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  • Hi, I am Tracy Hanzal and today I would like to give a presentation on the benefits of using technology in our school. Feel free to stop me at anytime during this presentation and ask questions.
  • In this presentation, I will outline benefits that technology, based on research, will play in the classroom. Technology is a vital and important part of our today. Schools and business today rely on technology to keep up with our fast-paced society and it is needed to collect, store, and share information. We need to continue to utilize technology and the several ways it can enhance student learning, so our students are ready for this fast-paced world.
  • I will discuss four areas where are students are benefiting from the use of technology in our school. These areas include effective strategies for student learning using technology, enhancing academic performance, implementing technology and a an example of what use in the classroom, podcasting.
  • On this slide we have effective strategies for student learning using technology. Technology has a large impact in the world and many jobs rely on technology to get done. Our students need to be prepared so they are ready to enter a world where technology changes so quickly. Student need also to be able to be ready to learn while using technology tools in the classroom.
    Research-proven strategies include summarizing (being able to write a summary from an article or other reading), note-taking (outlining), cooperative learning (working in groups), homework and practice, setting objectives (goals), and providing feedback.
    Once we have the strategies, we need to use technology to support the strategies. The technology that we have used to support these strategies are:
    Word Processing
    Internet Research
    Data Collection Tools
    Presentation Software
    The technology is available, now we need to continue or find ways to integrate and implement technology. Teachers needs to identify what strategy would best suit the lesson and determine specifically what technology can be used, then use it! Examples include:
    Microsoft Word (Word Processing)
    Online Searches (Internet Research)
    PDA’s, TI scientific calculators (Data Collection Tools)
    PowerPoint (Presentation Software)
    Digital Microscopes and Cameras (Multi-Media)
  • Research has shown that using technology has increased the learning capabilities for students and has been able to increase the number of learning skills in students as well. Our school needs to continue to implement technology so students can continue to increase learning skills.
    As a result, research has shown that achievement in the content areas according to the standards will occur. Also, students will increase their ability for higher-order thinking and increase problem solving skills. Finally, students will be prepared to enter the workforce with the increased learning skills, getting them ready for the real world having technology based success.
  • Implementing technology in the classroom is extremely important due to the fact that technology is so important in the real world. We need to meet how much technology is used in the real world with how much we use it in the classroom.
  • One of the most important uses of technology is the internet. There are several ways we can use the internet in a positive way in the classroom such as basic research, using simple searches with search engines. Another way to use the internet is creating websites. The internet is made up of websites so the students can create new websites and understand how the internet is used. One more important way to use the internet is online assessment. Online assessment is easy to use, efficient, and provides instant feedback.
  • Other technology that is effective in the classroom include:
    Interactive whiteboards that become a computer at the front of the classroom and can be an effective tool for collaborative learning
    Another presentation tool that displays images like an overhead projector, but is a camera that displays anything you place under it, such as an image from a book, worksheets, etc.
    Video gaming system that requires physical motion to play, can be used effectively in phy ed classrooms (a difficult classroom to utilize technology)
    Efficient audio or video recordings that can be used to stimulate the learning environment
  • I will go specifically go into detail regarding a way to successfully use technology in the classroom. I will describe what podcasting is and how it can have a positive effect on student learning.
    First, what is a podcast? A podcast is information that is delivered online as audio or video recordings for anyone to access.
    You can subscribe and listen to Podcasts through Podcasting software such as iTunes. Once you subscribe, you computer will automatically download the newest podcast when you access the software. The user than can transfer the podcast to other media players such as their IPod, or other MP3 player.
    You can create podcasts by recording audio or video and transferring it to your computer. Some computers have built-in microphones, others you may have to use a separate recording device to get audio or video files on your computer. Once it has been recorded, you can edit it and compress it to an MP3 file, giving you the ability to share your recordings in the internet, therefore becoming a podcast.
  • Podcasts address alternative ways of instruction. It allows the teacher to supplement their material using a different media to teach through. Students may learn better through the audio or visual characteristics that this product has to offer. Podcasts are very easy to use and are an efficient way to present information.
    Podcasts is an effective way to present course content. Also, teachers can create classroom recordings so the information can be available after it has been presented. This will be useful for those students that are absent or can be an effective way to support good study habits.
    Podcasts is one way technology can have a positive impact on the learning environment for our school.
  • Technology in education

    1. 1. Technology in EducationTechnology in Education Enhancing Student Learning Tracy Hanzal
    2. 2. IntroductionIntroduction Technology in the world today Advantages of using technology Preparing our students
    3. 3. AgendaAgenda Effective Strategies for Student Learning Using Technology Enhancing Academic Performance PodcastingImplementing Technology
    4. 4. Effective Strategies forEffective Strategies for Student Learning Using TechnologyStudent Learning Using Technology
    5. 5. Enhancing Academic PerformanceEnhancing Academic Performance
    6. 6. Implementing Technology in theImplementing Technology in the ClassroomClassroom Importance of Technology
    7. 7. Using TechnologyUsing Technology
    8. 8. PodcastsPodcasts
    9. 9. PodcastsPodcasts