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Sewer pipes-and-fittings


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Sewer pipes-and-fittings

  1. 1. Valencia, Mari Anne B. CE144-A1 January 12, 2010CE-3 HW #1 Engr. Villasenor SEWER PIPES AND FITTINGS SPECIFICATIONS SECTION 1034 SANITARY SEWER PIPE AND FITTINGS1034- 1 CLAY PIPE.Clay pipe shall be extra strength vitrified clay sewer pipe conforming to ASTM C700. The pipe shallbe installed in accordance with ASTM C12 and as recommended by the manufacturer. All joint sealsfor vitrified clay pipe shall be factory-fabricated and shall be manufactured in accordance withASTM C425. The joints may be Type I, II or III.1034-2 POLYVINYL CHLORIDE (PVC) PLASTIC PIPE.Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic pipe for gravity flow sewer pipe shall meet the requirements ofASTM D3034. The joints shall be of the push-on type with flexible elastomeric seals conforming toASTM F477. The PVC pipe bells, made as an integral part of the PVC pipe, shall conform toASTM D3212.PVC Force Main Sewer Pipe shall be circular in shape with no appreciable distortion and shallconform to ASTM D2241. The joints for PVC Force Main Sewer pipe shall conform to ASTM D3139for push-on-joint type pipe using flexible elastomeric seals conforming to ASTM F477. The PVC pipebells, made as an integral part of the PVC pipe, shall conform to ASTM D3139.1034- 3 CONCRETE SEWER PIPE.Reinforced concrete sewer pipe shall conform to ASTM C76 or AASHTO M-170. Such pipe shallhave gasket joints conforming to ASTM C-443 or AASHTO M-198 type A or B. Plain concrete sewerpipe shall meet the requirements of ASTM C14. Joint materials for concrete sewer pipe shall be ascalled for in the special provisions.1034- 4 DUCTILE IRON PIPE.Ductile iron pipe for gravity flow sewer pipe shall meet the requirements of ANSI A21.51(AWWA C151) for the thickness class or pressure called for by the contract.Joints for Ductile Iron Gravity and Force Main Sewer Pipe shall be either mechanical joint or push-on-joint in accordance with ANSI A21.11 (AWWA C111).All ductile iron force main sewer pipe shall be cement mortar lined with a seal coat in accordance withANSI A21.4 (AWWA C104).Ductile iron sewer pipe fittings and specials for ductile iron sewer pipe shall conform to ANSI A21.10(AWWA C110) and ANSI A21.11 (AWWA C111) for standard size fittings or ANSI A21.53(AWWA C153) for compact ductile iron fittings. These fittings shall be cement mortar lined with a sealcoat in accordance with ANSI A21.4 (AWWA C104). All fittings shall have a minimum pressure ratingof 250 psi.
  2. 2. 1034- 5 ACRYLONITRILE-BUTADIENE-STYRENE (ABS) PIPE.Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) truss pipe shall meet the requirements of ASTM D2680. Thejoints for (ABS) truss sewer pipe shall be of the extra-tight solvent welded joint type conforming toASTM D2680.ABS solid wall lateral sewer pipe for diameter of 4 to 6 inches shall conform to ASTM D2751. (ABS)solid wall lateral sewer pipe shall be of sufficient wall thickness and strength to withstand the variousearth and impact loads that bear on the installed pipe. The pipe shall be circular in shape with noappreciable distortion and shall conform to ASTM D2751. The joints for (ABS) solid wall lateral sewerpipe shall be of the extra-tight solvent welded joint type conforming to ASTM D2751.SECTION 02401 - SANITARY SEWER PIPESTANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING SANITARY SEWER PIPEPROJECTS AND SUBDIVISION IMPROVEMENTS Page 02401-2 December 20032.1 DUCTILE IRON PIPE (GRAVITY AND PRESSURE SEWER)A. Ductile Iron Pipe shall conform to ANSI A21.51. Pipe and fittings shall be cement mortar lined inconformance with ANSI A21.4 and shall have an exterior bituminous coating conforming to therequirements of ANSI A21.10. Pipe joints shall conform to ANSI A2.11 and shall be push-on type asmanufactured by United States Pipe and Foundry Company for Tyton pipe, or equal.B. Prior to the use of any pipe, the CONTRACTOR shall furnish a certification from the pipemanufacturer that all required tests