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Monitoring API Performance


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The feedback cycle in the context of APIs talks about gathering API data, slice and dicing this data to gather information, deciding any actions and tuning API parameters. There are considerations for each step, and these actions can easily be implemented through WSO2 BAM

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Monitoring API Performance

  1. 1. Monitoring API Performance andDelivering a Scalable API Solution Tharindu Mathew Associate Tech. Lead – WSO2 BAM Member – Data Mgt. Committee
  2. 2. Recap• Monitoring stats available -• Usage data such as number of hits, subscriptions, access time already gathered
  3. 3. The feedback cycle Gather API data Adjust Slice andparameters Dice Decide
  4. 4. Gathering API data• What if you want custom data off of API requests?• Plug-in a monitoring extension – mediator• Net total of each order – total=259 API BAM Manager
  5. 5. Slice and Dice• Customers who have placed orders above 2 mil USD• Select customer_name, sum(order_amount) from Orders groupby customer_name Customer_name Sum(order_amount) Coyote 2,332,223 Acme 10,654,333
  6. 6. Decide
  7. 7. Decide (cont.)• Check for trends• Compare past resutls• Get help with Reporting & Dashboards
  8. 8. Adjust parameters
  9. 9. Adjust parameters (cont.)• Increase server capacity• Increase redundancy• Retire APIs• Introduce new versions
  10. 10. BAM Architecture
  11. 11. BAM Characteristics• Performance• Scalability• Customizability
  12. 12. BAM Technologies• WSO2 Carbon• Apache Thrift• WSO2 SS - Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop• Apache Hive• Apache Zookeeper• WSO2 Jaggery
  13. 13. Summary• Create an effective feedback cycle• BAM Architecture & Technologies
  14. 14. Q&A