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The Ivy Leaf, vol 1 iss 9


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Weekly newsletter published by the U.S. Division-North Public Affairs, COB Speicher, in collaboration with subordinate units. Featured stories were written by 109th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, 1st Assist and Advise Task Force, 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Stryker Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, 4th Advise and Assist, 1st Cavalry Division, and other U.S.D-N personnel.

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The Ivy Leaf, vol 1 iss 9

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 9 December 31, 2010 Iraqi Security Forces conduct the objectives to further pre- vent the insurgents’ ability to escape. Steadfast and LoyalWarrior ‘Devil’s Eve’ Air Assault The ISF began plans for the operation in early Decem- ber targeting terrorists in the ISF unite as ‘one team’ to protect people of Kirkuk Kirkuk area. Soldiers of 1st Advise and Spc. Kandi Huggins joint command of staff Brig. and they can feel secure as we Assist Task Force, “DevilLongKnife 1st AATF Gen. Sameer, commander, prosper as Iraqis,” Jamal said. Brigade,” 1st Infantry Divi- 1st Inf. Div., USD-N 12th IA Div., and Maj. Gen. The combined ISF air as- sion, from Fort Riley, Kan., as- Jamal, the Provincial Director sault operation, using intelli- sisted Iraqi Security Forces in CONTINGENCY OPERAT- of Police in Kirkuk, resulted gence gathered in the weeks of planning and rehearsals prior ING SITE WARRIOR, Iraq – in the capture of twelve war- planning leading to Operation to the mission that resulted in Ironhorse Soldiers of the 12th Iraqi Army ranted individuals and multiple Devil’s Eve, reached multiple confiscating several caches of Division and Iraqi Police from weapons caches. targets, using Iraqi aircraft to improvised explosive devices,Devil the Kirkuk Police Department, “This (operation) indicates provide ISF speed and the el- rockets, and TNT barrels, said conducted a joint operation to that we, the Iraqi Army and ement of surprise needed to Sameer. disrupt and capture terrorists Iraqi Police, with support from detain warranted individuals The 12th IA Staff, complet- operating within Kirkuk prov- American forces, can pro- before they could flee the area. ed plans for the air assault op- ince Dec. 24. vide security to the people of Iraqi Police and elements eration with the “Dark Knight”Fit for Any Test Fit for Any Test Operation Devil’s Eve, a Kirkuk … Arabs, Turkomen, from the 12th IA Div. formed four-day mission under the Syrians or any other group … cordons around the outskirts of See AIR ASSAULT, pg 4Ironhorse Devil LongKnifeSteadfast and Loyal Warrior U.S. Army photo by Spc. Kandi Huggins, 1st AATF PAO, 1st Inf. Div., USD-N Soldiers of 12th Iraqi Army Division load an Iraqi Air Force Mi-17 helicopter at a combined check point in northern Iraq, Dec. 23, 2010. The Iraqi Security Forces conducted a four-day joint operation, Operation Rat Trap, leading searches and raids with IA soldiers and Iraqi Police in and around the city of Kirkuk to detain warranted individuals and disrupt violent insurgents. “This (operation) indicates that we, the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police, with support from American forces, can provide security to the people of Kirkuk,” said Maj. Gen. Jamal, Provincial Director of Police in Kirkuk province.
  2. 2. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year! Pfc. John Dorff, military intelligence with poise and confidence analyst, from Orlando, Fla., assigned to under enemy fire,” said Sgt. Company A, 1st Brigade Special Troops 1st Class Brandon Ogburn, Battalion, 1st Advise and Assist Task Force, Fusion cell noncommis- 1st Infantry Division, earned recognition as sioned officer in charge, 1st “Ironhorse Strong” Soldier of the Week, AATF, 1st Inf. Div. for actions assisting a unit medic providing During his time deployed trauma care to a wounded teammate. with the task force, Dorff has Conducting a patrol in Kirkuk, Soldiers provided analytical products assigned to 1st AATF, 1st Inf. Div., reacted and on the spot assessments U.S. Army photo by Spc. Robert England immediately when small-arms fire wound- far above his experience lev- Pfc. John Dorff, military intelligence analyst assigned to ed their interpreter Dec. 10. el, said Ogburn. Company A, 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Ad- The “Devil” Brigade Soldiers moved Dorff is an excellent ex- vise and Assist Task Force, 1st Infantry Division, 1st Advise and Assist Task Force, 1st Infantry Division, earned recogni- the translator to a Mine Resistant Ambush ample for all Soldiers and tion for superior performance of duty when his unit received Protected vehicle, where Dorff and the unit leaders of 1st AATF, 1st Inf. small-arms fire while conducting a patrol through Kirkuk, medic awaited. Div., and is highly dedicated Dec. 10, 2010. Dorff assisted the unit medic providing trauma Dorff assisted the medic cutting off the to mission success, and a care to the injured translator in the back of a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. For his actions and profession- translator’s clothing and maintained con- motivational force within his alism, Dorff is the “Ironhorse Strong” Soldier of the Week. trol of the first aid pack so Walker could Fusion cell, providing inspi- effectively treat the casualty. ration to his fellow Soldiers, said Ogburn. He also prevented further injury by se- First Sgt. Patrick Thomas, first sergeant, curing the casualty during a rough ride to Company A, 1st BSTB, said Dorff’s ac- Contingency Operating Site Warrior. tions on that day epitomize the Company A Returning to COS Warrior, Dorff com- Motto, “Avengers never quit.” pleted a full assessment of the