local Iraqi farmers local economic growth. omies.” about the importance of good husbandry, Tyson, a Savannah Ga. native, said the In the past, micro-grants were often and how to take a proactive stance on fight- grants directly improve the quality of life handed out to recipients who lacked the ing disease within flocks to minimize need- for the farmer and by stimulating the local knowledge to use the funds effectively. less loss of livestock. economy indirectly improve the quality of To solve the situation, U.S. forces have “We really want to guide farmers in taken a step back, giving Iraqi experts the economic ways and proper management of driver’s seat. livestock,” Tariq said. Tyson said the 1st Bn. 27th Inf. Reg. Tariq added that there is much more to and PRT coordinated the event and pro- husbandry than just putting up fences and vided the grants but let Iraqis take the lead filling feed buckets. in showing the farmers the most efficient He said farmers need to learn about the ways to use their funds. different diseases that livestock can be sub- “We are simply here to facilitate a plat- ject to, learning how to prevent sickness form for the Iraqi experts to educate the and death, and as a result, more efficiently farmers,” said 1st Lt. James Booth, Com- manage their herds. Local farmers and Iraqi scholars listen to pany B, 1st Bn., 27th Inf. Reg., 2nd AAB, “Once we are able to improve the qual- Hussein Iswead Ali, director general of the 25th Inf. Div. ity of life and education on a very small, lo- Agricultural Extension Center in Tikrit, during a farming seminar held at Contingency Oper- Booth, who hails from Bucksport, calized level, we will begin to see a correla- ating Base Speicher Nov. 8, 2010. The Provin- Maine, went on to add that it is important tion with the quality of life and economy cial Reconstruction Team hosted the event in to better educate the locals rather than just in more widespread areas being improved,” cooperation with Iraqi scholars and 1st Bat- hand out grants. said Tyson. talion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division. He said it is one thing to have financial 6
  7. 7. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 Long Knife Soldiers build morale, gain knowledge during SFI class 1st Cavalry Division By Pfc. Angel Washington spread knowledge and under- class as an aid to certain prob- “The class is important be- 4th AAB Public Affairs standing but do so in a commu- lems. cause we have a mission to ac- 1st Cav. Div., USD-N nity,” said Parker. One Soldier, who recently complish. Soldiers take care of Soldiers who took part in lost his mother, came to the their marksmanship, physical CONTINGENCY OPERAT- the class role played various class not knowing what to ex- health, military schooling, but ING SITE MAREZ, Iraq – Sol- scenarios, which allowed them pect, said he left feeling better often times they don’t take care diers assigned to the 4th Advise to put themselves in other peo- and looking forward to finally of the individual Soldier,” said and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry ple’s situations. getting a good night’s rest. the native of Vero Beach, Fla. Division, U.S. Division-North, “SFI gives us knowledge to “It was really great to be Now that the brigade’s chap- participated in a Spiritual Fit- understand and know the dif- a part of the class,” said Spc. lains have gone through the ness Initiative class Nov. 5. ference between someone go- Gregory Perkins, a communi- class, “Long Knife” Soldiers The newly developed pro- ing through PTSD and depres- cations specialist assigned to of the 4th AAB will have the gram allows chaplains and Sol- sion,” said Sgt. Nancy Garcia, a Company A, 27th BSB. chance to take part in the new, diers to interact amongst each fire control repairer assigned to “I was able to sit down and unit chaplain led initiative de- other while gaining information Company A, 27th Brigade Sup- open up, because I felt com- signed to improve the Soldiers’ about spirituality and learning port Battalion, 4th AAB. fortable the first day. The at- spiritual wellness. about trauma, post-traumatic “I think this class should be mosphere was great and for the “Hopefully a large percent- stress disorder, coping skills mandatory,” said Garcia, a na- first time in two weeks, I was age of Soldiers will be trained and ways to keep their body tive of Eagle Pass, Texas. “It actually able to sleep,” said the in SFI before our redeploy- operating at its best level. helps make positive meanings native of Moreno Valley, Calif. ment,” said Patterson. “The “SFI is an innovation to the out of negative experiences, “The purpose of the class more Soldiers we get trained Army’s approach to combat and it will help a lot of Soldiers was to kick