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Making your ui look good on android


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My talk at Barcamp Bangalore 11 about "How to Make Your UI Look Good on Android". I talked about some really bad UI and how you can make avoid making those kind of UI and instead make more mobile and user friendly UI

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Making your ui look good on android

  1. 1. Saurabh Minni
  2. 2. Who am I Saurabh Minni Developer at Intuit India Work for TurboTax SnapTax for Android Switched to Android after 5 years in desktop world. Developer of  Auto Complaint Bangalore ( Also for Mumbai)  Barcamp Bangalore App  Navkar Mantra and others
  3. 3. Where can I be found Twitter - @the100rabh ub=100rabh
  4. 4. Some comments about AndroidUI Its unpolished compared to iPhone Android still very rough Android is only for geeks
  5. 5. The truth is…Many of the Android appsare indeed unpolished
  6. 6. Why does it happen ?? No punishment for bad UI Often devs translate their experience from desktop to mobile Lack of support from UX Community
  7. 7. What can you do…
  8. 8. Skip the menu, embraceactionbar
  9. 9. Avoid menu means, all menus
  10. 10. Use Quick Action bar 
  11. 11. Tabs are another possiblejunkyard
  12. 12. View flow to the rescue
  13. 13. You tell me whats wronghere
  14. 14. Pull to refresh
  15. 15. Endless List
  16. 16. Crowd the view andsuffocate
  17. 17. Govinda or Amitabh style
  18. 18. Use standard buttons In case you need help with buttons, head to Android Asset Studio http://android-ui- studio/dist/index.html
  19. 19. iPhone App Design toAndroid Result  An iPhone App running on Android  Android user feel alienated  Android user feel being treated 2nd class citizens Finally an app which is super crappy
  20. 20. Use gestures where youcan
  21. 21. Some things to understand Mobile is mobile Real estate is costly Gestures and interaction styles are radically different.  Swipe  Drag  Pinch related  Touch
  22. 22. Some 3rd party libraries for you viewflow PullToRefresh