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The Week Malaysia Faqs

  1. 1. Global Entrepreneurship Week (the Week) Malaysia 2008 Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is the objective of Global Entrepreneurship Week? Global Entrepreneurship Week (the Week) is an international initiative that aims to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. With different hosts from around the world, coordinating a range of different entrepreneurial activities, “the Week” will connect young people everywhere and help them explore their potential as innovators and entrepreneurs. 2. Who can participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week? Organizations can get involved by planning local activities as a Partner. Young people interested in exploring their ideas and making them happen can do so by participating in actual events and online events – with thousands of activities happening around the world and a social networking website to find new ideas at the intersection of cultures and disciplines. Existing entrepreneurs can mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and share their experience at local activities. Those expected to participate in “the Week” include students, educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees, non-profit leaders, government officials and many more. 3. What type of activities will be organized? Any activity that allows enterprising behaviour to flourish would be appropriate. These activities should encourage young people to believe in themselves and strive to make their ideas happen, or could help foster a culture that embraces innovation, imagination and creativity. These can include invention competitions, networking events, school-based activities, entrepreneurship summits, workshops, seminars and on-line activities. 4. How did Warisan Global, the Host, get involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week? Warisan Global was selected to be the Malaysian country host, by the founders by the Kauffman Foundation and Make Your Mark, to lead and engage the nation in quot;the Weekquot;.
  2. 2. 5. If my organization is implementing an activity, what type of support will I receive from the host? All the activities will come under “the Week” brand and be promoted on “the Week” collaterals and website. The host will be seeking national sponsors and leading a media outreach campaign to garner greater public awareness of all “the Week” activities being organized in Malaysia. 6. How many partners, activities and participants will be involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week? It is still too early to confirm numbers and all country hosts are currently contacting partners, with the objective of roping in more organizations to implement activities which will bring in more participants. In 2007, Enterprise Week (a UK initiative) and Entrepreneurship Week (a US initiative) engaged 2,720 partners, who organized 6,891 activities that directly engaged nearly a million individuals. With over 60 countries taking part in “the Week”, these numbers are expected to increase significantly. 7. What is a timeline for the organization of the Week? To date, the host has been looking for sponsorship and confirming partners and their activities. In October 2008, the host wishes to kick-off promotions with the partners, with the objective of getting as many participants as possible to enroll in “the Week”. And in November 2008, “the Week” will be officially launched. 8. How did Global Entrepreneurship Week arise? Global Entrepreneurship Week is a combination and expansion of two successful initiatives – Entrepreneurship Week which was held in the USA in 2007 (initiated by the Kauffman Foundation USA) and Enterprise Week in the UK which was kicked off in 2004 by Make Your Mark, UK. This is the first time that the initiative is being organized on a global scale. “the Week” 2008 was announced in November 2007 by British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and Mr Carl Schramm, President of Kauffman Foundation.