have been made and that the pipe fully complies with therequirements of ANSI A21.51.C. Nominal pipe diameter is shown on the Drawings. No change in pipe diameter shall be madeunless approved by the ENGINEER. The minimum pipe strength shall be thickness Class 50. Thepipe size and thickness class shall be clearly marked on each pipe.D. Where special fittings are required, they shall be fabricated from steel pipe manufactured inaccordance with AWWA Standard C200. The steel fitting shall be fabricated with spigot ends suitablefor connection to the ductile iron pipe, with cast iron transition couplings as manufactured by Smith-Blair, Inc., or equal. Steel fittings shall be lined and coated with fusion epoxy system as supplied byWater Works Supply Company, Union City, California, or with hot applied coal tar in accordance withAWWA C203.E. Connections between ductile iron pipe and PVC pipe shall be made with ROMAC" Stainless SteelSleeve, or approved equal.2.2 PVC SEWER PIPEA. PVC Sewer Pipe, four inch through 15 inch in diameter, inclusive, shall have a standard dimensionratio (SDR) of 35, and conform to ASTM D 3034. Before any PVC pipe is used on this Project, theCONTRACTOR shall supply certifications, signed by an authorized agent of the seller ormanufacturer, stating that the material has been sampled, tested, and inspected in accordance withASTM D 3034.B. PVC Sewer Pipe greater than 15 inch in diameter shall conform to ASTM F 679. Before any PVCpipe is used, the CONTRACTOR shall supply certifications, signed by an authorized agent of theseller or manufacturer, stating that the material has been sampled, tested, and inspected inaccordance with ASTM F 679.C. The pipe shall have integral wall bell and spigot joints conforming to ASTM D 3212. The bell shallconsist of an integral wall section with a solid cross-section elastomeric ring, factory assembled,securely locked in place to prevent displacement.
  3. 3. D. Flexible water-tight connections, approved by the ENGINEER, shall be used at PVC pipeconnections to manholes and other rigid structures.2.3 PVC PRESSURE PIPEA. PVC pressure pipe shall conform to the applicable requirements of ANSI/AWWA C900 and subjectto additional requirements specified herein.B. The pipe shall be pressure class 100, and shall be furnished complete with rubber gaskets.C. Fittings for PVC pressure pipe shall be cement motor lined ductile iron in conformance with ANSIA21.4 and shall have an exterior bituminous coating conforming to the requirements of ANSI A21.10.D. All joints for the buried PVC pipe shall be either an integral bell manufactured on the pipe or aseparate coupling both employing a rubber ring joint. The bell and coupling shall be the samethickness as of the pipe barrel, or greater thickness. The sealing ring groove in the coupling shall beof the same design as the groove in cast iron fittings and valves available from local water workssupply distributors.E. Flexible water-tight connections, approved by the ENGINEER, shall be used at PVC connectionsto manholes and other rigid structures.F. Connections between PVC Sewer Pipe and PVC Pressure Pipe (PVC (HP)), shall be made with"ROMAC" Stainless Steel Sleeve, or approved equal.2.4 HDPE PRESSURE PIPEA. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe shall conform to ASTM D 3550 designation PE 3407 orPE 3408. The pipe shall have a minimum pressure rating of 100 pounds per square inch and amaximum Standard Dimension Ration (SDR) of 17.0. All HDPE shall have a standard iron pipe size(IPS) outside diameter.B. The pipe shall be homogeneous throughout and free of visible cracks, holes, foreign inclusions orother injurious defects. It shall be uniform in color, opacity, density, and other physical properties.C. HDPE pipe shall have an ASTM D-3350 material Cell Classification of no less than 335434C.D. The pipe shall be marked at five foot intervals with a coded number which identifies themanufacturer, SDR size, PPI rating, manufacturing standard reference and production code fromwhich data and place of manufacturer can be determined.E. When HDPE