off the initiative— and get to understand stress and operation stress,” said Rev. Dr. come out and seek help. The train chaplains and begin train- the possibility of PTSD, the Chrys Parker, a chaplain with class is a good type of seed that ing Soldiers while we’re here,” more it will help the Army as Spiritual Fitness Ministries. needs to be spread throughout.” said Maj. Mike Patterson, a whole—including retention “It emphasizes the approach Soldiers with different life chaplain, 4th AAB, 1st Cav. and the overall Soldier.” to stress through spirituality, experiences said they saw the Div. mental wellness and physical wellness while providing Sol- diers the tools to pursue these things,” said Parker, a resident of San Antonio, Texas. Following the Nov. 5th shooting at Fort Hood, Parker and her colleagues were invited to the post to provide resiliency training to Soldiers. After see- ing the impact on Soldiers, III Corps Chaplain Col. Michael Lembke invited Parker and her colleagues to Iraq to see if they would be interested in provid- ing long-term training on ev- eryday life events. During the 16-hour class, Soldiers learned about the dif- ferent types of PTSD behaviors and how sleep, nutrition, hydra- tion and physical fitness can af- U.S. Army photo courtesy of 4th AAB, 1st Cav. Div., USD-N fect a person’s mental state. Rev. Dr. Chrys Parker, a chaplain with Spiritual Fitness Ministries, speaks with Soldiers assigned to the 4th “The most important thing Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Division-North, during a Spiritual Fitness Initiative class Nov. 5. The newly developed program allows chaplains and Soldiers to interact while gaining information about SFI is that it is designed about spirituality and learning about trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, coping skills and ways to keep to create relationships and their body operating at its best level. 7
  8. 8. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 the Trace Adkins entertains COB Speicher By Sgt. Shawn Miller U.S. Division-North in support Once the country performer setting up for another song. 109th MPAD of Operation New Dawn. took to the stage, the Iraqi The country music super- USD-N Public Affairs “I support the Soldiers, pe- desert winds ushered in gusts of star ended the night on a more riod. I will always be ‘Steadfast cold air mixed with a little fly- humble note expressing his CONTINGENCY OPERAT- and Loyal’ for you,” stated Ad- ing sand. As the wind and dust gratitude for the troops’ service. ING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq kins, echoing the 4th Infantry picked up, the cheers from the There was also no need to thank – Rain and blowing dust could Division’s motto to the Soldiers audience grew louder. him for making the visit, he not drive country music fans of Task Force Ironhorse. Adkins, kept the mood light explained. away as hundreds gathered to For one Soldier, the USO by joking with the Soldiers “Someday I’ll be able to see Trace Adkins perform dur- concerts provided a welcomed about the weather and keeping look at my grandkids, and I will ing a United Service Organiza- break from the daily grind of the songs coming. say, ‘I didn’t have a hand, per- tions concert at Contingency life in Iraq. “So it’s raining in the desert sonally, in shaping history; but Operating Base Speicher, Iraq, “It provides a stress free right now? That’s cool,” said I shook the hands of the people Nov. 1. atmosphere and kind of helps Adkins, with an ironic laugh, that did,’” Adkins said. Adkins spent the day meet- you get away from everything ing with servicemembers sign- that you’ve been doing,” said ing autographs and posing for Pfc. Aimee Bendle, a multi- photos before taking the stage transmissions systems operator to sing past hits and a selection and maintainer from Alexandria of songs from his new album, Bay, N.Y., assigned to Compa- “Cowboy’s Back in Town.” ny C, Division Special Troops This USO tour through Iraq Battalion, 4th Inf. Div. USD-N. and Kuwait marked the third The concerts help keep trip to the Middle East for Ad- morale high and offer a sense kins, who said he felt humbled of normalcy, explained Bendle, by the response from the who calls Alexandria Bay, N.Y. Soldiers, who are deployed to home. Troops, Department of Defense personnel and contractors crowd the stage to watch country music star Trace Adkins perform during a United Service Organizations concert for Contingency Operating Base Speicher, near Tikrit, Iraq, Nov. 1, 2010. “Someday I’ll be able to look at my grandkids, and I will say ‘I didn’t have a hand, personally, in shaping history; but I shook the hands of the people that did,’” Ad- kins said to the Soldiers deployed to U.S. Division-North in support of Operation New Dawn. Photos by Sgt. Shawn Miller, 109th MPAD, USD-N PAO Country music star Trace Adkins performs a song for servicemem- bers at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, near Tikrit, Iraq, during a United Service Organizations concert, Nov. 1, 2010. Despite inclement weather Adkins kept the mood light, joking with the audi- ence. “So it’s raining in the desert right now? That’s cool,” he said with a laugh and started the next set. 8
