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Peer assessment


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Peer assessment

  1. 1.  SELF & PEERASSESSMENT FOR CALL II -Jaime Castro & Julieta Cortez-
  2. 2. SELF & PEER ASSESSMENT FOR CALL II Jaime Castro & Julieta Cortez Gabriela Fernández & Oscar Morones Analysis: These are the points we evaluated from your task: Excellent presentation, it is original and creative.It contains the graphs Very clear references.and the analysis. The proposal it´s simple
  3. 3. RubricsAspects to 1 2 3 4 Score check (10-40) (40-60) (60-80) (80-100) It seems that the It Seems as if the The team The conclusions team read over main idea was understood the seem precise and Graphs and lines and just gave understood, but not posts in the the conclusions information 80 the general idea. every single detail forum and it is are well done and analysis and the graphs were well reflected represented in the unequally on the graphs. graphs. distributed. The contents of The contents of the The proposal is The content in the what they want to proposal are just a well explained, proposal it has toProposals and learn are confusing few and they are not but some of the do with the class their or little related with explained why they topics are not and the contents 40 justification the class and want to learn them. really important proposed are unjustified. to English useful and Teaching. properly justified. References are not References are fine References are References are understandable or and clear. good and clear, clear, not contain but little understandable references. mistakes in and properlyReferences References are citations. made reflecting 100 and there, but don´t students knowBibliography math with the body how to cite and of the text showed where they have got the information. There is a lot of There are mistakes It’s original, It has an excellent Grammar miss-spelling; the in grammar, the without presentation, presentation, presentation is presentation is mistakes and completely organization simple and shows has a clear understandable 60 simple andand Creativity. creativity structure. and organized confusing. points. All instructions The instructions on The document Word document were ignored or how to develop the was uploaded was uploaded; 3 60 unsuccessfully document or how to and three articles were used completed. cite the sources articles or and all werent completely sources were instructions were full filled. used but the followed.Attachment to instruction of rules and link the instructions proposal with the sources werent very clear.
  4. 4. According to the rubric the team has: - Graphs and information analysis: 3 - Proposals and their justification: 1 - References and Bibliography: 4- Grammar presentation, organization and Creativity: 2 - Attachment to rules and instructions: 2  The original document is attached in the following page.
  5. 5. Analysing the forumdiscussionWHAT/HOW ID LIKE TO LEARN CALL II22/Agoust/2012 Gabriela Fernanez Quintana Oscar Morones
  6. 6. Some of the students agreed on the following way of learning CALL-II as: Use of the technologies in the classroom Participating Practice the tools and practice the language Use of software and website Purpose Educational Similary of the CALL-1 What to learn in CALL-II 12 10 8 Axis Title 6 What to learn in CALL-II 4 2 0 Participative and Similar to CALL-1 Purpose Use of Practical Educational techonology Axis Title
  7. 7. Based on what the students answered was that tools and would like tolearn and develop their skills and use tools that technology offers as : Blog Software and Website Translators Knowledge of the tools of the technologies Dynamic 16 14 12 10 8 Serie 1 Columna2 6 Columna1 4 2 0 Blogs Software & translators Knowledge of Dyanmic Website the Technology
  8. 8. They are three Links that we can use for more information for this class:
  9. 9.