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Community supported Habit Design


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A brief IGNITE talk given at April 26 meetup: The Power of Community in Habit Design, featuring Dr. Allison Belger

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Community supported Habit Design

  1. 1. IceChamber bootcamp:Lessons in Community Supported Habit DesignPaul Whitmore Saspaul_sas@intuitHabit Design Meetup 4/26/2012
  2. 2. This could be meI am weak willed, lazy, but capable of exercising
  3. 3. Ice Chamber “Athletic Performance Training” in E. BayOver the past 2+ years:5 day 7am class subscriptionAlternate with my wife: MWF one week, TR the nextClass lead by an instructor, with 2 roving assistants 10 min warmup, 30 minutes intense team-based exercises, 10 min cooldown80% is old-school gym class (medicine balls, burpees, kettlebells, etc)21st century ingredient: iPod to keep the beat
  4. 4. Observations from 2 years of practiceZERO Change in my mental outlook/motivation/beliefs I’ve always wanted to exercise regularly, but habit changed by subscriptionA class routine, with partners, extracts 2-3X effort/timeI only know a small percentage of my classmatesWhen I’ve traveled, I rarely exercise (unpulled trigger)Recently, my commute often conflicts with 7-8am workout Today was the first time I ever made it to the 6am classVery occasionally, I’ve been moved to do jump squats outsideof the class
  5. 5. Motivational dimensions inside the class workoutSometimes I don’t keep up, or I collapse to an easier formThe main driver for pushing myself is the interaction with theday’s workout partnerAttention from roving assistant can either boost or bomb I don’t have any clear understanding of what works motivationally Assistant came by this AM when I stalled for 10 seconds. I told him I was stalling. He advised me to not stall. Other interactions with roving assistants that may boost: Having your photo taken while exercising Being smiled at Being coaxed/cajoled