  9. 9. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 the U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Shawn Miller, 109th MPAD, USD-N PAO John W. Williams, Jr., center, laughs with his son, Sgt. John Willams III of 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Bri- gade, 25th Infantry Division, along with country music star Trace Adkins at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Nov. 1, 2010. Williams III, who is stationed at Contingency Operating Base Marez, surprised his father, Adkins’ band manager, as Trace and his band made a stop at COB Speicher during a United Service Organizations tour. USO concert reunites Soldier’s Family By Sgt. Shawn Miller ployed,” said Williams III. “It’s “This is just a thrill that is here, it is hard to comprehend.” 109th MPAD a special thing.” hard to describe,” exclaimed Williams III, who is expect- USD-N Public Affairs Two years ago, Williams the elder Williams. “These ing his first child soon, said that met his father, band manager long deployments are hard on a few years down the road he CONTINGENCY OPERAT- for country star Trace Adkins, everyone, and just to get to see hopes to be able to see his child ING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq during a USO tour through him here is unbelievable.” doing what he or she loves to – For most parents with sons Afghanistan. In the music industry since do in life, much the same as his and daughters on deployment, When he found out that his the 1970s, Williams has toured father is seeing him now. phone calls and emails are the father would be making a tour the world, including several “I feel so lucky to have closest they get to experiencing through Iraq, Williams started USO stops to deployment zones seen him twice since I’ve been life deployed with their Soldier. planning how to get to Contin- in support of the military. Being deployed,” Williams said of his For Sgt. John Williams III, gency Operating Base Speicher able to see the Soldiers, includ- father. an infantryman with Company from his base at Contingency ing his son, in their element is a An opportunity not afforded B, 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Operating Site Cruz Morris. unique opportunity, he said. to most parents, Williams spent Regiment, 2nd Advise and As- “My chain of command “I admire his choices and the day experiencing deploy- sist Brigade, 25th Infantry Divi- was very supportive, and then admire what he does,” he ment life with his son firsthand. sion, a United Service Organi- I started working details on remarked. “Last time we ran That night, Williams, Jr., and zations concert has brought him surprising my dad,” he said. into each other was in Afghani- the rest of the band crew helped together with his father, John As the band and crew stan. You think you know how Trace Adkins put on a memo- Williams, Jr., for a remarkable stepped off the plane, Williams these guys are living over here, rable show, bringing a little of second time Nov. 1. walked toward his unsuspecting but until you see it with your that happiness to the rest of the “Not everyone gets to see father, giving him the surprise own eyes and see how these Soldiers waiting to see home their Family while they are de- he had hoped for. men and women are living over again. 9
  10. 10. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 Ft Carson, Colorado ‘Fit for Any Test’ Families walk to Iraq By Spc. Shameka Edwards 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Office FORT CARSON, Colo. – Fami- lies of Soldiers assigned to the 4th Infantry Division, Special Troops Battalion, came together at the Garden of the Gods Nov. 6 to “Walk to Iraq.” The Walk to Iraq program allows Family members to walk the distance to Iraq from Fort Carson, Colo. and back. “It is a really healthy way to show the community and our Soldiers how much we are behind them,” said Amber Cro- U.S. Army photos by Spc. Shameka Edwards, 4th Inf. Div. Rear-Detachment PAO mack, Division Special Troops Rosalie Mattingly, Company C Family Readiness Group leader, and wife of 1st Lt. Ronald Mattingly, Com- Battalion Family Readiness pany C, Division Special Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, keeps her sons on the path during the Group leader, and wife of Capt. DSTB Family Readiness Group Walk to