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Journey to 2030 Roadmap


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The Arizona K12 Center, in partnership with the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ), launched the Arizona TeacherSolutions Team made up of twenty solutions-focused educators committed to envisioning a stronger future for teaching and learning in Arizona. This video outlines Arizona's Journey to 2030.

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Journey to 2030 Roadmap

  1. 1. Journey to 2030: Our Vision for the Future of Teaching and Learning azk12.orgWelcome to the Journey to 2030: a special endeavor launched by the Arizona K12 Center in partnership withthe Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ).This presentation serves as a Roadmap to 2030. It outlines where we’ve been, where we are now, and wherewe are going, as a team committed to the quality of education we provide to our students and communities.In  2011,  the  Arizona  K12  Center,  with  partners  from  the  Center  for  Teaching  Quality  (CTQ)  launched  the  Arizona  TeacherSoluCons  2030  Team,  made  up  of  20  soluCons-­‐focused  teacher  leaders  from  across  the  state  who  were  willing  to  push  themselves  to  think  outside  of  what  is;  and  begin  looking  towards  what  could  be.  They  represent  diverse  communiCes,  backgrounds,  and  areas  of  experCse.  They  represent  all  levels  of  experience  and  have  demonstrated  themselves  to  be  respected  members  of  the  profession  and  accomplished  teachers.
  2. 2. Where We Started Arizona TeacherSolutions 2030 Footprint February 2011Months of deliberation and study led the Arizona TeacherSolutions 2030 Team to create an innovative vision for the futureof Arizona’s schools. From February 2011 to June 2012, the team met face to face and in virtual environments,brainstorming and unpacking issues that most impacted them and their students. This graphic is the result of their initialbrainstorm. Based loosely on the 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning (, the ideasrepresented here formed the beginnings of the four major tenants vetted to a larger body of educators in the Summer of2012.At the Arizona K12 Center’s Seventh Annual Teacher Leadership Institute in June 2012, the team presented their ideas toover 100 educators and administrators in order to seek practical ideas around how to make this vision a reality. At thisevent, these ideas were vetted to a distinguished panel of policy makers and educational leaders representing theArizona Department of Education, the Arizona State Board of Education, Expect More Arizona, and the United StatesDepartment of Education (USDOE).
  3. 3. We must blur the lines of distinction between those who TEACH in schools and those who LEAD them. - Barnett Berry, TEACHING 2030Here’s  what  we  believe.  As  we  navigate  the  future  of  teaching  and  learning  in  Arizona,  we  will  face  many  challenges.  We  believe  that  together,  we  can  become  part  of  the  soluCon.  Our  special  report  outlines  ways  in  which  teachers,  parents,  administrators,  community  members,  business  leaders,  and  policymakers,  can  get  involved  in  creaCng  a  bePer  future  for  Arizona  students.  By  enacCng  the  recommendaCons  from  the  Journey  to  2030  Special  Report,  we  can  all  walk  this  important  journey  towards  a  stronger  vision  for  teaching  and  learning  together!
  4. 4. Major Tenants Personalized Learning Specialized Support for Teachers Community Hubs and Connections Teachers Leading the WayAfter vetting our ideas to other teacher leaders and policy makers, here are the fourtenants we will use to guide our mission!
  5. 5. Journey to Our Vision for the Futu re 2030 Our Vision for the Future an d Learning of Teaching n with in affiliatio hip with in partnersOur  statewide  recommendaCons  can  be  found  in  our  special  report  enCtled  Journey  to  2030:  Our  Vision  for  the  Future  of  Teaching  and  Learning,  co-­‐authored  by  the  Arizona  K12  Center  and  the  Center  for  Teaching  Quality  (CTQ),  with  support  from  Northern  Arizona  University  (NAU).Download  this  special  report  and  share  it  with  others  who  care  about  the  direcCon  of  teaching  and  learning.  This  paper  will  serve  as  fodder  for  discussion  at  future  Arizona  K12  Center  Teacher  Leadership  InsCtutes,  by  following  us  on  Facebook  at  Arizona  K12  Center  and  Arizona  Teacher  Leaders  Network,  and  by  following  us  on  twiPer  at  #az2030.
  6. 6. Our New website!For more information about the Arizona TeacherSolutions Team and to access theJourney to 2030 Special Report and video visit us at
  7. 7. Journey  to  2030  lays  out  our  vision  and  outlines  a  plan  of  acCon  for  teachers  leading  the  way  to  a  bePer  future  for  Arizona  students.  This  map  should  serve  as  a  criCcal  planning  tool  for  all  stakeholders  courageous  enough  to  engage  in  important  conversaCons  that  will  shape  educaCon  today  and  in  the  future.  In  whatever  role  you  play  in  improving  Arizona’s  educaConal  system,  we  hope  to  inspire  all  to  engage  in  the  Center’s  work  around  teacher  leadership;  bridging  policy  and  pracCce.  We  encourage  you  to  use  this  map  to  immerse  yourself  in  the  work  of  teacher  leadership.  Commit  to  sustaining  this  vision  through  your  parCcipaCon  and  building  communiCes  of  pracCce  that  will  outweigh  the  obstacles  and  challenge  the  status  quo.  Through  engaging  in  these  leadership  opportuniCes,  together  we  can  foster  acCon  and  improve  the  pracCces  and  policies  and  foster  educaCon  for  all.
