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Mountaineer 2012 07-27

  1. 1. Vol. 70 No. 30 July 27, 2012 Word of the month: Integrity Photo by Pfc. Andrew Ingram Where the heart is Spc. Aaron Davis, combat engineer, 576th Engineer Company, 4th Engineer Battalion, Special Events Center, July 19. During their deployment in support of Operation reunites with his wife, Audra Davis, and his daughter, Arianna, after a yearlong Enduring Freedom, the combat engineers conducted route clearance missions, ensuring deployment to Afghanistan during a welcome home ceremony at the Fort Carson the safety of thousands of U.S. and coalition servicemembers. See story on page 3.Panetta:Program to help transitioning troops By Lisa Daniel Barack Obama announced the revamped program, called developed extraordinary technical expertise and American Forces Press Service “Transition GPS,” in a speech Monday at the Veterans world-class leadership skills that are in high demand. of Foreign Wars national convention in Reno, Nev. Transition GPS will help military members apply their A redesigned program for servicemembers “I applaud the leadership of President Obama to experience to additional training, formal education,separating from the military will help veterans better bring together government agencies around the goal of and develop successful civilian careers.”apply the experience they’ve gained in uniform, enhancing career opportunities for servicemembers,” See GPS on Page 4Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said President Panetta said in a statement. “Our personnel have Message board INSIDE The Commanding Generals Right Arm Night takes place at 4 p.m. Friday at the Foxhole and is open to the entire Fort Carson community. For more information, call 526-5347. Page 5 Page 13 Pages 20-21
  2. 2. 2 MOUNTAINEER — July 27, 2012 MOUNTAINEERCommanding General: Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson Army Community ServiceGarrison Commander: Col. David L. GrossoFort Carson Public Affairs Officer: Dee McNutt celebrates 47 yearsBy Kristen Kea Gen. Harold K. Johnson, realized that leadership needed Warrior Family Community Partnership to make the whole Army Family a priority concernChief, Print and Web Communications: and had to create a structured program to serve Families. Rick Emert Today, Army Community Service is an integral It is significant that in designing such a program,Editor: Devin Fisher component of the U.S. Army structure and represents the the planners declared from the first their dependenceStaff writer: Andrea Sutherland Army’s ongoing commitment to Army Families. Until the for its development on the use of volunteers. They creation of the Army Community Service program in 1965, even wrote a statement to that effect in the governingHappenings: Nel Lampe the policy of the military had been to concentrate on the regulations for the program.Sports writer: Walt Johnson mission alone and to treat the Families as though an official Today, ACS at Fort Carson remains committed toLayout/graphics: Jeanne Mazerall motto had been the old slogan “If the Army had wanted providing real life solutions for the challenges that you to have a wife, they would have issued you one.” Soldiers and Families face some 47 years later. This commercial enterprise newspaper is By the Vietnam years, however, it became all too Although ACS programs and services continue toan authorized publication for members of the apparent that ours was a married Army, one reflecting the change with the needs of Families, it continuesDepartment of Defense. Contents of the turbulent American society of the 1960s, and that the to rely on volunteers to help in carrying out theMountaineer are not necessarily the official conscripts coming into its forces then were bringing with mission of ACS.view of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or them their civilian world problems — financial, medical, and The ACS team at Fort Carson stands proud to servethe Department of the Army. Printed circulationis 12,000 copies. personal — along with the family stresses caused especially Fort Carson Soldiers and Families. Stop by to visit The editorial content of the by the turbulence and danger of a service in wartime. at any one of the following facilities or online atMountaineer is the responsibility of the Public At last the authorities, led by a caring Chief of Staff Office, Fort Carson, CO 80913-5119,Tel.: 526-4144. The e-mail address The Mountaineer is posted on theInternet at Locations and hours The Mountaineer is an unofficial Army Community 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Building 7492 — Titus Boulevardpublication authorized by AR 360-1. TheMountaineer is printed by Colorado Springs Service (Main Office) Wednesday — 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 526-5807Military Newspaper Group, a private firm in Building 1526 *Closed daily for lunch from noon to 1 p.m. Fax: 524-5511no way connected with the Department of the 526-4590 Hours of operation:Army, under exclusive written contract withFort Carson. It is published 49 times per year. Fax: 526-2637 Fallen Heroes Family Center Monday, Thursday, Friday — The appearance of advertising in this Hours of operation for main ACS office: Survivor Outreach Services(SOS) 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.publication, including inserts or supplements, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday — for Families of the Fallen Tuesday and Wednesday —does not constitute endorsement by theDepartment of the Army or Colorado Springs 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Building 6215 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Military Newspaper Group, of the products or Wednesday — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 526-2069 Find us on Facebook: Fort Carson SFACservices advertised. The printer reserves the Find us on Facebook: Hours of operation:right to reject advertisements. Fort Carson Army Community Service Monday-Friday — 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Warrior Family Community Everything advertised in this publicationshall be made available for purchase, use or Twitter: Fort Carson ACS Partnership (WFCP)patronage without regard to race, color, religion, Soldier and Family Information & resources for Soldiers,sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical The Family Connection — Assistance Center (SFAC) Families and community membershandicap, political affiliation or any othernonmerit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. “A Welcome Center for Families” One stop shop of resources and support Building 1532If a violation or rejection of this equal Building 1354 — Barkeley Avenue for warriors in transition and their 526-8747 or 526-8749opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, 526-1070 — Fax: 526-4886 Families. The SFAC assists in the Fax: 526-8750the printer shall refuse to print advertisingfrom that source until the violation is corrected. Hours of operation*: process of recovery and transition back Hours of operation:For display advertising call 634-5905. