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Chris Stephens Javita "Weight Loss" Experience


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California Property Manager, Chris Stephens shares his weight loss experience with Javita Coffee

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Chris Stephens Javita "Weight Loss" Experience

  1. 1. Chris Stephens Experience
  2. 2. Hi. My name is Chris Stephens. I would like to share with you my Javita Coffee Experience.
  3. 3. My whole life I was very active. I always had a passion for martial arts and fought in tournaments. I have to admit, I never really ate right, but I was so active that my weight was never an issue. Me, training with my friends in 2010
  4. 4. If I wasn’t doing martial arts I worked out with weights. I never knew how much I relied on my own strength until…well, something happened to me…….
  5. 5. In 2011, I was at work stocking merchandise when this horrible pain made me nearly fall to my knees. My wife and job insisted I go to the doctor. Going to the doctor was something I never did-but this type of pain made me reconsider.
  6. 6. The doctors told me I had a bulging disc but they ran more tests. They found something much worse. I found out I have a back condition where my spine was starting to deteriorate. When I heard that…I didn’t think I knew who I was anymore.
  7. 7. It wasn’t easy, but I had to reinvent myself. I couldn’t do martial arts or work out the way I used to. I went back to school and was trained for an office job. A year later I became a Property Manager.
  8. 8. I’m very grateful for my job, but I really wasn’t used to working a sedentary job. Working out used to relieve stress but since I couldn’t do that anymore I noticed I started gaining weight. I ballooned up to 240lbs and was always tired.My wife took this picture for marketing purposes. I was shocked when I saw it.
  9. 9. I started snacking constantly. Which started a trend in my house. Within a year, everyone in the house gained weight right along with me…including my cat! Zzz-zz- snort!
  10. 10. In June of 2013, my wife and I were notified via e-mail about a business opportunity. We were looking for more ways to pay our medical biIls so we attended a Javita seminar…
  11. 11. We heard the words, “Weight loss coffee” and we jumped at the opportunity. We decided to try it first before we told anyone…..
  12. 12. I couldn’t believe it, in one month I lost 25lbs! I changed none of my eating habits, either! Me, at 240lbs. Me, at 215lbs (Drinking Javita Burn+Control )
  13. 13. Pretty wild, huh? Now I combine Javita Mind+Energy & Burn+Control as my morning “Go-To” drink. Managing 100 apartment units is no joke. I have to be sharp and alert. Javita keeps me going and focused…
  14. 14. Now my wife & I work with “Coach Clark” spreading the word about Javita. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about selling…it’s telling….
  15. 15. I would be glad to help you get started with Javita. You can contact me at: or go to my site at: Thank you for letting me tell my story! Have an awesome day!