incident and “His respect, professionalism and self- provided actionable intelligence to the bri- less service are to be followed by his fellow gade. Soldiers, leaders and Iraqi counterparts for “Although this was Pfc. Dorff’s first years to come,” Thomas said. mission off the COS, he handled himself Staff meetings bring ‘Long Knife’ transfers base 256th CSH assumes care Haweja Elementary School results, cohesion to Iraqi Army for Soldiers in Iraq re-opens with U.S. help Page 4 Page 5 Page 7 Page 9 THE Ivy Leaf Task Force Ironhorse Commanding General – Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins The Ivy Leaf is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Command Sergeant Major – Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel A. Dailey Army. Contents of The Ivy Leaf are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by the U.S. Government, Department of the Army or the 4th Infantry Division. The appearance of advertising in this Task Force Ironhorse Public Affairs publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage TF Ironhorse PAO – Lt. Col. Steve Wollman without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, TF Ironhorse PA NCOIC – Master Sgt. Carmen Daugherty-Glaze marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other The Ivy Leaf Layout & Design – Spc. Thomas Bixler non-merit factor of the purchaser, user, or patron. All editorial content of The Ivy Leaf is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the United States Division-North Public Affairs Office. 1st Advise and 2nd Advise and Do you have a story to share? The Ivy Leaf welcomes submissions Assist Task Force Assist Brigade from readers. Send to the USD-N PAO at 1st Infantry Division 25th Infantry Division mil. The Ivy Leaf reserves the right to edit submissions selected for the paper. For further information on deadlines, questions or 4th Advise and comments, email USD-N PAO or call DSN 318-849-0089. Assist Brigade 1st Cavalry Division 2
  3. 3. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 2011: a promising year for Iraq Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins Commanding General09 4th Infantry Division and U.S. Division-North As we celebrate the passing of 2010, I would like to take a moment to thank every member of the Task Force Ironhorse team for the numerous contributions and sacrifices that you and your Families have made in support of Operation New Dawn. I encour-08 age each of you to take a moment to reflectthis all that weUpon accomplished as individuals and as a team on past year. have reflection, the tasks of training and preparing for this deployment have been truly herculean. Your intensity and attention to detail are what makes our units ready to accomplish any task, no matter how “Your steadfast07 daunting. professionalism and Every day U.S. Di- commitment to excellence vision-North Command Sergeant Major Daniel will leave an indelible A. Dailey and I are im- mark on the Iraqi people pressed by what we see and the legacy left by06 and hear as we travel U.S. forces in Iraq.” throughout our operating environment in northern ─ Ironhorse 6 Iraq. We also get positive feedback from Iraqi lead- ers as well as our military leaders and distinguished visitors. You are doing a great job—keep it up!05 While the security agreement calls for U.S. forces to leave Iraq by the end of 2011, there is still work to be done. The quality of our endeavors over the upcoming months is what will make the difference in leaving a safe and stable Iraq. Meet each day as a challenge as we complete the final chapter in Iraq. What you do each and every day has far reaching effects well beyond your op- U.S. Army photo by Sgt. David Strayer, 109th MPAD, USD-N04 erating bases and the Iraqi forces that you trainwholly dependent successful accomplishment of this mission is and mentor. The Maj. Gen. David G. Perkins, commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division and U.S. Division-North, presents a coin to Spc. Manpreet upon your actions. Your steadfast professionalism and commit- Singh of Company C, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Advise ment to excellence will leave an indelible mark on the Iraqi people and Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, in recognition of the con- tinuous hard work and attention to detail displayed by Singh on a daily and the legacy left by U. S. forces in Iraq. basis during his service at the Bayji Oil Refinery in northern Iraq, Dec. The new year promises to be a fulfilling one for the men and 25, 2010. Perkins, accompanied by Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel A. Daily, women of Taskforce Ironhorse. U.S. Division-North will complete command sergeant major of the 4th Inf. Div. and U.S. Division-North,03 its ongoing mission to advise, train and assist our Iraqi partners in conducted a battlefield circulation across parts of northern Iraq, visit- ing small checkpoints and outposts such as BOR to spend time with accordance with the security forces agreement, working toward the Soldiers deployed in support of Operation New Dawn during the the eventual closure of U.S. bases and withdrawal of U.S. forces holiday season. “We are at a pretty (remote) location─always running from Iraq. As we write the closing chapters for U.S. forces in Iraq, missions, and staying prepared,” said Singh, a native of Fresno, Calif. it will be your hard work and sacrifice that will ensure the hard “We are pretty much self-sustaining. It means a lot that two people that are so important would take the time to fly all the way out here on work and blood shed by those who have been here before us were Christmas Day to see us.”02 notBased on our numerous successes in 2010, I am confident that in vain. place safety first—stay strong, Ironhorse Strong! we will achieve even greater success in 2011. We have built a team STEADFAST AND LOYAL! IRONHORSE 6 of teams to ensure success in Iraq; however, none of this would be possible without the continuous outpouring of support from our friends and Family back home. Our continuing success is largely due to their selfless dedication, tireless support and commitment to01 our forces and our mission. Stay focused, keep your eye on the task to be done, and always 3