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday — to their former units or out of the military. Monday-Friday — 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. All correspondence or queries regardingadvertising and subscriptions should be directedto Colorado Springs Military NewspaperGroup, 31 E. Platte Avenue, Suite 300,Colorado Springs, CO 80903, phone 634-5905. The Mountaineer’s editorial content isedited, prepared and provided by the Public Kudos kornerAffairs Office, building 1430, room 265, FortCarson, CO 80913-5119, phone 526-4144. Releases from outside sources are soindicated. The deadline for submissions to theMountaineer is close of business the week Surgeons and nursesbefore the next issue is published. The Nominate a Mountain Post community member who has gone above and beyond.Mountaineer staff reserves the right to editsubmissions for newspaper style, clarity and Submit your write up to Include name, rank and unit.typographical errors. Policies and statements reflected in the It’s been 49 years and definitely time to send out with the development team here at Virginia Supportivenews and editorial columns represent views a thank you. I have often thought over the years how Housing to provide housing for veterans, chronicallyof the individual writers and under nocircumstances are to be considered those of awesome it would be to meet my surgeon and thank homeless and medically vulnerable, but I also dothe Department of the Army. him for doing such an awesome job. outreach at the Richmond Outreach Center, here Reproduction of editorial material is They told my folks I wouldn’t talk — well, let me tell in Richmond, Va.authorized. Please credit accordingly. you, that is so not the case. I talk, I laugh, I sing and hoop I’m in the choir on Saturday nights (tall blonde, big and holler sometimes, too. I was born (at Fort Carson) smile) and we do a live web broadcast at http://www. March 19, 1963. My dad was William Franklin Young, my — you can have the docs check out their mother Rita, and y’all did my surgery. I was, apparently, handiwork. Might be a good positive motivation born without a roof in my mouth and a partial cleft. As for the Soldiers in the field too. They need some joy I understand it, I have the surgeons there to thank for I’m sure of it. We rock it out, too!! helping to restore what was lacking when I was born. Even when you have those days and you feel like it Classified advertising My photos show me smiling and happy as a baby, doesn’t matter, it matters. Everything you do matters: even 329-5236 and I am still smiling and happy and singing for the the smallest things. Look at what you did by restoring the Display advertising Lord. If my surgeon is still there, please be sure to roof of my mouth and fixing that cleft pallet problem. 634-5905 let him know that my light is shining and I have Y’all did that and now I have two generations. You saved him to thank along with his nurses and surgical team. my life which then allowed me to bring life — pretty cool, Mountaineer editor Y’all keep up the good work. huh? Please, I pray that you will pass along this information 526-4144 Not only do you defend our freedoms but, as in my and even let the current surgeons, doctors, nurses and case, you witnessed the delivery of my life into this world staff know how wonderful they are and what they do Post information and enabled me to have a thriving, happy wonderful really matters. God sees everything they are doing. God 526-5811 life hereafter. I’ve always had a soft spot for helping bless you. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Post weather hotline others — perhaps the kindness of the doctors and nurses Thanks a bunch 526-0096 helped to set that foundation while I was in the hospital. Teresa E. Young See everything makes a difference. Not only do I work Richmond, Va.
  3. 3. July 27, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 3Community welcomes home 576th Engineer Company Story and photos by Pfc. Andrew Ingram 1st Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office 4th Infantry Division Family, friends and comrades of 4th Engineer Battalionwelcomed home Soldiers of 576th Engineer Company,returning to Fort Carson after a yearlong deployment,during a ceremony at the Special Events Center, July 19. As the “No Slack” Soldiers stood in formation, Lt. Col.Daniel Hibner, commander, 4th Eng. Bn., thanked the sappersand their Families for their sacrifices in defense of the nation. “Thank you to all the wonderful Families in attendance,some of whom, like these proud Soldiers, came all the wayfrom overseas to share in this great moment,” Hibner said. “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you these rough men ofthe 576th Eng. Company, back from the very tip of thespear,” he said. At the command of “Dismissed,” the Soldiers and theirloved ones sprinted across the floor to embrace one another. “It feels great to be back home with my kids and mywife,” said Sgt. James Penelton, combat engineer, 576thEng. “I’m going to spend as much time with them before Ihead to (the Sapper Leader Course). My son is even goingto help me train; he’s going to ride his bike, and I’mgoing to run behind and try to keep up with him.” Penelton’s wife, Krystal, said she has trouble describinghow happy she is to have her husband home. “It’s just so amazing,” she said. “I’m speechless.” In Afghanistan, the 576th Eng. Soldiers worked withthe 14th Engineer Battalion in the Helmand province,conducting route clearance missions in support ofOperation Enduring Freedom. “They created safe passage for thousands of U.S.and coalition servicemembers, and no doubt preventedcountless injuries and deaths through the execution of Families and friends of the 576th Engineer Company, 4th Engineer Battalion, welcome their Soldiers hometheir mission,” said Hibner. from a deployment with cheers during a ceremony at the Fort Carson Special Events Center, July 19. NATIONAL AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Colorado Springs You know that REDUCED feeling of TUITION doing what for military personnel AND you love to do? dependents* Associate, Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees So do we: Accounting The person pictured is not an actual service member Business Criminal Justice Healthcare Information Technology (719) 590-8300 – We are in the Ft. Carson Education Center honor of the 2011 President’s Award. every Tuesday Ask about our Get all the confidence of a 5 1/2 week classes! National American University is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association| value of a used one: *Must provide a valid military ID card. 6/2012 The individual pictured is not an actual service member. We are close to 3 month / 3,000 mile Comprehensive Warranty 2 year / 100,000 mile Powertrain Warranty Fort Carson at the: 7 year / 100,000 mile Roadside Assistance 160 Point Quality Assurance Inspection Vehicle History Report