Iraq at the Garden of the Gods Nov. 6. Mattingly’s twin sons, Alex- ander, left, and Anthony celebrated their birthday Saturday as they participated in the walk and enjoyed Robert Cromack, Headquarters the sunny fall day. Also pictured is Mattingly’s son, Michael Snyder III, far left. Support Company, DSTB. “In two months, we are a little over people see us, they ask what port them.” tinue this; the next one will be 5,300 miles. I am impressed.” it’s all about and it gives us the The FRG events also in December, the first Saturday “All of us come out wear- opportunity to tell them about provide the spouses time for and every month at 1 o’clock,” ing our t-shirts and we are this our Soldiers down range,” she camaraderie with other spouses said Cashdollar. giant hoard of spouses. When added. “It’s a great way to sup- of deployed Soldiers, people To date, the DSTB Families who can relate to each other have walked 5,357.82 miles. through common experiences, said Cromack. Rosalie Mattingly, wife of 1st Lt. Ronald Mattingly, Com- pany C, DSTB, 4th Inf. Div., who volunteers as the com- pany’s Family Readiness leader said, “We are walking to show my husband and his company support. “I am the Family Readiness Leader for ‘Charlie’ Company and I am trying to get others to come out and support.” “We appreciate every one of Family members of Soldiers you guys, and all the work that assigned to the Division Special has been done to get everybody Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Di- Family members and friends of deployed Division Special Troops vision, take part in a Walk to Iraq out here,” said Maj. Matthew Battalion, 4th Infantry Division Soldiers, put on their walking shoes at the Garden of the Gods Nov. 6. for a Walk to Iraq event patrolling Garden of the Gods to show their Cashdollar, DSTB Rear Detach- The walk is the Families’ way to support for their deployed Soldiers Nov. 6. Since beginning the Walk ment commander. support the Soldiers while they to Iraq in late September, the DSTB FRG has covered more than “I hope everyone enjoys are deployed and a time for all to 5,357.82 miles. get to know one another. themselves today. We will con- 10
  11. 11. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 Hey Doc: ‘Save the beef jerky for yourself’ By Capt. Nathan Teague violates General Order Number posure to saliva of dogs, cats, personnel of their existence, Preventative Medicine Officer 1A, Paragraph K, “Adopting as fox, coyotes, and other infected so they can be humanely taken U.S. Divison-North pets or mascots, caring for, or animals. Last year, 77 animal care of. Division Surgeon’s Office feeding any type of domestic or bites among U.S. Soldiers were If, by accident, you are bit, wild animal.” reported, and 26 percent of 19 scratched, spit on, etc., by a Joe said, “Hey Doc! Ques- Feral animals, such as wild tested feral animals contained wild animal, then report imme- tion for you. There is a cute little dogs, cats, etc., carry a host of the rabies virus. diately to the nearest medical cat living under my Container- diseases and pose real and seri- Post-exposure prophylaxis treatment facility for treatment. ized Housing Unit. The poor ous threats to our Soldiers and is available, but cannot be re- Your chances of surviving these thing looks a little scrawny. I to our best friends, our military lied upon as a primary preven- kinds of exposures to rabid know you are not a veterinarian, working dogs. tion strategy since it is not guar- animals depend on immediate but would you happen to know The most serious threat fe- anteed to prevent disease. medical intervention. if cats can digest beef jerky?” ral animals pose to Soldiers is In most cases, you cannot So, be sure to comply with I do not know whether cats rabies. Rabies is a viral infec- tell by looking at a wild animal General Order Number One. can digest beef jerky. I do tion that attacks the nervous whether it is carrying a disease. Do not be that guy. Save the know, however, that feeding system. It is 100 percent fatal The best thing to do is to leave beef jerky your momma sent feral animals or giving them once symptoms begin. Rabies the feral animals alone and you for yourself and your hu- shelter is a very poor idea and is contracted via the bite, or ex- notify preventative medicine man buddies. Cultural Corner: ‘Fall in love with the moon’ By Florinda Lucero How people choose to ex- “Sometimes you need to be mindful of the wisdom of Human Terrain Analysis press themselves to the other sacrifice your beard in order to knowing when to quit and that Team, USD-N members of their group tells a save your head.” This phrase there are aspects of humanity lot about the group as a whole; reminds the listener to keep that are immutable. In virtually every