  4. 4. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 Staff meetings bring results, cohesion Spc. Robert England Bde. share intelligence aimed at establish- explained Fleischmann, who hails from 2nd AAB Public Affairs ing a more peaceful environment.” Grand Rapids, Mich.09 25th Inf. Div., U.S. Division-North Steele, a Dover, N.H.-native, explained Steele said the meeting concluded with the intent of the IA officers as well as the a pledge signed by the 31 tribal leaders stat- FORWARD OPERATING BASE WAR- increasingly limited role U.S. forces play ing they will work with the IA officers to HORSE, Iraq – Four Iraqi Army officers in these staff to staff meetings. stop the indirect fire coming from Hamayy- sat at a table facing tribesmen from a lo- “The key point of all this is for the bat- id and that they will report any suspicious cal Iraqi village. A man in the audience talion intelligence officers in the 17th IA activity to the 17th Bde., 4th IA Div. standing to address one of the IA officers Bde. to bring all the (intelligence) together08 exchanged words for a few minutes before to establish appropriate courses of action,” quietly sitting down. he said. “For us, it’s a chance to bring our Senior officers from 17th Brigade, 4th knowledge and experience to help them get Iraqi Army Division, met with sheiks and better establishing those plans.” tribesmen from the village of Hamayyid Capt. Ian Fleischmann, intelligence offi- at Forward Operating Base Atruz in the cer of Task Force 2nd Battalion, 11th Field07 southern Salah ad Din province Dec. 21. Artillery Regiment, 2nd AAB, 25th Inf. Lt. Col. John Steele, a member of the Div., said senior IA officers meet weekly Stability Transition Team, 2nd Advise and with sheiks and tribesmen from the village U.S. Army photo by Spc. Robert England Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, and of Hamayyid to share information and plan Lt. Col. John Steele, an advisor to 17th Bri- an advisor to the 17th IA Bde., described future operations. gade, 4th Iraqi Army Division, and a member this meeting as a path toward cohesion. The Hamayyid tribesmen attended the of the Stability Transition Team, 2nd Advise “These meetings are to formulate syn- meeting to discuss solutions for bringing and Assist Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, in-06 ergy,” he said. “At these (synchronization) an end to indirect fire originating from forms local tribesmen on ways the U.S. forc- es plan to assist the IA during a staff to staff meetings, the staff officers in the 17th IA their village aimed at Joint Base Balad, meeting Dec. 21, 2010 at Forward Operating Base Atruz in the Salah ad Din province. Continued from AIR ASSAULT, pg 1 Training Team, attached to 1st do Battalion to the objectives.05 AATF to advise their ISF coun- In the days leading to Op- terparts and prove guidance as eration Devil’s Eve, ISF con- needed. ducted a series of targeted raids “We’re sincerely proud to be in the Zaab River valley, a here to advise, train and assist route insurgents use to smuggle the ISF,” said Col. Eric Welsh, weapons and conduct financing04 commander, 1st AATF, 1st Inf. operations. Div., from Fort Riley, Kan. The success of the shaping “This operation has been all operations, called Operation about them from the planning Rat Trap, led to the arrest of to the training leading up to this several warranted individuals important event. and capture of numerous cach- U.S. Army photo by Spc. Kandi Huggins, 1st AATF PAO, 1st Inf. Div. “If you are a citizen of es as well as providing the in- Col. Eric Welsh, commander of the “Devil Brigade,” 1st Advise and03 Kirkuk, be assured that regard- telligence necessary to plan for Assist Task Force, 1st Infantry Division, from Fort Riley, Kan., com- less of your ethnicity, the ISF Devil’s Eve, said Sameer. pliments the success of the joint operations conducted and planned by the Iraqi Security Forces in and around the city of Kirkuk during a are working together for your “This is only one of five ar- press conference discussing Operation Rat Trap and Operation Dev- security and stability.” eas where we had operations il’s Eve, Dec. 24, 2010. Staff Brig. Gen. Sameer, commander,12th Iraqi Iraqi Police assisted in the …,” he said. “And this will not Army Division, left, and Maj. Gen. Jamal, the Provincial Director of Po- effort developing warrant pack- be the last joint operation we lice in Kirkuk, right, said their forces are united as one team working together for the security and stability of the people of Kirkuk, regard-02 ets based on evidence to be conduct.” less of ethnic background. used by IA soldiers to detain the Sameer explained that the suspected criminals. people of Kirkuk provided fewer and fewer places to find eration,” concluded Jamal. “We The operation also required much of the information need- support, he said. are one team that stands united coordination with the Iraqi Air ed to target the terrorists. “The Iraqi Army, Iraqi Po- together.” Force, who provided Mi-17 he- The assistance of the gener- lice, Iraqi Air Force and U.S. licopters to transport comman- al population demonstrates the Forces are all a team that01 dos from the 12th IA Comman- violent extremists are having worked together for this op- 4