  4. 4. 4 MOUNTAINEER — July 27, 2012Colorado Shooting Claims Lives of Sailor, Airman American Forces Press Service out to John’s Family, friends and The July 20 mass shooting in a loved ones, as well as to all victims of this horrible tragedy.” Message from Panettamovie theater in Aurora has claimed Larimer joined the Navy June 16,the lives of two U.S. servicemembers, 2011, and was a cryptologic technician “Flags at Department of are also moved to learn more aboutaccording to military officials. third class, and had been stationed Defense installations across the the actions of men and women like Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John in Aurora since October 2011, the world are being flown at half-staff Staff Sgt. Childress, who threwLarimer and Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse release said. to honor the victims of last week’s himself in front of his friend in theChildress died from injuries sustained Suspected gunman James Holmes tragedy in Aurora, Colo. All of movie theater to shield her fromin the incident, officials said. allegedly killed at least 12 people and us in the Department of Defense the gunman. His selflessness saved One other Sailor was treated for wounded 59 others early July 20 during community are deeply saddened her life, at the cost of his own.injuries and released at the scene, the midnight premiere of the new by this senseless act of violence, “These acts of heroism andaccording to a U.S. Navy news Batman movie “The Dark Knight which has hit our military Family sacrifice are the essence ofrelease issued July 21. Both Sailors Rises” in Aurora, a suburb of Denver. especially hard. what military service is about —were from a unit that belongs to U.S. In his weekly video message to “Four of the victims served in putting your life on the lineFleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth the nation July 21, President Barack the military — including Air Force to defend those who are partFleet, located at Buckley Air Force Obama asked citizens to take “some Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress, of the American family.Base in Aurora. time for prayer and reflection — for Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John “Let us all honor the victims Childress, who also worked at the victims of this terrible tragedy, Larimer, Jonathan Blunk, a former of this tragedy by committingBuckley, died at the scene of the for the people who knew them and Sailor, and Rebecca Wingo, a ourselves to the hard work andattacks, Pentagon spokesman Air Force loved them, for those who are still former Airman. Other DOD sacrifice of protecting this country.Lt. Col. Jack Miller said July 21. struggling to recover, and for all the personnel and family members were Bravery, courage, and dedication “I am incredibly saddened by the victims of the less publicized acts of also injured in this cruel attack. are the hallmarks of our men andloss of Petty Officer John Larimer — violence that plague our communities “I know that many are struggling women in uniform — our heroes.he was an outstanding shipmate,” on a daily basis. to understand why these innocent “May God bless each andNavy Cmdr. Jeffrey Jakuboski, “Let us keep all these Americans lives were taken from us, and every one of you, and the UnitedLarimer’s commanding officer, stated in our prayers,” Obama added. “And how such a tragedy could occur States of America.”in the Navy release. “A valued member to the people of Aurora, may the Lord in this country. Even as we try to — Secretary of Defenseof our Navy team, he will be missed bring you comfort and healing in the make sense of this evil act, we Leon E. Panettaby all who knew him. My heart goes hard days to come.” Coming together Balfour Beatty Communities residents line up for the annual community barbecue, July 19. The event was held to show the appreciation for residents and provide them with an opportunity to meet and bond with neighbors. Close to 900 residents attended the Hawaiian-themed barbecue, which featured hula dancers, lawn games and dunk tanks. This is the third community barbecue Balfour Beatty has hosted. Photo by Holly AndersenGPS The redesign is being developed by the Veterans • offer individual assessment and counseling,from Page 1 Employment Initiative Task Force created in August including an individual transition plan; to help separating servicemembers successfully • include a five-day curriculum of financial Transition GPS is the first major overhaul of the transition to the civilian workforce, start a business, planning, available veterans’ benefits and servicesmilitary’s Transition Assistance Program, or TAP, in or pursue higher education. and a redesigned employment workshop;nearly 20 years, White House officials said. TAP was TAP consisted of pre-separation counseling and a • include a “Military Occupational Codedeveloped by an interagency team from the voluntary, three-day workshop from the departments Crosswalk” to translate military skills, trainingdepartments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Labor, of Labor, Defense and Veterans Affairs that was and experiences into civilian occupations andEducation and Homeland Security, along with the presented at selected military installations and credentialing;Office of Personnel and Management and the Small attended by nearly half of the servicemembers who • include optional training specific to pursuingBusiness Administration. separated from the services each year, White House higher education, technical skills and training, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki said officials said. Transition GPS is designed to strengthen, or starting a business;the redesign will better ensure that veterans today standardize and expand counseling and guidance • include a “capstone” event to verify that theand in the future will receive the care and benefits for servicemembers before leaving the military, and participant is career-ready;they have earned. transform the military’s approach to education, training, • give a “warm handover” to appropriate govern- “One of our fundamental responsibilities as a and credentialing, they added. ment agencies and organizations for continuedgovernment is to properly prepare and support those Transition GPS is to be implemented throughout benefits, services and support of veterans; andserving in our military so they are career ready as they the military by the end of 2013. • create a “Military Life Cycle Transitiontransition back into civilian life,” he said. “This collabo- It will: Model” to incorporate career readiness andrative effort will have an impact well beyond this current • extend the current three-day transition program transition preparation early into a servicegeneration of individuals returning from combat.” to five to seven days; member’s career.
