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Potential Activities

  1. 1. Potential Activities Unleash It! Challenges Thous a n d s of problem solvers will log- in to Unlea s h It! to solve some of the world’s greate st challeng e s. You can create a challeng e or use some of the existing challeng e s and encoura g e group s of young people to tackle that issu e, unlea s hin g their creative and innovative and providing solutions to the world’s problem s. Speed- Networking the Globe Fac e- to-face, one hour se s sio n s happ e n for one day to give young entrepren eurs the chan c e to meet and learn from their peers and succ e s s f ul entreprene urs from all over the world and form new collaborative projects. Internation al live televise d broadc a st s along with optimizing the power of social media create the large st day- long cultural cros s- pollination of entreprene urs hip in history. Put Your Community on the Map Millions of young people will submit video s, pres e nt ation s, short stories and busine s s plan s through www.unle a s hin gid e a s . org that details how they can put their community on the map. Whether it’s highlighting existing unique resource s or pres e nting new innov ation s for the future, idea s will be submitted in order to garner recognition for their individual community. People are encoura g e d to think creatively about what make s their community extraordinary. How to Become an Entrepreneur in a Week Each day will be a new step in the direction to becoming a mogul in the busine s s world. S ev e n sep ar at e station s will repres e nt each day during the one- day event, allowing for a self- guided experience. The day s will be decided on by experts who have taken the step s to build their empire s and be succ e s s f ul in the busine s s world today. Free Think Friday Organize a se s s io n for student s to brainstorm pos sible entrepren eurial and busine s s venture s. By the end of the se s sio n, students should have a busine s s plan that include s how to ena ct it with their current resource s (establish a common resource list for all the group s participating). Challeng e students to make it happ e n.
  2. 2. Viral Marketing: Run Your Own Show At your festival or expo hav e a booth where students and entreprene urs can be videotap e d talking about entrepren eurs hip or performing a skit on entreprene urs hip. At the end of the day, submit the individual short clips to YouTube and harne s s the power of viral marketing to ignite interest in entreprene urs hip. Next Top Entrepreneur For young profes sion al s, plan a comp etition to se ek out the individual with the greate st potential to succe e d in the entrepren eurial work force in the future. A pan el of judge s will give the conte st a nt s task s to complete and the conte st a nt s are judged on criteria such as originality, creativity, and showm a n s hip. The grand prize may either be the opportunity to sh a d ow local entreprene urs or the receipt of ca s h to start- up their own enterprise s. Innovation Expo Organize an interactive entrepren eurs hip fair. Invite entreprene urs, inve stors, franchis ers, suppliers, innov ators etc. to showc a s e their work to the gen eral public. This event can be organiz e d in a large open sp a c e where each vendor sets up a booth to display their product or service to visitors and spe ct ators. Advertise Your Innovation Competition Organize a competition where students hav e the opportunity to produce a new and intriguing product that they will market to a spe cific audienc e. Participants will be judged on the creativity, functionality, suitability, pres e nt ation, and budg eting of their advertisem e nt. This competition is mea nt to foster innov ation and creative marketing strategie s. Lights, Camera, Action: Spotlight on Entrepreneurs Host a film festival showc a s in g enterprising individuals. Have students create and submit video s on the theme of entreprene urs hip and hold a film festival showc a s in g student work. Documentary Entrepreneurship Film Festival Host ca s e study docume nt arie s filmed on location at enterprising start- up busine s s or establish e d busine s s (Google, IDEO, etc.) that showc a s e different narrative s about entreprene urs hip. Out with the Old, In with the New New Products for Old Companies The opportunity of a lifetime! Imagine a powerful comp a ny ha s given you the chan c e to be the brains behind their next big idea. Come up with the next hottest selling item and market it to the big wigs. The Apprentice’s Apprentice An Entrepreneur’s Game Show Everyon e ha s heard of “The Apprentice,” create your own version with student team s and local entreprene urs as judge s. What is the prize ? A mentorship with a
  3. 3. local entreprene ur . Entrepreneurial Entertainment Soireé Organize a product relea s e party featuring local artists and musician s with local entreprene urs. Think Green True, green is the color of money. But the gra s s is also green er on the other side! Invite environme nt ally- driven entreprene urs to give a spe e c h about the adv a nt a g e s of social entrepren eurs hip and improving the environment through innovation. Think Big: Revitalize your Community Promote entrepreneurship and put your communityon the map. Host a forum that create s and initiates discu s sion about public policy, entrepren eurs hip, and spe cific idea s to benefit your community. Make the event open to the public so that all idea s will be heard and discu s s e d. Organize International Entrepreneurship Forum Form an internation al panel of entreprene urs featuring young global trailblaz ers with participants having an opportunity to discu s s challeng e s and solutions to creating an entreprene ur- friendly busine s s culture within their own communities. Students Teaching Students Get students enrolled in entreprene ur program s to organiz e discu s s io n panel s where young entrepren eurs convers e with future entrepren eurs about their succ e s s e s and failures. Thes e discu s sion s should also provide potential entreprene urs the opportunity to exch a n g e idea s and receive feedb a ck and advice from entrepren eurs with experience. Master of Creation Model an Idea to Product Competition modeled after the one spon s ored by the University of Texa s at Austin. Encoura g e participants to think outside the box as they imagine their idea s on the market in the years to come. “Opportunity City” Challenge Host a competition to see who can earn the highe st score on the online gam e – Hot Shot Busin e s s (www.hotshotbu sin e s s . co m ). Teach young entrepren eurs the ba sic s of busine s s by introducing them to this game that make s solving sm all busine s s challeng e s fun. Living the Lifestyle While a busine s s is in the early stag e s, there is no guarante e that it will be initially succe s s ful. Invite a spe a k er to come that ha s been through the entreprene urial proce s s to spe a k about the economic and social trials and tribulations they went through, particularly in the early stag e s of their busine s s.