  5. 5. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!1009080706 U.S. Army photo by Capt. Philip Crabtree, 4th AAB PAO, 1st Cav. Div., USD-N Lt. Col. Robert Reynolds, a native of Savannah, Ga., and commander of 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, conducts an inspection of Contingency Operating Post Nimr with Brig. Gen. Rashid, commander of the 11th Brigade, 3rd05 Iraqi Army Division, Dec. 28, 2010. Rashid’s unit, based at a nearby IA post by the same name, is now responsible for the former U.S.-operated base. The troopers assigned to 6th Sqdn., 8th Cav. Reg., 4th AAB, 1st Cav. Div., U.S. Division-North, are the first in the 4th AAB, 1st Cav. Div., to transfer a U.S. base to the IA since Operation New Dawn began. ‘Long Knife’ transfers base to Iraqi Army04 sion, and Capt. Ravo, buildings fantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Prior to the transfer, Soldiers Capt. Philip Crabtree officer for the Iraqi Army Loca- Combat Team, 101st Airborne of Troop C worked and lived 4th AAB Public Affairs tion Command. Division, during Operation out of the post, maintaining 1st Cav. Div., USD-N Despite the lack of a cer- Iraqi Freedom. barracks space, latrines, a com- emony and fanfare, the Soldiers Since then, Vance deployed mand post and a large generator CONTINGENCY OPERAT- present took notice of the im- to Afghanistan, and served as a to power all of their operations ING SITE MAREZ, Iraq – portance of the transfer. drill sergeant, training new in- and life support.03 Troopers assigned to Troop C, “This is our first step in re- fantrymen, and graduated from The 11th Brig., 3rd IA Div., 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Reg- ducing our overall footprint,” Officer Candidate School. assumed complete control of iment, 4th Advise and Assist said 1st Lt. Michael Vance, “It seems to have come full COP Nimr, incorporating the Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, executive officer for Troop C, circle for me here in Iraq,” said outpost into their larger Iraqi transferred Contingency Op- 6th Sqdn., 8th Cav. Regt. “It’s Vance, who has returned to Iraq base by the same name. erating Post Nimr to the Iraqi a very visible sign of the Iraqi in support of Operation New To prepare for the trans-02 Army, Dec. 28. Army becoming more capable Dawn. “I was a young infan- fer, IA officers conducted in- The troopers conducted at securing the local area.” tryman here when we first es- spections of the buildings and an inspection of the outpost Vance, a native of Pitts- tablished Nimr, and now I find equipment. near Sinjar Mountain in north- burgh, Pa., first lived at COP myself almost eight years later “They inventoried every- western Iraq with Brig. Gen. Nimr, Arabic for tiger, in 2003, being responsible for closing it, thing from air conditioners to Rashid, commander of the 11th as an enlisted infantryman with and being one of the last U.S. light switches,” Vance said. Brigade, 3rd Iraqi Army Divi- the 2nd Battalion, 187th In- Soldiers to leave it.”01 See BASE, pg 7 5
  6. 6. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 A U.S. Division-North Christmas090807060504030201 6
  7. 7. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 256th CSH assumes care for Soldiers in Iraq09 Sgt. Coltin Heller “I thank all the Soldiers for their selfless 109th MPAD service, positive attitude and constant focus U.S. Division-North Public Affairs on the mission,” she said, further praising her Soldiers. CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE After saluting the uncased colors of his SPEICHER, Iraq – The 21st Combat unit, Col. Martin Phillips, commander,08 Support Hospital cased its colors after a 256th CSH, acknowledged the outgoing 12-month deployment, passing command unit, thanking the Soldiers for sharing their to the 256th Combat Support Hospital experience and expertise. during a Transfer of Authority ceremony “They have set us up for success,” he at Contingency Operating Base Speicher said. Dec. 24. Phillips assured those in attendance that With the unfurling of the colors, 256th his unit is well-prepared to provide quality07 CSH, an Army Reserve unit based in medical care for U.S. Division-North Sol- Brooklyn, Ohio, assumed the mission to diers. provide care for troops deployed to U.S. “The dedication of the Soldiers to their Division-North in support of Operation profession and to each other is awe inspir- New Dawn. ing,” said Phillips. “Providing care is a re- U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Coltin Heller Gathering the many campaign streamers sponsibility none of us takes lightly.” Col. Martin Phillips, commander, 256th Com-06 hanging from the standard, Col. Barbara During the past year, the 21st CSH set bat Support Hospital, and Command Sgt. Maj. Holcomb, commander of the 21st CSH, a standard in caring for the Soldiers that Donnie Montgomery, the hospital’s senior enlisted leader, uncase the unit colors during from Fort Hood, Texas, furled the unit col- came through its doors, and the 256th a Transfer of Authority ceremony at Contin- ors before praising her Soldiers and wel- CSH has every intention of keeping the gency Operating Base Speicher, Dec 24, 2010. coming the incoming unit. high standards set by the outgoing unit, he Phillips said it was a privilege and honor to “The past year has flown by and I am added. work with 21st CSH Soldiers who shared their experience and expertise with the incoming amazed by how much the Soldiers have ac- “We make a difference to every person05 complished,” said Holcomb. that comes in our door,” said Philips. unit. Continued from BASE, pg 5 Iraqi Army Capt. a partnership that will last for- Ravo, the building ever.” officer for the Iraqi COP Nimr is the first base to04 Army Location Com- be transferred by the 4th AAB, mand accompanied 1st Cav. Div., to the Iraqi Army the 11th Brig. Com- and is a sign of the times as Op- mander, Brig. Gen. eration New Dawn progresses. Rashid, during the as- Throughout the coming sessment of the base, year, Soldiers will transfer03 and