  5. 5. July 27, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 5Warhorse receives latest PTS training Story and photo by Sgt. Ruth Pagán of individuals and to help them realize there is a individuals will get through their experience — 2nd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs percentage of individuals that will not require especially if they attend treatment early, instead of Office, 4th Infantry Division intervention,” Jarrett said. “There is a percentage that languishing and waiting. will require some coaching, and some will require “Essentially, as they go through this training, Soldiers of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th counseling, but we firmly believe that the majority of they’re realizing that there is an almost predictableInfantry Division, participated in a pilot program cycle of emotions and feelings. The majority ofdesigned to help troops identify and combat post- individuals are not going to develop a PTSDdeployment post-traumatic stress during training at diagnosis and the majority of individuals withVeterans Chapel, July 19-20. post-traumatic stress are going to carry on to where “This particular product was a collaboration of a it is no longer traumatic for them and eventuallynumber of individuals, including prime researchers something they will grow through.”from the behavioral health advisory team,” said Maj. During the second day of training, approximatelyThomas Jarrett, chief of special subjects, Department 200 brigade Soldiers trained on how to react if they orof Behavioral Health Systems, U.S. Army Medical a fellow Soldier are showing signs of PTS.Center and School, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. “It was “I think Soldiers will gain some insight on whydesigned to be a program to explain the different they get sad for no reason: why they are feeling theresponses following combat, not just (post-traumatic way they do, why they are getting so angry, whystress disorder) but post-traumatic stress.” they are so jumpy, anxious or keyed up,” said Spc. On the first day, Jarrett trained 10 Soldiers from Jefferey Villar, an instructor and behavior healthacross the brigade who, in turn will train additional specialist with Company C, 204th Brigade Supportmembers in the organization. Participants were Battalion, 2nd BCT. “With understanding, you canrequired to have deployed and be either a combat start to change things.”medic or a behavioral health care specialist to The training will help Soldiers understand theirbecome certified instructors. feelings and know when to ask for help, said Staff The Soldiers received training on how to effectively Sgt. Ernest Galindez, a section sergeant for the medicgive a two-hour presentation, how to create con- platoon with Headquarters and Headquarters Troop,versations with the audience, and how to respond to 1st Squadron, 10th Calvary Regiment, 2nd BCT.different scenarios that could arise during training. “If the Army continues with this type of training, “Dialogue is the most important part,” said Staff they can help a lot of Soldiers,” Galindez said.Sgt. Douglas Wilson, the noncommissioned officer in The training is in its preliminary stages and is stillcharge of the Department of Behavioral Health and being validated, said Jarrett. All Soldiers completingScience, assigned to 187th Medical Battalion, 32nd Sgt. Mike Dade, a senior level medic with Headquarters the training are required to complete surveys.Medical Brigade, at Fort Sam Houston. “We want to get and Headquarters Company, 2nd Special Troops “We are doing pre- and post-(instruction) surveysSoldiers to talk about their experiences, not just while Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry to see if we imparted the information we wanted to,”they were deployed, but since they’ve been back.” Division, instructs during post-deployment post-traumatic Jarrett said. “We are also going to ask for feedback “Part of the training is to normalize the experience stress training, July 20. from the Soldiers and instructors.” SHIN SA DONG KOREAN RESTAURANT A world reco l We have delicious foods with the best prices! 4.0 second k isn’t nearly as fast as We always have 8 or more side dishes that come with every food for FREE! 100 10% Military Discount* We make tasty foods such as: MB BPS3845 E. 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  6. 6. 6 MOUNTAINEER — July 27, 2012Taking the reins Lt. Col. Kevin J. Rants, center, receives the colors of the 407th Army Field Support Battalion from Col. Danny F. Tilzey, left, commander, 407th Army Field Support Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas, during a July 20 change of command at Manhart Field. Rants assumed command of the 407th AFSB during the ceremony, replacing Lt. Col. Andrew D. Centineo, right. Rants’ most recent assignment was with the U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Centineo’s next assignment is in the logistics section of the Office of the Army Surgeon General in Falls Church, Va. Photo by Anna Ciccotti INVITING YOU INTO THE ALL NEW... DON’T JUST SIT ME IN ANOTHER DESK. S ANOTH DESK HER Certified used Hondas and other Certified used vehicles TEACH ME TO STAN OUT M STAND OUT. ND Your MPG At CTU we know the sacrifices you make. Your education At CTU we know the sacrifices you make. Your education HQ shouldn’t be one of those sacrifices. We offer support shouldn’t one of those sacrifices. We offer support We 785-5060 designed specifically for current and veteran Army personnel designed specifically for current and veteran Army personnel Matc h USAA South Academy at Fountain and their families. and their families. g Pricin Price Protection Guarantee good on same model within 14 days of purchase... see store for details. MILITARY SPECIALS Secure your space today Save An Additional 5%Visit our Admissions Advisor every Thursday at the Education CenterVisit our Admissions Advisor every Thursday at the Education Center On Your Monthly Rent FREE use of our moving van on move-IN and OUT Call 877.906.6555 Call 877.906 6555 6.6 FREE Visit colo /military or Visit or i Call us today and reserve your storage Text MILIT RY to 94576 for more info Text MILITARY 94576 for more info TA CIRCLE DRIVE SELF STORAGE 2515 Arlington Drive, Colorado Springs, CO (South of Fountain Blvd, behind Shamrock Gas on Circle Drive) * Not all credits eligible to transfer. See the university’s catalog regarding CTU’s transfer credit policies. transfer. university’s student CTU’s Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at www.colo Not all programs are available to residents of all states. CTU cannot guarantee employment or s all salary. 88-31810 0304353 07/12 salary. 719-447-0452
