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Content Digitization - www.swiftprosys.com


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Swift Prosys provides wide range of content digitization service worldwide

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Content Digitization - www.swiftprosys.com

  1. 1. eBook Data Entry, Digitization PDF Conversion, Word/Excel Conversion XML/ XHTML Conversion, epaper, OCR, Scanning, Indexing Marc21 Retroconversion, EAD Encoding, Medical Billing / Coding eBook Conversion Services Swift Prosys provides eBook conversion at a low cost with high quality. Our state-of-art tools and processes can convert any type of materials like paperback, Images, PDF, InDesign, MS-Word / RTF books to any eBook format. We can provide eBook in various formats like OeB, Mobipocket, E-Pub etc. Each process has its own validation rules to display the eBook in a comfortable format. Books Scanning Auto Book Scanning OCR XHTML eBook Conversion If the book is supplied as paperback and it is the only copy available, then the book will be scanned using overhead scanner If the book has multiple copies, then the book will be unbounded and scanned using the automatic document scanner We have state-of-art scanning equipments to scan the books and document. For more Information visit http://www.swiftprosys.com/swiftprosys_scanning_indexing.html The scanned images or Image PDF will undergo Optical Character Recognition using international commercial OCR Engines like ABBYY Finereader or OmniPage. The OCR text quality will be more than 99.5% accuracy The text is converted to XHTML format. The file will be validated for well - formness. The illustrations / figures are cropped from the scanned images using Photoshop and save it as JPEG with unique filenames. The files are converted to eBook format like OeB, Mobipocket, EPUB or any other format as per client required format. Digital Readers PalmOS Windows Mobile SymbianOS ISO 9001:2008a Meridian Group
  2. 2. Content Digitization ServicesContent Digitization Services 39/1A, North Parade Road, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai - 600 016, INDIA Tel : + 91 - 44 - 45928453 Fax: +91 - 44 - 45928454 Web: www.swiftprosys.com, Email: info@swiftprosys.com an ISO 9001:2008 Company Content Digitization Services is an ITES Company based providing content digitization support to customers problems keeping in mind their special needs and interests. Content Digitization services Data Entry, Data Conversion, Digitization, PDF Conversion, Word/Excel Conversion, XML/xHTML Conversion, eBook, ePaper, OCR, Scanning / Indexing, MARC21 Retroconversion, EAD Encoding, Medical Billing / Coding. Swift Prosys Swift Prosys has designed data entry process based on the quality requirement. Using state-of-art software tools, the data entry can be done for Plain text as well as Forms. Data Entry Workflow System (DEWS) is a state-of-art workflow system to data entry plain text like books, papers etc,. The tool has 6 unique process based on the cost and quality requirement. Forms Entry Workflow System (FEWS) is a state-of-art workflow system exclusively designed for data entry of any type of Forms both from printed and handwritten. Now-a-days Portable Document format (PDF) is reliable and trusted as digital format worldwide. It is an Open Standard, Multiplatform, Extensible, Rich in file integrity, More Secure, searchable and easy accessible. PDF files look like original documents and preserve source file information — text, drawings, video, 3D, maps, full-color graphics, photos, and even business logic — regardless of the application used to create them. Swift Prosys converts the archival documents into PDF format. The PDF can be supplied as Image PDF or Text PDF or text behind Image PDF. We will analyse the archival materials and suggest the best solution based on the customer requirement and budget. Swift Prosys people have vast knowledge in Cataloguing . A unique process is designed to provide the data in both MarcXML, MARC21 & UNIMARC formats. Swift Prosys is expertised in XML encoding either for a book or journal. We have hands of experience in the following XML Encoding. We specialize in Content Digitization for all types of clients. We have been in this expert business activity for the last 4 years. During this period we have delivered high quality user friendly projects to our customers. We work closely with our clients in such a way that they consider Swift Prosys just as an extension of their work place. And that's how we want you also to treat us. About Swift Prosys Data Entry / Dual Data Entry PDF Conversion Cataloguing XML Conversion Swift Prosys Team Why Swift Prosys ISO 9001:2008 Our team is well-qualified and fully trained. Swift Prosys has a reputation for quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Our people are experienced and forward thinking professionals working in a diverse cultural environment. We believe that an environment where all employees contribute ideas and take responsibility for continually improving our service is the key to fulfilling our customer needs. “Delivering the high quality and most cost-effectively" is the center of our offering. Swift Prosys has invested in process methodology to deliver the high quality product. Our low cost structure reduces both client's operating costs and the need to invest capital funds in non - core business functions. Swift Prosys is an ISO 9001:2008 organization focused on quality management systems based on eight quality management systems principals. “ Gaining competitive advantage through quality ” DocBook, TEI, DTBook , NIMAS, Open eBook, MathML, PubMed, NLM, MathML, PREMIS, Dublin Core, MODS, METS, ALTO a Meridian Groupa Meridian Group