formally accepted more bases of various sizes or responsibility for the close them altogether. site as Troop C de- As bases change hands, Iraqi parted. Security Forces assume sole re- “I am sad to see sponsibility for security in larg- the American Soldiers er areas of Ninewa province. leave here,” said Ravo, Concurrent with the base02 who serves at Al Kisik transfers, Soldiers assigned to U.S. Army photo by Capt. Philip Crabtree, 4th AAB PAO, 1st Cav. Div., USD-N Base west of Mosul. the “Long Knife Brigade” con- Sgt. Christopher Valdez, an infantry squad leader assigned to Troop C, 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry “I like to work with tinue to train their ISF partners Division, watches with a soldier from the 11th Brigade, 3rd Iraqi Army Division, them. They do a great to ensure they are well-pre- as Contingency Operating Post Nimr is transferred from U.S. forces to the Iraqi job and have helped pared and can conduct indepen- Army, Dec. 28, 2010. Valdez, a native of Albuquerque, N.M., left COP Nimr with me and my fellow of- dent operations. the rest of the Soldiers assigned to Troop C after seven months of working side-01 by-side with the IA soldiers. ficers. I hope we have 7
  8. 8. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 ‘Hammers’ sustain emphasis on safety during Operation New Dawn09 Staff Sgt. Renee Wilson 4th AAB Public Affairs 1st Cav. Div., U.S. Division-North CONTINGENCY OPERATING SITE MAREZ, Iraq – After the08 first few months of being deployed, statistics show Soldiers become ac- customed to their surroundings and sometimes choose shortcuts that might put themselves or others in harm’s way.07 To combat complacency and re- inforce Soldier’s safety awareness, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, “Hammers,” 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Di- vision, halted operations for a safe- ty stand down day, Dec 23.06 The unit, which assumed its mis- sion to advise, train and assist Iraqi Security Forces in late October, has statistically passed the mark in its deployment where Soldiers can U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Renee Wilson, 4th AAB PAO, 1st Cav. Div., USD-N slip into a mode of complacency, Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Thomas, provost marshal office noncommissioned officer in charge, assigned05 expressed Maj. Vincent Thomas, to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, commander, HHC, 4th AAB, 1st instructs Sgt. Tara Davis, personnel actions NCO and native of Savannah, Ga., how to clear an M249 Cav. Div. Squad Automatic Weapon during the unit’s safety stand down day, Dec. 23. Weapon safety and aware- During the safety stand down, ness is also taught to Iraqi Army counterparts so they can keep themselves and others around them safe, explained Thomas, who hails from Lexington, Ky. the unit, from Fort Hood, Texas, held classes consisting of suicide noncommissioned officer in charge, 4th The Soldiers also attended the “I. A.M. prevention, vehicle safety, fire prevention, AAB, 1st Cav. Div., and a native of Lex- Strong” campaign, an important class that04 burn barrel operations and weapons safety ington, Ky. “It’s important for our Soldiers, is often seen at every Army installation awareness. while they are training Iraqi soldiers that from restrooms to poster boards at post ex- Soldiers rotated through each station they are emphasizing weapons safety as changes. learning the importance of safety and be- well, so they don’t hurt themselves or any- The campaign, Intervene, Act, Moti- ing aware of their surroundings while de- one around them” vate, is used to educate Soldiers how to ployed. The safety day provided “Long Knife” be proactive in preventing sexual assault03 “The biggest thing is familiarization Soldiers of 4th AAB, 1st Cav. Div., the before it occurs, said Sgt. 1st Class Chris with some of the hazards that have gotten opportunity to reassess their operating en- Seeley, an intelligence analyst from Fort Soldiers hurt in the past, and ways they can vironment and familiarize with the equip- Lauderdale, Fla. avoid those same mistakes to prevent in- ment not used as a part of their everyday “Sexual harassment will not be tolerated jury and accomplish the mission,” said Mr. mission. in the Army, and it is not part of the Army Sean Morrill, safety officer assigned to 4th “This was my first time working with (a values,” said Seeley, the Ninewa Combined AAB, 1st Cav. Div. squad automatic weapon), learning how to Coordination Center NCOIC, assigned to02 During weapon safety and awareness clear it and how it works,” said Sgt. Tara 4th AAB, 1st Cav. Div. training, Soldiers reinforced muzzle aware- Davis, personnel actions NCO, HHC, 4th The Soldiers of “Long Knife” Brigade, ness, treating every weapon as if it were AAB, 1st Cav. Div., and native of Savan- 4th AAB, 1st Cav. Div., arrived in northern loaded. nah, Ga. “It’s important for me to know Iraq in September to support the efforts of “We always have to keep in mind weap- this so that I can pass the knowledge I’ve U.S. Division-North in its ongoing mission on safety and muzzle awareness,” said Sgt. learned today to Soldiers assigned in the to advise, train and assist ISF during Op-01 1st Class Joseph Thomas, provost marshal future.” eration New Dawn and to do it safely. 8