  7. 7. July 27, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 7Carson WAAC DetachmentEnlists in Army Edito Aug. 19 r’s note: This , nce of F ort Car a observa 1943, Mountai rticle, publishe neer, is b d in the son’s 70 eing reprintedColonel Blunt Welcomes th anniv ersary n iWomen Soldiers to ArmyCarson WAACs Enlist in Service 100%;All Anxious to Become Part of Army In a quiet, but impressive ceremony the complete “Open Ranks, March”. At this point Lt.detachment of WAAC stationed at Camp Carson Herron did a neat about face and saidbecame soldiers in the United States Army on “The detachment is formed Sir” andSunday, August 15 at Camp Headquarters. Not one of the Colonel gave them “At Ease” andthe women chose to return to civilian life. delivered a short talk. Then Lt. The Oath and Certificate of Enlistment was read Herron ordered the women toby Maj. Richard E. Reichman, judge advocate. Col. attention, called the roll and turned them over toWilfrid M. Blunt, camp commander, gave a short talk Major Reichmann who administered the oath.welcoming the women into the Army. He told the When this had been completed, Lt. Novak marchedWAAC that he had “watched the WAACs with great the new soldiers back to their barracks. felt the Army would be needing womeninterest and was much pleased with their progress”. As soon as they were dismissed, the GIs let off and she wanted to be in when they did.Colonel Blunt reminded the new soldiers that steam by dancing and acting as any other soldiers The new servicewomen are assigned at Camp“Women serving in the Army is not new”, and that would after a formal review. When asked how she felt Carson in two groups, one is a headquarters unit,“they are serving in armies all over the world”. about the whole thing, Staff Leader, new Staff while the other is a hospital unit. The new soldiers took the oath very seriously Sergeant Doris R. Ricker, who will have been in the Also attending the ceremony were other WAACfor this oath put them in the Army as much as any WAAC a year next month said, “I was only afraid officers stationed at Camp Carson, they were: Lts.other soldier. Their oath is very much like that they wouldn’t get around to getting us into the Lillian Mazzel, commanding officer of the WAACtaken by the men of the Army. It reads: “I, (WAACs Army soon enough”. Sergeant Ricker, from Buffalo, headquarters unit, Ruth Beatty, Marjorie Perrone,name) a citizen of the United States do hereby N.Y., stated that she joined the WAAC because she Margaret Stafford and Bertha M. Collbran.acknowledge to have voluntarily enlisted this15th day of August, 1943, as a soldier in theArmy of the United States of America, Women’sArmy Corps Component, for the period ofduration of war and not to exceed six monthsthereafter, under the conditions prescribed bylaw, unless sooner discharged by proper authority;and do also agree to accept from the UnitedStates such bounty, pay, rations and clothing asare or may be established by law. And I dosolemnly swear (or affirm) that I will bear truefaith and allegiance to the United States ofAmerica; that I will serve them honestly andfaithfully against all their enemies whomsoever;and that I will obey the orders of the Presidentof the United States and the orders of the officerappointed over me, according to the rules andArticles of War”. The WAACs were marched to the CampHeadquarters by the Commanding Officer of theWAAC Hospital Unit, Lt. Lucille Novak. She thengave the order “Halt” in front of Colonel Bluntand the other ceremony officers and turned the HERE THEY COME — With the correct swing to their arms, every foot hitting the ground at the same time and a strongdetachment over to the Colonel’s representative. determination in their hearts to live up to the faith Uncle Sam has put in them, these WAACs are on their way to beLt. Cathryn U. Herron, who gave the WAACs sworn in the United States Army. Lt. Lucille Novak counts the cadence. Having an Open House? Let our readers know! ONLY $30 For more information call 719-329-5236 or email m
  8. 8. 8 MOUNTAINEER — July 27, 2012 Photo by Susan Galentine ‘Straight Arrows’ win recycle competitionStaff Sgt. Daniel Tapia, left, Sgt. Alex Martinez, center, and Spc. Wayne Jones, members them first place and $750 for their unit morale, welfare and recreation funds. Theof 4th Battalion, 42nd Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, building 6222, weighed in with 3,366 pounds ofInfantry Division, played key roles in their unit winning Fort Carson’s quarterly Unit recyclables, which gained them second place and $500. The Headquarters DentalRecycle Incentive Program awards, which ended in June. The “Straight Arrows” Activity, building 815, brought in 2,261 pounds, taking third place and $250. Forcollected 4,346 pounds of recyclables from their motorpool, building 2645, earning information on participating in the Unit Recycle Incentive Program, call 526-5898.THANTHANK YOU! YOU!To the men and women of our armed forces,To the men an d women of our a rmed forces, F irst a n d fo remo st, w e w a n t to sa y th a n k yo u fo r a ll ir irst and foremost, we want to say thank you for allthat yo u have done in ser vin g o ur co un tr y. Yo ur va lo r a n dth a t you h a ve do n e in serving our country. Your valor andco ura g eo usn ess are duly appreciated. Our country wouldcourageousness a re duly a ppre cia te d. Our co un tr y w o uldyo u have h a ve m a de. Fo r o ver 30 years our family has had the honor of a long For over 3 0 ye a rs o ur fa m ily h a s h a d th e h o n o r o f lo n gand lasting rela tio n sh ip w ith th e m ilita r y a n d its perso n n el.a n d la stin g relationship with the military and its personnel.We are anxiously looking forward to continuing thatWe a re a nxio usly lo o kin g fo rw a rd to co n tin uin g th a trelationship h ere a t o ur n ew ly open e d Suss Superstore inrela tio n sh ip here at our newly opened Suss Supersto re inMotor City.M o to r C ity. O ver the last few months we have had the privilege of Over th e la st few mo n ths w e h a ve h a d th e privileg e o fassisting m a n y o f yo u w ith yo ur