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Brand Essence by Tharaka Dias

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  • Brand Essence – Most vital parts or experience in forming Brand
  • Personality traits Actions Attitudes Behaviors you possess -
  • Salience – the emotional distance between a customer and a brand over time scale User Image – which relates to customers perception of the target consumers of the brand Service image – look at the service catagory
  • Positioning is all about customers holding in their memories the on or to functional/emotional attributes that differentiate the brand . Positioning emerges from vision(Thompson 2003) the positioning structure is concerned with linking the brand to three dimensions . Finally all staffs need to appreciate the brand positioning .
  • Titanic Starbuck MacDonald's Polo
  • 08. brand essence

    1. 1. THARAKA DIASMBA(USA), BBA(USA), Dip in Mgt,ACIM(UK), FAEA(Dip in AEA-UK),FinstSMM(UK), CPM(Asia), MSLIM
    2. 2.  Your brand’s essence — just one word that sums uphow your brand connects emotionally with yourcustomers The reason: essence is an intangible The essence, on the other hand, is felt. Strong brands have well-defined, easily grasped,simply obvious essences.E.G. Lacing up a new pair of Nike runningshoes feels inspirational Riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle feels liberating.AOT - www.tharakadias.com 3
    3. 3. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 4
    4. 4.  1. single-minded One word is ideal. Maybe two. Morethan two words indicates that the brand has no focus.As a brand (by design) delivers a unique experience,having no focus makes for a weak brand. 2. intangible One is no more independent on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle than another brand, butsomehow one feels like it. Tap into what the consumerfeels.AOT - www.tharakadias.com 5
    5. 5. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 6
    6. 6.   unique The essence of a brand is how it is different from competitors in the same category. E.g., ifApple (and its products) are friendly and approachable, then it is claiming that its competitors are not. 4. experiential The essence captures what the consumer feels during an experience with the brand. E.g., Driving a BMW – ultimate driving machine, sporty and sexy. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 7
    7. 7. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 8
    8. 8.  5. consistently delivered If the proposed essence is not consistently experienced (e.g, if a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t magical), then it isn’t the essence. Can your organization deliver? 6. authentic The essence must be credible or the brand will be rejected. To find out what consumers believe about your brand, ask them. It’s okay for the brand essence to be aspirational, but only if your customers believe you can deliver on the promise.AOT - www.tharakadias.com 9
    9. 9. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 10
    10. 10.  7. sustainable A brand’s essence is baked in. It doesn’t change. Ever. 8. meaningful There is no point in identifying an essence that is irrelevant to consumers. Essences that don’t connect are the reason behind many failed brands. Again, research. 9. scalable Will the essence work for brand extensions? Will it work as the brand’s opportunity grows?AOT - www.tharakadias.com 11
    11. 11. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 12
    12. 12. To unearth- consumer perception an in-depthinterview could be carried out f the brand were to come to life, what sort of personIt would be Using analogies – if the brand were a sport star, filmstar who would it be If BMW died what would be said at the funeral Free association – Tell me first thing comes in toyour mind if I say……. Sentence completion – People like Mc Donalds because…..AOT - www.tharakadias.com 19
    13. 13.  “Maiden Voyage,,, Iceberg,,, not enoughlifeboats.” “Third place between home and work” “The fastest burger anywhere in earth” “Mint with a whole fresh breath”AOT - www.tharakadias.com 20
    14. 14. Try writing a 6 words which bestsum up your brand or brand youworkAOT - www.tharakadias.com 21
    15. 15. AOT - www.tharakadias.com 22
    16. 16. 23AOT - www.tharakadias.com