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The Early Career of Elvis


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The Early Career of Elvis

  1. 1. The Early Career of Elvis Presley
  2. 2. Hidden text Elvis Presley was born to Gladys and Vernon in a one room shack in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  3. 3. …as a gift for his mother.Elvis recorded a track at Sun Records...
  4. 4. Elvis was signed to Sun Recordswhere he recorded with his new band.
  5. 5. Elvis first big hit was a track called Thats Alright Mama.
  6. 6. With hit after hit and numerous gold records,Elvis soon became known as“The King of Rock n‘ Roll”.
  7. 7. Soon Hollywood came a calling. Elvis starred infour feature filmsin the 1950s. The most iconic isJailhouse Rock.
  8. 8. Just as Elvis careerwas going strong, he was drafted into the United States Army. The year was 1958.
  9. 9. Elvis fans around the world shed tears when his fam ous r dou po mp a w as c ut of f s bar ber mi l itary h e by t cruel sh ears!
  10. 10. Although his career was put on hold, Elvis love life was busy. He met hisfuture wife, Priscilla, while stationed in Germany.
  11. 11. When Elvis completedhis tour of duty in 1960,he was welcomed home to the States by Frank Sinatra. During the following decade Elviscareer focused primarilyon the film industry (for better or worse). Elvis’ Filmography
  12. 12. By the end of the 60s, Elvis was fed up with the film industry andwanted to return to the stage.In his 1968 “Comeback Special”, Elvis Presleyproved that he was still The King of Rock n Roll.