a u tomo tive n e e ds. Yo ua ssistin g many of you with your automotive needs. Youhave shared w ith us yo ur experien ces before purch a sin gh a ve sh a re d with us your experiences b e fo re purchasingthat yo u g o thro ugh. I a ssure yo u, w e a re h ere to h elp yo uth a t you go through. assure you, we are here to help youany way we can. We open ly w elcom e a n d in vite a n y o f yo ura n y w a y w e ca n. We openly welcome and invite any of yourWe a ppre cia te th e fa ct th a t yo u h a ve som eo n e lo o kin gWe appreciate the fact that you have someone lookingout for you and your best interest. We w ill g la dly sh a reo u t fo r yo u a n d yo ur b est in terest. We will gladly shareany information up fro n t so yo u ca n m a ke a n in fo rm e d a n da n y in fo rm a tio n up front so you can make an informed ande duca te d de cisio n.educated decision. Th a n k yo ur fo r yo ur co n tin ue d suppo rt o f o ur de a lersh ip, Thank your for your continued support of our dealership,and if yo u sh o uld e ver have any questions, comments ora n d if you should ever h a ve a n y questio n s, comm en ts o rco n cern s, please call or come in and ask for me by nameconcerns, ple a se ca ll o r com e in a n d a sk fo r m e b y n a m eRespectfully,Respectfully, 715 South Academy Blvd. 1850 East Woodmen Rd. 412 Eagleridge Blvd.Brad Baldwin, G en eral Manag erBrad B aldwin, General Manager Colorado Springs, CO 80910 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Pueblo, CO 81008 719-597-2311 719-277-0407 719-584-3028Suss Superstore Corporate Fleet Le se Retu CenterSuss Superstore - Corporate F leet & Lease Return Center ss up st re Corp ate Fle te l Lease Return ur urn945 Motor City Drive, Colorado Sp in945 Motor City Drive, Colorado Springs 80905 Mo t Moto ity t ve Colorado Springs 80 90 l 80905 05 ©B. Baldwin 2012
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  10. 10. 10 MOUNTAINEER — July 27, 2012 Carson hero takes pollution to zero Story and photo by job easier … if we manage our Sgt. Khori Johnson 3rd Brigade Combat Team “It makes materials and our mission up front, we won’t have bad end results.” Public Affairs, 4th Infantry Division everyone’s job Santiago, who is the motor pool noncommissioned officer easier … if we for the “Pacesetters” Battalion, Sgt. 1st Class Angel Santiago also serves as the unit’s environ- received the “Mountain Mover” manage our mental protection officer. He is award from Rod Chisholm, deputy responsible for overseeing the garrison commander, U.S. Army materials and unit’s environmental compliance Garrison Fort Carson, on behalf of the post’s Environmental Quality our mission and safety, and educating Soldiers on spill prevention and Control Committee, July 19. The committee recognized up front.” response, including the unit’s handling, storage, and disposal Santiago, an artillery mechanic — Edward Tebo of hazardous materials. with Battery G, 3rd Battalion, The handling of hazardous 29th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade materials is one of the major elements of Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, for main- environmental preservation, said Santiago. taining environmental guidelines and encouraging With the possibility of severely harming proper waste management within his unit. organic life and contaminating the site of According to Edward Tebo, environmental operation, it is imperative that Soldiers are management coordinator, Directorate of Public mindful when dealing with hazardous materials Works, Environmental Division, members of the such as fuel and motor oil, he said. EQCC have the opportunity to visit every unit on Although Santiago received the award, he Fort Carson at least once a month for evaluation. credited the entire battalion for earning theSergeant 1st Class Angel Santiago, an artillery mechanic with Battery The committee chose to recognize Santiago recognition.G, 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat after evaluating his area of responsibility, he said. “It’s thanks to my (Soldiers),” he said. “OneTeam, 4th Infantry Division, speaks to the Environmental Quality “We just saw that his unit stands above the NCO would take care of this, and anotherControl Committee concerning his success as the environmental others, through his efforts and the support of Soldier would take care of that. We wereprotection officer for the “Pacesetter” Battalion, July 19. his command,” said Tebo. “It makes everyone’s awarded together in this.” ALWAYS THERE It affects everything in your life. About a year and a half ago, my back started hurting. I couldn’t get out of a chair, I couldn’t walk up steps... so I went to Parkview for my surgery. The minute I got up, I knew it was gone. Parkview did an excellent job and they’re still doing an excellent job. The nurses still call me and ask how I’m doing. William Rasmussen, former patient If you need great care, it’s right here. And it’s only going to get better. | 719.584.4000
  11. 11. July 27, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 11
  12. 12. 12 MOUNTAINEER — July 27, 2012Miscellaneous Fort Carson dining facilities hours of operationGerman Armed Forces Military Proficiency Badge Dining facility Friday Saturday-Sunday Monday-Thursday — training and testing is conducted monthly. Events Stack Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. include swimming, marksmanship, track and field Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. events (100 meter dash, shot put, long jump and Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. 3,000-meter run) and a 12-kilometer road march. Wolf Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Soldiers with physical limitations can also participate Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with an approved alternate event authorized by Dinner: Closed Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m. Dinner: Closed medical personnel. Upon completion of all required events, Soldiers are awarded a gold, silver or bronze Warfighter Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. badge; level is determined by results of the marks- (Wilderness Road Complex) Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. manship and road march. The foreign military award Dinner: Closed Dinner: Closed is authorized to be worn on the Class-A or Army LaRochelle Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Closed Breakfast: 7-9 a.m. Service Uniform. Soldiers should submit packets 10th SFG(A) Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. through their chain of command to Sgt. Michael Dinner: Closed Dinner: Closed Phillips at 526-5282 or email michael.j.phillips6@ Contact the officer-in-charge of the • Repair and utility/self-help — Call Gary personnel section, and a pen to complete forms. event, Chief Warrant Officer David Douglas, at 720- Grant at 526-5844 or email gerald.l.grant2.civ Call 526-4730/4583 for more information. 