  9. 9. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 Haweja Elementary School re-opens with U.S. help Pvt. Alyxandra McChesney 1st AATF Public Affairs 1st Inf. Div., USD-N09 CONTIGENCY OPERATING SITE WARRIOR, Iraq – The Haweja Students of the Al Tau- fal Elementary School lined the entrance of their newly re-08 constructed school, clapping to celebrate the building’s grand opening, Dec. 19, in Kirkuk province. Lt. Col. Andrew Ulrich, commander of 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment and07 Capt. Tony Smith, commander of Company A, 1st Bn., 14th Inf. Regt., joined members of the Department of State Kirkuk Provincial Reconstruction Team at the school’s opening.06 fort“This although it a teamlong that, was truly was a ef- time in coming, showing how we can cooperate together to make Kirkuk better,” said Doug Teper, a governance advisor for the PRT, who works with local05 district councils in the prov- ince. The project to renovate the U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Alyxandra McChesney, 1st AATF PAO, 1st Inf. Div. school required the coopera- Lt. Col. Andy Ulrich, right, commander of 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist tion of the Iraqi Government, Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, explains to the Kirkuk City Council the work that Capt. Tony Smith, com- the Kirkuk Provincial Council, mander of Company A, 1st Bn., 14th Inf. Regt., did to assist in making it possible for the Haweja school to open Dec. 19, 2010. Al Taufal Elementary School is one of 135 schools renovated or rebuilt in the Kirkuk04 Iraqi“Golden Dragons” of and the Security Forces, PRT, 1st province since 2003. The 1st Bn., 14th Inf. Regt., from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, is attached to 1st Advise and Assist Task Force, 1st Infantry Division in support of Operation New Dawn. Bn., 14th Inf. Regt. During Operation Iraqi Free- through the Commander’s was able to help get Iraqi cen- with the citizens of Haweja. dom in 2005, insurgents severe- Emergency Response Program. tral planning approval for the “We have built a very strong ly damaged the school during The PRT then worked closely project, and to find middle relationship with the U.S. and an attack. Iraqi government of- with the Kirkuk Provincial ground when provincial plan- we will work hard to keep that03 ficials surveyed the school soon Council and local Haweja dis- ners and Haweja district of- relationship,” said Abu Sadam. after the attack, determining it trict council to ensure the polit- ficials disagreed on how the “Our focus is on the econo- needed to be demolished and ical process allowed the project project should be carried out.” my and schools to help Kirkuk rebuilt from the ground up. to proceed. Since 2003, the U.S. Gov- in the long-term,” said Smith, a “This school and the paved “Part of our mission in the ernment has provided funds Braham, Minn.-native. roads, leading to all of the region is to find ways to allow to renovate or reconstruct Smith stated that the project02 schools, aresaid Hussain Abu Haweja,” very important for economic growth and political stability while encouraging eth- 135 schools in Kirkuk prov- ince, including the all-girls is consistent with the overall focus of Operation New Dawn, Sadam, the City Council chair- nic and tribal rivals to work to- school opened in October di- which will help Iraq as a whole man. “Lt. Col Ulrich, and Capt. gether peacefully,” said Daniel rectly across the street from as Iraqi Security Forces take Smith, we all want to say, thank Fennell, the public diplomacy the Haweja Boy’s School, said the lead for security operations. you.” officer of the Kirkuk PRT, who Fennell. The project was made pos- served as one of the leads on Fennell stated the project01 sible by U.S. Army funding the school project. “The PRT helped to create good relations 9
  10. 10. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 Make your reservations: offers the amenities of Freedom Rest, where service members can unwind from the stresses Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Center brings of deployment, and affords the opportunity for troops to attend09 USD-N troops relaxation and learning classes on subjects ranging from communication skills to Spc. Andrew Ingram from working long days and U.S. Division-North begins a yoga, he said. USD-N Public Affairs long nights? Have months of three-track initiative to improve This track, complete with separation from your loved morale and overall wellness comfortable accommodations CONTINGENCY OPERAT- ones got you singing the blues? of service members deployed and service, also provides U.S. ING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq Then put in a request for a in support of Operation New Division-North service mem-08 – ATTENTION SERVICE pass to the Comprehensive Sol- Dawn, said Maj. Samuel Pres- bers the opportunity to work MEMBERS OF U.S. DIVI- dier Fitness Center at Contin- ton, psychiatrist, 4th Infantry through personal issues and re- SION-NORTH! gency Operating Base Speich- Division and U.S. Division- ceive help to become more re- Is deployment getting you er, Iraq! North. silient, explained Leeling. down? Do you need a break At the start of the new year, “The mission of the CSF During the first day of the Center is not merely to give track, Ironhorse Strong par- people days off from work,” ticipants complete a survey to07 said Preston. “Soldiers will re- identify which classes the ma- turn to their units with tools to jority of the Soldiers are inter- provide insight to get through ested in taking, explained Leel- tough times and how to respond ing. The cadre at the CSF center to stress.” will provide instruction for the Each month, select U.S. Di- top two choices of the group06 vision-North service members survey. will participate in three pro- “There are only so many grams designed to strengthen video games a person can play, their minds and rejuvenate their and there is only so much tele- bodies, explained Sgt. Maj. vision they can watch,” said Scott Leeling, senior noncom- Leeling. “This cycle gives Sol- missioned officer in charge of diers the opportunity to stretch05 the CSF Center. their minds and stretch their Commanders have the op- bodies, to strengthen the five tion to refer their troops to pillars of Comprehensive Sol- the CSF Center to participate dier Fitness.” in