culture many of our pat phrases in their priorities in check. “Walk for a month, but don’t and part of the world, people American English have to do “An army of sheep led by a cross a river.” Much like the have created phrases that are a with time, money, capitalism, lion would defeat an army of li- American, “Better safe than short hand for a larger mean- and moving forward; time is ons led by a sheep.” The Iraqi sorry,” this sentence cautions ing. These proverbs, sayings, money, go with the flow, waste belief in strong leadership re- the listener that security above clichés, and adages, are often not want not. We also have flects their tribal roots. all else is important, more im- allegorical methods of impart- catch-phrases derived from “You should not remove a portant than immediate gains. ing more meta-understandings; popular culture. Even while cake from the oven just because “If you are going to steal, these phrases contain the core reading this, you can probably it smells good.” An American steal a camel. If you are going understanding over the over- think of many sentences that equivalent to this one would be, to fall in love, fall in love with arching beliefs that bind a com- immediately conjure an im- “Counting your chickens be- the moon.” The American ver- munity or culture. age: “Bueller, Bueller;” “One fore they hatch.” Do not make sion of this is short and to the Americans use coloquial- time, at band camp... ;” “I’ll assumptions about the results point, and one most every Sol- isms a lot in our daily conver- be back.” The phrases associ- of an endeavor. dier is likely familiar with, “Go sation and so do Iraqis. We say ated with pop culture are fleet- “Like getting milk from a big or go home.” things like, “putting the cart ing though, being most popular bull.” It is important to rec- Our words say so much more before the horse,” “absence in the time period they enter ognize when no amount of ef- than their dictionary definitions. makes the heart grow fonder,” the lexicon. Cultural proverbs, fort will yield a result, though They express what we believe and “Rome wasn’t built in a however, transend time. They perseverance is important, this about the world around us and day.” By using these phrases reference dilemmas and con- phrase recognizes the wisdom our place in it. Our words are we mean to impart the ideas cerns of human life. in “Quitting while you are our messengers, the better we that one should not get so ex- Many popular adages in Iraq ahead.” are at understanding their mes- cited that they forget major de- have to do with reminding the “For every disease there is a sages, the better understanding tails, that some delights are en- individual to be cautious, to be medicine, but foolishness will we can have of each other. The joyed more when they are rare, wise, and to be logical. Below exhaust the person who tries better understanding we have, and that excellence takes time are a few of many interesting to cure it.” This is another say- the more communication be- and patience. sayings used every day in Iraq. ing that urges the listener to comes a piece of cake. 11
  12. 12. The Ivy Leaf November. 12, 2010 National and Internation News from the U.S. Iraq’s new government to in- as prime minister after Iraqiya won two the U.S. Army staff sergeant could not more seats than Maliki’s coalition in the adjust to civilian life or shake the demons clude Sunni-backed bloc vote. from three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. By Reuters Allawi has said repeatedly that Sunni He was arrested, unemployed, hooked anger might have reinvigorated a weak- to alcohol and drugs, and homeless. BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq’s squabbling poli- ened but still deadly insurgency had his al- “I crashed and burned. I was spin- ticians have agreed to return Shiite Nuri Al- liance been sidelined. ning in the mud, just going too fast, liv- Maliki as prime minister, ending an eight- Parliament was due to meet at 3 p.m. ing a fast lifestyle. I didn’t take time out month deadlock that raised the specter of outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Ross to calm down, relax and get back on stable new sectarian violence. Noor Shawis said on Wednesday. ground,” he said. The deal on the top government posts Its first task will be to elect a speaker The Department of Veterans Affairs es- brings together Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds and two deputies. It must then pick a presi- timates on any given day 107,000 vets are in a power-sharing arrangement that could dent who in turn nominates a prime minis- homeless across the U.S. and 1.5 million help forestall a slide back into Shiite-Sunni ter from the largest bloc, who is given 30 are at risk of