pipe is connected to ductile iron pipe, a flange adapter shall be used. A flange-coupling adapter shall be used on the ductile iron pipe. HDPE flange adapters shall be manufacturedby the same manufacturer as the pipe using the same resin as the pipe. Each flange adapter shall befurnished with a ductile iron convoluted back-up ring drilled to match the standard ANSI bolt patternfor the nominal diameter of pipe used.F. Connection of the pipe and fittings shall be performed by the thermal butt fusion system. HDPEpipe lengths, fittings, and flange adapter connections to be fused shall be of the same type, gradeand class of polyethylene compound and supplied by the same raw material supplier.2.5 PVC PRESSURE PIPE WITH RESTRAINED JOINTSA. Piping for PVC Pressure Pipe with Restrained Joints shall be PVC Pressure Pipe as specifiedabove.B. Pipe joints shall be restrained using Uniflange Series 1350 joint restraints or approved equal.2.6 POLYETHYLENE PIPEA. Polyethylene Pipe shall conform to the requirements of ASTM F 714, with SDR of 32.5.B. Pipe shall be listed by the National Sanitation Foundation.
  4. 4. C. Joints shall be made by butt-fusion, with connections to dissimilar materials by stub ends andbacking flanges or steel/HDPE transition couplings.2.7 ACRYLONITRILE-BUTADIENE-STYRENE (ABS) PIPEA. Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Pipe four inches in diameter shall conform to therequirements of ASTM D 2751. ABS Pipe six inches through 15 inches in diameter shall conform tothe requirements of AASHTO M 264 (ASTM D 2680).B. Joints shall be solvent welded using a primer and cement in accordance with the manufacturersspecifications. All joints shall be wiped clean and dry before applying the primer. All fittings shall beinstalled in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.C. Handling, storage, and installation of pipe shall conform to the recommendations of themanufacturer.D. Truss pipe shall be used only with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) manholes using moldedtruss pipe connectors bonded to the barrel.2.8 UNDERGROUND MARKING TAPEA. Underground marking tape shall be green, at least four (4) inches wide, four mil thick, polyethylenetape, with a metallic backing capable of being traced with locators. The tape shall have black letterswith the following wording: "Caution: Sewer Line Buried Below." The marking tape shall be installed12 inches above the top of all sewer mains and services.PIPE AND FITTINGSa. Pipe for collection systems shall be PVC pipe (except where ductile iron pipe is required as calledfor later in these specifications) with a standard dimension ratio (SDR) of 35. Pipe and fittings shallconform to ASTM D 3034 "Standard Specification for Type PSM Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sewer Pipeand Fittings". The pipe shall be furnished in 13 or 20 laying lengths. The pipe shall be made andjointed with integral bell and spigot rubber gasketed joints. Each integral bell joint shall consist of aformed bell complete with a single rubber gasket. Gaskets shall conform to ASTM F 477 and meetASTM D 3212 Specifications. The pipe shall be made of PVC having a cell classification as definedin ASTM D 1784 for 12454 B or 12454 C cell classifications.b. Pipe for sewer force mains shall be PVC pipe with a standard dimension ratio (SDR) of 21 and berated for a working pressure of 200 PSI at 73.4 degrees F. and meet all applicable requirements asset forth under Commercial Standard (CS) 256-63. Pipe joints shall be as specified above for PVCpipe for collection systems. All fittings for bends in force mains shall be mechanical joint ductile ironfittings.c. Ductile iron pipe and fittings shall conform to AWWA C-151 and be cement lined and seal coatedin accordance with AWWA C-104. The joints of pipe shall be push on joints with rubber gasketsconforming to AWWA C111. Fittings shall have mechanical joints conforming to AWWA C-111 andbe cement lined and seal coated in accordance with AWWA C-104. All ductile iron pipe and fittingsshall have polywrap in accordance with AWWA C 600.