Freedom Rest, Ironhorse CSF is a holistic program Strong or the Resilience Uni- focused on developing physi-04 versity. cal, emotional, social, spiritual During the four-day Free- and familial strength, explained dom Rest Track, guests have Sgt. Maj. Robert Johnson, mas- the opportunity to relax in ter resiliency trainer, 4th Inf. spacious, hotel-like, accom- Div. and U.S. Division-North. modations; play video games; “The goal of CSF is to build use free Internet; wear civilian an army of balanced, healthy,03 clothes and order food from the self-confident Soldiers, Family kitchen 24 hours a day. members and Army civilians “This cycle is completely whose resilience and total fit- U.S. Army photo by Spc. Andrew Ingram, USD-N, PAO relaxed,” said Leeling. “This ness enables them to excel in an Spc. Dexter Osdey, a petroleum supply specialist, assigned to Head- is all about giving Soldiers the era of high operational tempo quarters and Headquarters Troop, Task Force ODIN, Observe, Detect, opportunity to step back from and persistent conflict,” he said.02 Identify and Neutralize, plays a video game while enjoying lunch at the fight and rejuvenate for a As many as 75 service mem- Freedom Rest-North, Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Iraq, Dec. 13, 2010. Soldiers who receive passes to Freedom Rest wear ca- few days.” bers can request to attend an it- sual attire and take a break from their busy lives deployed to Iraq as Freedom Rest can facilitate eration of the Ironhorse Strong part of U.S. Division-North, in support of Operation New Dawn. Osdey, up to 75 service members at a Track held twice a month be- who hails from New-Orleans, received a four-day pass to Freedom time and is held twice a month, ginning Jan. 6. Rest from his commander for winning the Task Force ODIN Soldier of the Month Board. Soldiers who wish to spend time at Freedom Rest Leeling said. can request a slot through their chain-of-command. The Ironhorse Strong Track See CSF, pg 1101 10
  11. 11. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 Keynotes perform for COB Marez Soldiers Sgt. Coltin Heller 109th MPAD USD-N Public Affairs09 CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE SPIECHER, Iraq – Soldiers stationed at Contingency Operating Base Speicher gathered to hear the spiritual harmonies of the Gospel Keynotes at the Morale, Wel-08 fare and Recreation Center-North, Dec. 25. The contemporary gospel group played Christmas Day performing to boost the morale and spirits of Soldiers deployed in support of Operation New Dawn and to provide another way for Soldiers to gather for Christmas Mass.07 “I am glad to see gospel music played for the Soldiers,” said Chief Warrant Offi- cer James Quick, U.S. Division-North Tar- geting officer assigned to Division Special Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Division. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Coltin Heller, 109th MPAD, USD-N PAO Sgt. Maj. Reginald Robinson, senior enlisted leader from Fort McCoy, Wis., assigned to the Ex- “This not only boosts morale, it uplifts peditionary Disposal Remediation Team, Defense Reutilization Management Office, 4th Infan-06 the Soldier’s spirits during this special time try Division, performs with the Gospel Keynotes, who played to raise morale and the spirits of of the year,” said Quick, who hails from Soldiers stationed at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Dec. 25, 2010. Robinson, the first Bennettsville, S.C. Soldier of many to sing that night, said it was dream come true to sing with the band. This was the Keynotes first performance for Soldiers deployed overseas. Lead singer, Jeffery Newberry Jeffery Newberry, lead singer of the said the band plans for repeat performances as long as there are Soldiers still serving abroad. Gospel Keynotes, said the group felt com- pelled to come and play for the Soldiers audience and handed over the microphone Although this marks the band’s first this year. for numerous Soldiers to lead songs they time playing abroad for the Soldiers, New-05 “We came here because of what the Sol- knew. berry said the band plans to make a return diers are doing,” said Newberry, who calls “He shushed me earlier for singing trip and play for the troops whenever they Fort Lauderdale, Fla. home. “The reaction along,” laughed Sgt. Maj. Reginald Rob- get the opportunity. was heartfelt, and we enjoy making people inson, senior enlisted leader from Fort “I feel that we must come back as long smile.” McCoy, Wis., who leads the Expedition- as there are Soldiers here,” said Newberry. While other bands only perform for the ary Disposal Remediation Team, Defense “This gave me a new perspective on life. I04 Soldiers, the Gospel Keynotes took it one Reutilization Management Office, at COB will go home knowing I can do so because step further as Newberry walked into the Speicher. “It was a dream come true.” of the sacrifices made here.” Continued from CSF, pg 10 “I would like Soldiers to units to share CSF principles the Resilience University. “They will take those skills walk away from the CSF Cen- with their Soldiers and peers at The first iteration of the Re- back to their units to teach oth-03 ter with the sense that they can the company level, said Pres- silience University begins Jan. ers how to use them as tools be resilient,” said Johnson. “I ton, who designed the course 12. to be resilient in the face of don’t want them to be like an curriculum. Lt. Col. Mary Krueger, di- adversity throughout their de- egg that breaks when you drop “This is a proactive ap- vision surgeon, 4th Inf. Div. ployment and upon returning it, but like a ball that bounces proach to complete Soldier and U.S. Division-North said home.” back from adversity and chal- fitness,” explained Leeling. the CSF Center is more about Service members interested02 lenges.” “Strong minds and strong bod- strengthening U.S. forces as a in attending one of the tracks At the Resilience Univer- ies lead to strong Soldiers, and whole than giving individual at the Comprehensive Sol- sity Track, U.S. Division-North that is what we want to build service members a break from dier Fitness Center should call leaders spend 40 hours studying with this program.” the rigors of deployment. DSN: (318) 845-6672 and work CSF and adult learning theory. Leeling said once a month “The CSF Center is a place through their chain-of-com- Upon completion of the each battalion designates as where service members not mand for more information. course, the leaders take what many as three service members only rejuvenate themselves,01 they have learned back to their of E-5 to O-3 grade to attend but learn skills,” said Krueger. 11