homelessness. bloodshed that raged after the 2003 US-led days to form a government. Hawaii’s VA occupies a building on the invasion which ousted Sunni dictator Sad- The division of the top posts along eth- grounds of Tripler Army Medical Center. dam Hussein. no-sectarian lines was a reflection of the While music plays in the lobby, upstairs Sunnis might have reacted with wide- sharp divisions that define Iraq after more homeless veterans recite a chorus of sor- spread anger had the Sunni-backed Iraqiya than seven years of warfare unleashed by rows and plead for help. alliance of former Prime Minister Iyad Al- the US invasion. “Some of our veterans might have sub- lawi been totally excluded from govern- Washington formally ended combat in stance abuse issues. Others might have ment. August but 50,000 US troops remain to ad- mental health issues. Others might have Some may still feel cheated of power vise and assist the nascent army and police both,” said Andrew Dahlburg, who heads because of Maliki’s expected return as ahead of a full withdrawal next year. up the homeless veterans program. prime minister. Overall violence has fallen sharply since “No veteran should be homeless, I don’t The deal will see Kurd Jalal Talabani the height of sectarian slaughter in 2006- really care how you consider it,” Marko retain the presidency and give a top Sunni 2007, but assassinations and bombings still Johnson said. politician from Allawi’s bloc the speaker occur many times a day, followed every For many homeless vets in Hawaii, the post in parliament and other Iraqiya mem- few weeks by a major, devastating assault road to recovery begins with Johnson. He bers’ cabinet jobs. Allawi himself will head by insurgents in which dozens die. finds homeless vets on the street and directs a council of strategic policies. Tensions mounted as Maliki and Allawi them to the VA. “Thank God last night we made a big wrestled over power. Rockets and mortars “Whatever need they may have, what achievement, which is considered a victory were fired regularly at Baghdad’s fortified they ask for, we try to fill it. If they’re hun- for all Iraqis,” Kurdish regional president Green Zone district of government offices gry we feed them. If they need a place to Masoud Barzani said at a news conference. in the past few days, and insurgents killed stay for that night we find out whatever we OPEC producer Iraq, trying to rebuild dozens in an attack on a Catholic church can do or find a facility where they can stay its oil industry after decades of war and and on Shiite areas of the capital. for that night,” he said. economic sanctions and to quell a stub- Maliki’s return to office will likely en- Many of the veterans Johnson encoun- born Sunni Islamist insurgency, has been rage Sunni hard-liners, who abhor what ters are housed in the U.S. Vets shelter in without a new government since a March 7 they see as Iran’s influence over Iraq’s Kalaeloa. election that failed to produce a clear win- Shiite leaders and his Islamist background, It is estimated there are about 1,500 mil- ner. and Sunni Islamist insurgents, who view itary who are homeless in Hawaii. And 200 “The most important issue now is that Shiites as apostates. of them are living at the Kalaeloa center. we are out of the bottleneck,” said Amer They live in emergency, transitional and Al-Fayyadh, the dean of political science at permanent housing. They get help for sub- Baghdad University. Hope for Homeless Veterans stance abuse plus career guidance. “The formation of a government is now The Department of Veterans Affairs is in sight.” one year into a five-year mission to elimi- Lawmakers were scheduled to meet HONOLULU, Hawaii – In war it is kill or nate homelessness among veterans. later on Thursday in only the second par- be killed. But for thousands who serve our “I’d like to think we could work our- liamentary session since the election and country, the end of combat triggers a battle selves out of a job,” Dahlburg said. should pick a speaker, the next step toward on another battlefield – the mind. In Hawaii and across the mainland, out- a new government. “There’s times when I’m denying to reach workers like Johnson are reaching But in a harbinger of potential hurdles myself how much it affects me. But, ob- out to homeless veterans. still to come, Iraqiya officials said the bloc viously, when I wake up in the middle of US Vets holds its Patriot Walk and Run had not agreed on a candidate by midday the night screaming or remember a certain fundraiser Saturday morning at the water- and there was internal squabbling over the dream, that makes me think twice,” Josh front at Puuloa. nominee. Finn said. Go to for more Allawi pushed hard to displace Maliki When Finn was honorably discharged, information. 12