  8. 8. Annual Teacher Leadership Institute The Fourth Way 2009 The Mindful Teacher 2010 TEACHING 2030 2011 To Be Continued...The Global Fourth Way - June 5-7, 2012The  Arizona  K12  Center’s  Eighth  Annual  Teacher  Leadership  InsCtute  will  serve  to  empower  and  mobilize  teacher  leaders  across  Arizona.  Each  year  we  bring  almost  200  parCcipants  together  to  talk  about  three  criCcal  quesCons,  "What  do  we  want  the  future  of  educaCon  to  look  like?"  then  even  more  importantly,  "What  is  it  going  to  take  to  get  there?"  We  ask  teachers  to  take  acCon  on  these  visions,  but  then  we  struggle  with  exploring  the  impact  of  those  acCons  on  schools  once  the  conference  is  over.  That  being  said,  we  would  like  to  uClize  the  experCse  and  masterful  facilitaCon  skills  of  the  TeacherSoluCons  Team  to  conCnue  to  bring  powerful  conversaCons  to  next  years  insCtute.  Dr.  Andy  Hargreaves  and  Dr.  Dennis  Shirleys  new  book,  The  Global  Fourth  Way    will  help  us  build  on  the  learning  from  prior  Annual  Leadership  InsCtutes    The  Fourth  Way,  The  Mindful  Teacher,  and  TEACHING  2030  while  bridging  these  principles  into  ACTION!  With  ongoing  partners  like  these,  we  are  sure  to  spread  our  soluCons  throughout  AZ  and  across  the  country!  
  9. 9. Principles of Pillars of Catalysts of Professionalism Partnership Coherence Responsibility before Accountability Integrating Educational Networks Responsibility Nov Sustainable Educational Summit Achievement Leadership and Press Release Through Investment June Teacher Leadership Create Lively Institute Inspiring and Mar-June Communities Inclusive EdWeek, Vision EveryWeek Combine to Feb Create Positive Celebration of and Powerful Strong Public Accomplished Networks Engagement Nov Teaching Special Report Identify Drivers Oct and Campaign Students as Partners/ of Change Stories from Mindful Teaching and School Blog Learning June Teacher Leadership Ongoing Sept Institute Highlight Teaching TeacherSolutions Team Success Stories MembersTo  truly  meet  our  vision  by  the  year  2030,  our  Cmeline  must  be  thoughcul  and  strategic.  Here  we  outline  our  commitment  to  the  principles,  pillars  and  catalysts  outlined  in  The  Fourth  Way.  Our  eyes  are  fixed  on  bringing  posiCve  change  through  uplieing  the  profession,  engaging  partners,  and  sustaining  this  vision  unCl  we  see  it  as  a  reality!For  more  informaCon  on  our  Stories  from  School  Blog,  visit:
  10. 10. Share stories of Arizona SCHOOLS and PROGRAMS that serve as exemplary examples of how teachers can LEAD the way. Colonel Smith Middle School Fort Huachuca, AZIt’s  Already  Happening!  We  know  that  our  ideas  aren’t  new.  All  of  what  we  envision  is  already  happening  somewhere  around  the  globe.  Many  examples  reside  right  here  in  our  own  state  of  Arizona.  We  are  commiPed  to  spreading  these  stories  of  how  teachers  can,  and  will  lead  the  way,  to  bePer  schools  in  the  future.For  more  informaCon  on  Colonel  Smith  Middle  School,  visit:  hPp://
  11. 11. active. Get involved. Stay active. Attend. Facilitate Save learning. the Share. Nov Dates! Educational Summit and Press Release June Teacher Leadership Institute Comment. Mar-June EdWeek, EveryWeek Feb Seek Celebration of Accomplished membership Nov Teaching . Oct Special Report and Campaign Stories from School Blog June Teacher Leadership Share your Ongoing Sept Institute stories. Highlight Teaching TeacherSolutions Team Success Stories MembersHere  are  just  a  few  ways  you  can  get  involved:APend  the  Arizona  K12  Center  Annual  Teacher  Leadership  InsCtutes  in  June  and  contribute  to  annual  special  reports.Read  and  write  blogs,  comment,  and  contribute  to  periodicals  to  speak  about  the  power  of  teacher  leadership.Share  and  forward  links  like  these  using  social  media  and  networks.APend  events  like  the  Arizona  K12  Center’s  CelebraCon  of  Accomplished  Teaching  in  February,  that  promote  and  recognize  accomplished  teaching.Engage  with  others  in  meaningful  conversaCons  around  these  tenants  using  the  hashtag  #azk2030.Be  a  collector  of  exemplary  examples  of  teacher  leadership,  share  them  with  the  Arizona  K12  Center  by  sending  them  to  info@azk12.orgBe  a  living  breathing  example  of  the  change  we  want  to  see.
  12. 12. To 2030 and Beyond!As  a  Center,  we  believe  that  to  maintain  our  most  opCmal  influence,  we  need  a  team  commiPed  to  being  that  small,  but  mighty  force  behind  the  change  we  wish  to  see.    As  we  strategize  our  next  steps,  we  cannot  say  that  we  know  exactly  what  opportuniCes  will  be  made  available  around  this  work.  We    just  know  that  if  you  agree  to  play  a  part,  there  will  be  some  amazing  opportuniCes  to  lead  Arizona  in  a  posiCve  direcCon.  Stay  tuned  to  as  our  Journey  to  2030  unfolds!