  12. 12. The Ivy Leaf December 31, 2010 Happy New Year!10 Hey Doc: ‘Am I wasting my hard-earned money on dietary supplements?’ Capt. Todd C. Schwartz time for short-burst activities like weight pound (1.2-1.5g/kg) daily.09 21st Combat Support Hospital lifting. Clinical trials have shown im- Caffeine and its botanical cousin U.S. Division-North provement in strength and size of muscles guarana and yerba mate have been shown when used with a consistent exercise rou- to improve mental awareness and supply ‘Hey Doc:’ I work out religiously and tine. The increase in muscle size, however, increased energy. However, there’s no want to compete in the next body building is likely due to the movement of water proof that they will help you lose weight. competition. How do I get huge and ripped from the surrounding area of the muscle Caffeine, typically combined with taurine,08 without cashing in my thrift savings plan, cell into the center of cell. Because of this has been shown in clinical trials to im- pawning my valuables, or hurting myself? inward shift of water, creatine can lead to prove energy levels, mental alertness, and –Yours Truly, “Ambitious, Thrifty, and dehydration and severe muscle cramps. give minimal improvements in endurance Concerned” So, creatine users are advised to drink a when consumed prior to exercise. Caffeine minimum of 4 liters of water daily along is why many dietary supplement products Dear “Thrifty,” with cycling off the product at regular continue to be big sellers. These products Weight loss and athletic enhancing intervals to minimize dehydration. For along with energy drinks do not define the07 products are among the top selling dietary safety, do not exceed 20mg per day! amount of caffeine in each serving. Manu- supplements with retail sales of more than Protein intake is directly linked to facturers often combine caffeine with $5.4 billion in 2005. What drives the pur- increased muscle mass when used with guarana and/or mate, which only increases suit of the “Quick Fix?” It’s that longing a consistent lifting routine. Protein the quantity of caffeine per serving. Intake for rapid weight loss with minimal effort supplementation helps maintain a positive of 300mg or more of caffeine at one time and the desire for enlarged muscle mass in nitrogen balance, providing the needed can be harmful due to increased heart rate,06 the shortest time possible. There are well molecules for muscle recovery. Protein blood pressure and dehydration. Warning! over 100 compounds used in hundreds of comes in many forms and not all provide These products may contain as much as different over-the-counter products mar- the same result. The main types of protein 300mg per serving with multiple servings keted for weight loss and athletic enhance- are whey, casein, soy, and dietary. per drink. ment. With great advertisement and overly Whey protein is absorbed very quickly Consider this when deciding to spend ambitious explanations of the health and is best for post-workout supplementa- your hard-earned money on dietary benefits, they are flying off the shelves. tion. Whey is manufactured as either a supplements: the overwhelming majority05 The average consumer does not real- concentrate or isolate product. Concentrate of products lack clinical evidence to sup- ize that over the counter products have products contain far more lactose, which port their claims that they improve weight only minimal federal regulatory require- increases bloating and gas. Casein absorbs loss or enhance athletic performance. Your ments. Manufacturers can legally make slowly and is intended for protein mainte- best pathway to your physical fitness goals claims that ingredients may “promote” or nance. Along with dietary protein, casein is a consistent exercise routine along with “support” health. Be wary of outrageous is helpful for increasing total daily protein a well-defined meal plan. Nothing replaces04 claims! Most important, the makers are intake. hard work and time! not required to prove the product is safe, Protein intake requires regulation My overall recommendation for effective, or even pure in quality. If you because too much protein increases the supplements is to save your cash as they use caution and follow directions, there risk of kidney stones and possible kidney are just not worth it. An upcoming article are a few products on the market that have failure. The average adult should consume will highlight dangerous supplements, so some decent clinical trials showing some 0.4 grams of protein per pound of body be watching for it. In the meantime, stay benefit. weight (0.8g/kg). An example would be “ambitious, thrifty, and safe!”03 Creatine is by far the most commonly a 200-pound person needs 80 grams of Keep those questions coming. used and studied supplement. It is thought protein. Athletes that are working out Ironhorse Strong! that oral creatine improves the energy consistently need more protein and should production process and speeds recovery increase their intake to 0.5-0.7 grams per0201 12