250-1221 or email Use this number to obtain self-help Army ROTC Green to Gold briefings — are heldFinance travel processing — All inbound and tools and equipment or a motorized sweeper. the first and third Tuesday of each month at noon outbound Temporary Lodging Expense, “Do it • Base operations contracting officer at the education center, building 1117, room 120. Yourself ” Moves, servicemember and Family representative — Call Terry Hagen at 526-9262 Call University of Colorado-Colorado Springs member travel, travel advance pay and travel pay or email for questions Army ROTC at 262-3475 for more information. inquiries will be handled in building 1218, room 231. on snow removal, grounds maintenance and ETS briefings — for enlisted personnel are held the Call 526-4454 or 524-2594 for more information. contractor response to service orders. first and third Wednesday of each month. BriefingFirst Sergeants’ Barracks Program — is located in • Portable latrines — Call Jerald Just at sign in begins at 7 a.m. at the Soldier Readiness building 1454 on Nelson Boulevard. The hours of 524-0786 or email to Building, building 1042, room 244, on a first-come, operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. The request latrines, for service or to report damaged first-served basis. Soldiers must be within 120 days office assists Soldiers with room assignments and or overturned latrines. of their expiration term of service, but must attend terminations. For more information call 526-9707. Legal services — provided at the Soldier Readiness the briefing no later than 30 days prior to their ETSSergeant Audie Murphy Club — The Fort Carson Processing site are for Soldiers undergoing the SRP or start of transition leave. Call 526-2240/8458. Sergeant Audie Murphy Club meets the third process. The SRP Legal Office will only provide Special Forces briefings — are held Wednesdays in Tuesday of each month at the Family Connection powers of attorney or notary services to Soldiers building 1430, room 123, from noon to 1 p.m. Center from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The SAMC is processing through the SRP. Retirees, Family Soldiers must be specialist to staff sergeant from any open to all active members and those interested in members and Soldiers not in the SRP process can military occupational specialty, have a general becoming future SAMC members. The club was receive legal assistance and powers of attorney at technical score of at least 107, be a U.S. citizen, score originally a U.S. Forces Command organization of the main legal office located at 1633 Mekong St., 240 or higher on the Army Physical Fitness Test, and elite noncommissioned officers but is now an building 6222, next to the Family Readiness Center. pass a Special Forces physical. Call 524-1461 or visit Armywide program for individuals who have met Legal assistance prepares powers of attorney and the website at the criteria and have proven themselves to be performs notary services on a walk-in basis from outstanding NCOs through a board/leadership 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays-Wednesdays and Hours of Operation process. Contact the SAMC president, Staff Sgt. Fridays, and from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursdays. Thomas Witt, at 526-5661 for more information. • In-processing — Monday-Thursday fromRecycle incentive program — The Directorate of Briefings 7:30-10:30 a.m. Public Works has an incentive program to prevent • Initial and partial issues — Monday- recyclable waste from going to the landfill. 75th Ranger Regiment briefings — are held Friday from 12:30-3:30 p.m. Participating battalions can earn monetary rewards Tuesdays in building 1430, room 150, from noon • Cash sales/report of survey — Monday- for turning recyclable materials in to the Fort Carson to 1 p.m. Soldiers must private-sergeant first class Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Recycle Center, building 155. Points are assigned for with a minimum General Technical Score of 105; • Direct exchange and partial turn ins — the pounds of recyclable goods turned in and every be a U.S. citizen; score 240 or higher in the Army Monday-Friday from 7:30-11:30 a.m. participating battalion receives money quarterly. Call Physical Fitness Test; and pass a Ranger physical. • Full turn ins — by appointment only; call 526-5898 for more information about the program. Call 524-2691 or visit at 526-3321.Directorate of Public Works services — DPW is ranger.html for more information. • Unit issues and turn ins — Call 526- responsible for a wide variety of services on Fort Casualty Notification/Assistance Officer training — 5512/6477 for approval. Carson. Services range from repair and maintenance is held Aug. 21-23 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Education Center hours of operation — The of facilities to equipping units with a sweeper and education center, building 1117, room 303c. This Mountain Post Training and Education Center, cleaning motor pools. Listed below are phone training is required for all Soldiers asked to perform building 1117, 526-2124, hours are as follows: numbers and points of contact for services: this solemn duty. Per Army Regulation 600-8-1, this • Counselor Support Center — Monday- • Facility repair/service orders — Fort duty is limited to those in the ranks of sergeant first Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Fridays 11 Carson Support Services service order desk can be class to command sergeant major, chief warrant a.m. to 4:30 p.m. reached at 526-5345. Use this number for emergencies officer 2-5 and captain and above. No reservations • Army Learning Center — Monday- or routine tasks and for reporting wind damage, are required to attend training. Classes offered on Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. damaged traffic signs or other facility damage. a