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A pple ppt done (2)


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apple company
cool presentation have a look

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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A pple ppt done (2)

  1. 1. APPLE
  2. 2. Apple• A very great thanks to Steve Jobs to bring a change in this world. It has new software and it is touch screen. Thing that we don’t know about the apple company we will come to know it by learning in this little presentation
  3. 3. History of apple company………• The apple company is invented by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. When 21 yrs. old Jobs saw a computer that Wozniak had designed for his own use, he convinced Wozniak to assist him and started a company to market the computer. Apple Computer , was founded as a partnership on April 1, 1976.
  4. 4. The main guy……• The main guy of the apple company is STEVE JOBS. He was an adopted child. His mothers name is JOANNE SIMPSON and fathers is ABDULFATTAH JANDALI.
  5. 5. The change of his face
  6. 6. I-mac• I-mac is one of the best computer which has different varieties. I-mac has wireless products also which are really expensive. I-mac has different softwares and is really new to people in India. Some people think that i-mac is nothing but just a normal computer . The negative thing about I-mac is that you have to charge it a lot and if it is wire less and you have many of them than sometimes it exchanges.
  7. 7. I-pad• I-pad is a touch screen product. It is used in businesses, entertainment, songs, accounts and a lot more….!I -pad is now very common in India. The negative thing about I-pad is very big to carry .
  8. 8. I-phones• I-phones are mobiles from which you can call and has everything in that like: camera, video, messaging, Google, safari, calendar, music, contacts, and a lot more. The negative thing about I-phones are that there too expensive and you find them very less.
  9. 9. I-pod• I-pod is same as I-phone but you cannot call from an I-pod and also listen music and clicking pictures.
  10. 10. Nano• Nano is just for listening music and watching pictures. In the latest version of it you can see videos and movies.