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Tutoring at the Academic Advantage


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Tutoring at the Academic Advantage provides a great opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with students in grades k-12. In many cases, the students are in disadvantaged situations, so the experience is both personally and financially rewarding.

Read through the deck for all of the information we could find on tutoring at the Academic Advantage.

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Tutoring at the Academic Advantage

  1. 1.  Tutoring sessions are  Flexible schedule based one-on-one on your availability Sessions take place in  Sessions located close student’s home or at to student’s home or another local location school The job is part-time.  Tutors work with same Hours range between 2- students 25 hours per week  Most sessions Monday- Thursday between 4-9 p.m.
  2. 2.  Tutors who work with  Tutors are required to The Academic submit paperwork on Advantage are required each session, for each to undergo a student. background check as well as training with the  Any cancellation of company. sessions must be done by 7 p.m. the night Tutors will work with before the session is the same students week scheduled. after week. The purpose of this is to  Tutors will provide provide continuity for regular progress reports both student and Tutor.
  3. 3.  Positive attitude  Enthusiastic Desire to help  Reliable Skilled  Effective Calm Communication Shows initiative  Creative
  4. 4. Because The Academic Advantage sometimes workswith government funded programs, there can bequite a bit of documentation that tutors areresponsible for, including:Sign in and out for each student, each sessionRegular progress reportsSession summaries
  5. 5. Each tutor must have theirown reliable transportationEach tutor must haveconsistent internet accessEach tutor must submitfingerprints and pass backgroundcheck
  6. 6. Academic Testing Math  SAT  CAHSEE English  PSAT  GED Science  ISEE  GRE Social Sciences  SAT II  STANFORD 9 History  CHSPE  The Regents Foreign Languages  ACT and more…
  7. 7. “I began tutoring with “I recently picked up tutoring tothis company this past make some extra money on theyear. The hiring process side. The teenagers are a little hardwas quick, they also took to keep interested (theyre usuallyfingerprints to do a the ones that are forced to take thebackground check, which tutoring).makes sense to me. As amother of 3, I appreciate The paperwork is a lot since youthat they are looking for have to do it for each student, butthe best interest of the once you get the hang of it, itschildren that are in their really the same thing for every kid. Iprogram. This company do plan to continue to work withpays really well.” this company.” -Megan L -Sean C
  8. 8. “[They pay a] high hourly rate: the rate ismore than double minimum wage rightnow[You have a] flexible schedule: becauseevery student is different, I can plan myschedule around my tutoring hours. I justmake arrangements with the parent and Ican plan my own things around thosetimes.Detailed handbooks: I’ve done tutoring atother companies before and the guidesthey give you are a total joke. This placehas a lot of paperwork, but everything isoutlined and I can find the information Ineed in the handbooks.” -Mark P.
  9. 9. The Academic Advantage was founded in 2000 as TheTutor’s Club. The name was changed in 2005.The Academic Advantage offers tutoring services inCalifornia, Florida, New York and Illinois.The Academic works closely with area school districts toprovide free group and individual tutoring to qualifyingstudents. The curriculum in these courses are based onthe state’s educational goals.The company offers parents a guarantee that theirstudents will improve their academic grade by at leastone full grade level. Parents who are unhappy with theservice receive one free hour.
  10. 10. Government Funded Parent funded Free for qualifying  Individual sessions held students in home or other local location Group and individual sessions  All subjects offered Curriculum fit to state’s  Flexible schedule based individual educational on your availability and standards location Math and Language Arts  Curriculum based on tutoring available; what students are testing classes offered currently learning in the classroom
  11. 11. Individual Sessions  One-on-one attention  Held in student’s home or other public location Group Sessions Only offered in government  Students receive regular sponsored program progress reports No more than 10 students  Curriculum based on what per session the student is currently studying in class Students grouped according to skill level and  Flexible schedule based on educational goals tutor’s availability Each student receives a  Tutors teach in area they personalized plan live