first-come, first-served basis. Call Jean Graves at • Defense Activity for Nontraditional • Refuse/trash and recycling — Call Eric 526-5613/ 5614 for more information. Education Support and Army Personnel Testing — Bailey at 719-491-0218 or email eric.e.bailey4. Disposition Services — Defense Logistics Agency Monday-Friday 7:30-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-4:30 p.m. when needing trash containers, trash Disposition Services Colorado Springs, located in Repair and Utility self-help — has moved to building is overflowing or emergency service is required. building 381, conducts orientations Fridays from 217 and is open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. • Facility custodial services — Call Bryan 12:30-3:30 p.m. The orientations discuss DLA Medical Activity Correspondence Department office Dorcey at 526-6670 or email bryan.s.dorcey.civ@ processes to include turning in excess property, hours — The Correspondence (Release of Infor- for service needs or to report complaints. reutilizing government property, web-based tools mation) Office in the Patient Administration Division • Elevator maintenance — Call Bryan available, special handling of property and environ- hours are Monday-Wednesday and Friday 7:30 a.m. Dorcey at 526-6670 or email bryan.s.dorcey. mental needs. To schedule an orientation, contact to 4:30 p.m. and closed Thursday and federal Arnaldo Borrerorivera at arnaldo.borrerorivera holidays. Call 526-7322 or 526-7284 for details. • Motor pool sludge removal/disposal — for receiving/ turn in; Mike Welsh at Claims Office hours — are Monday-Friday from 9 Call Dennis Frost at 526-6997 or email for reutilization/web tools; or a.m. to noon and 1-4 p.m. The Claims Office is Rufus Guillory at located on the first floor of building 6222, 1633 Retirement briefings — are held from 8 a.m. to noon Mekong Street. Shipment under Full Replacement BOSS meetings are the second and third Wednesday of each month at Value claimants must submit Department of Defense held the first and third the Joel Hefley Community Center conference room, Form 1840R to the carrier within 75 days. Shipment Thursday of each 6800 Prussman Ave. The Retirement Services Office under Defense Personal Property Program claimants month from 2-3:30 recommends spouses accompany Soldiers to the must log into the Defense Personal Property System p.m. at The Foxhole. briefing. Call 526-2840 for more information. at and report all the items Contact Cpl. Rachael Reassignment briefings — are held Tuesdays online within 75 days. Claims must be submitted Robertson at 524-2677 for Soldiers heading overseas and Thursdays for within nine months directly with carriers to receive or visit the BOSS office personnel being reassigned stateside. The briefings full replacement value for missing and destroyed in room 106 of The Hub for more information. are held in building 1129, Freedom Performing Arts items. All other claims should be submitted to Fort Text “follow CarsonBOSS” to 40404 to receive Center; sign-in is at 7 a.m. and briefings start at 7:30 Carson Claims Office within two years of the date of updates and event information. a.m. Soldiers are required to bring Department delivery or date of incident. Call the Fort Carson of the Army Form 5118, signed by their unit Claims Office at 526-1355 for more information.
  13. 13. July 27, 2012 — MOUNTAINEER 13Golf club caters to pros, beginners Story and photos by Andrea Sutherland Mountaineer staff Although he’s only been an instructor at the golf course for three years, Surniak Paul Surniak watches Trina May’s stance as she swings her club Tuesday during a golf lesson at the Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club. Surniak, a golf pro since 1980, instructs more than 1,500 golfers each year. has been a golf pro since 1980. “I’ve been an athlete all my life — On the driving range at the Cheyenne football, baseball, basketball. But golf,Shadows Golf Club, Grace Birdsley everything about it is perfect,” he said.swung her driver, clipping the golf ball “It’s all you. You don’t have to worryand sending it 10 yards into the sand. about the other player or your teammates. “It might be a long day,” she said, It’s just you and the course.”laughing. The 18-hole golf course is open Birdsley set up another ball, gripped year-round, weather permitting. Cheyennethe club and swung again, this time Shadows offers discounted pricing andsending the ball straight down the range. is open to the public. “That was better,” she said. “We cater to great players as well as Birdsley and her husband, Spc. beginners,” said Frank Jacobson, director.Michael Birdsley, 4th Brigade Support Jacobson said the course seesBattalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, between 39,000-42,000 players each4th Infantry Division, spent Tuesday year, but predicts the number will be evenafternoon at the course. higher this year. “I made him promise not to laugh if “We’re challenging enough for the(the ball) goes into the trees,” she said. greats, but easy enough for the beginners,”“This is my first time. I wanted to improve he minigolf score.” Cheyenne Shadows opened in 1972 The Birdsleys weren’t the only golfers after the golf course was relocated fromin the blazing heat. Butts Army Airfield. It offers numerous Trina May, an Australian tourist options for all levels of golfers, includingvisiting the U.S. signed up for lessons beginner, intermediate and advancedwith Class A Professional Golfers’ lessons; driving range; a men’s league;Association Professional Paul Surniak, and family instructor at Cheyenne Shadows. Children can play the “Coyote Run” “I’ve always wanted to do this,” she three-hole junior course free of charge.said as she practiced her swing. “I enjoy the Families may take advantage of thelessons. You learn a lot and it’s a fun sport.” shorter Cheyenne Shadows Family Course, Surniak worked with May on her which is free during the second twilightform, videotaping her swing on his iPad. starting time each Wednesday. “We work on every aspect of the Discounted twilight rates begin after James Grimmett, right, purchases a slot in the Tuesday night men’s leaguegame,” said Surniak who teaches more from Doug Thomas, pro-shop employee at Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club. See Golf on Page 14than 1,500 people each year. Hundreds of community members visit the golf course each day.