  4. 4. Schmooze, Don’t Snooze Host your own Sp e e d Networking event . Succ e s s f ul entrepren eurs have all the right contact s and networks help people stay conne cted. Organize a Sp e e d Networking event in your community - one hour se s sio n s to give young entreprene urs the chanc e to meet and learn from succ e s s f ul entrepren eurs. Creative Coffee Break Host a breakfa st lecture serie s on entreprene urs hip. Encoura g e university dep artment s with Entreprene ur program s to organiz e an open lecture/semin ar for students on campu s to better understa nd what the program is about and what avenu e s and pos sibilities the program open s for students. Entrepreneurship Science Lecture Series Organize a lecture series that explore s different scientific persp e ctive s of the ba sis of entreprene urs hip through different ac a d e mic discipline s such as psychology, communic ation, busine s s, and organiz ation al chan g e. School Busines s Venture Competition High school busine s s curriculum teach ers divide their cla s s into sev eral team s that comp ete to formulate a money- making busine s s venture. Each team will be expected to select a product to sell for one week (as well as man a g e the finance s, look for investors, conduct market rese arch, etc.). The team that make s the most money at the end of the week from product revenu e wins the competition. The Many Faces of Entrepreneurs Entreprene urs come in all sh a p e s and size s, and each face unique challeng e s and situation s. Eng a g e students in a discu s s io n, led by a divers e group of entreprene urs, to provide encoura g e m e nt and information to as si st others to follow in their footstep s. Marketing Yourself for Succe s s Gaining a competitive edg e in today’s markets can make or break a busine s s. This forum provide s helpful hints about marketing strategie s when promoting enterprise s. This event is perfect for up and coming entrepren eurs who hav e products and service s waiting for a breakthroug h into the market.
  5. 5. Entrepreneur Thursdays This is a great networking opportunity for all! On the First Thursd a y of each month, select a venue and time for entrepren eurs to gather in order to network with one another. Launch your Entreprene ur Thursd a y s during Global Entrepreneurship Week and provide a great event for all to enjoy a social time with friends while building your Rolodex! FastTrac Fa stTrac is a practical, hand s- on, busine s s developm e nt program offered by 300 partner organiz ation s globally. Get your local existing Fa stTrac network involved in conducting an introductory clas s for aspiring entrepren eurs. For Fa stTrac location s near you, visit www.fasttrac.org . Show me the Money: Getting Your Busines s Financed This se s sion is ge ared towards start- up comp a nie s and thos e entrepren eurs who are at the beginning stag e of their careers. Money plays a key role in the entreprene ur’s day- to-day expen s e s and finding financial support is a key issu e that troubles some. Topics could include the key ingredients to financial succe s s in the entreprene urial world. What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You? For any and all aspiring entreprene urs, a little direction is alway s helpful . Develop an interactive que stionn aire to as si st potential entrepren eurs to find their niche and discov er their pa s sion. Seminar Series: Where do I Begin? Starting a project is alway s the harde st part. Host a semin ar about how to start up a comp a n y the right way and allow plenty of time for a Question s & Answers se s sion. Shadow an Entrepreneur S e e k out local entreprene urs and ask to obs erve them as they go about their busine s s for the day. Ask the entreprene ur to sh are their insight on what it take s to become a succe s s f ul entrepren eur. Lunch with a Mentor Som etime s all future entreprene urs need is a mentor and a nudg e in the correct direction. Organiz e a luncheo n with future entreprene urs and entrepren eurial leaders in the community. Sink or Swim: Keep Your Busines s Afloat Not every busine s s is alway s booming. Organize a comp etition in which participant s think of ways to improve existing busine s s e s that are on the rocks.
  6. 6. Getting a Head Start: Launching Your Career Before Graduation This se s sion will benefit both students and entrepren eurial busine s s leaders by providing students with the opportunity to show busine s s e s their “new” way of cons ulting and how it could benefit establish e d busine s s e s . Each student cons ulting firm will pres e nt their idea s to a busine s s lead er to receive feedb a ck. Do It Yourself Entrepreneur’s Market The growing popularity of farmer’s markets hav e allowed for local farmers and artisa n s to experience a profitable enterprise. Put on local entrepren eur’s markets in your city and instill a sen s e of community, while allowing for resident entreprene urs to “shop” and look for lucrative venture s. Changing Yourself into a Money Making Busines s Revitalize your busine s s . Encoura g e participants to expand their market strategie s to include other purch a s er s, both individuals and comp a nie s. New and innovative marketing tactics can only improve the quality of a busine s s. Don’t Let Big Busines s Get You Down Daunting corporations can turn off potential small busine s s owners from entering the market. However, the right environme nt can spell succe s s for those who brave the waters. Community leaders and succe s s f ul small busine s s owners sh are their tales about how to make busine s s e s flourish in the face of giant superstore s. Franchising Franchis e s offer ready- mad e pack a g e for the aspiring entreprene ur. Thes e comp a nie s all hav e one thing in common: succe s s ful branding techniqu e s. Invite experts from local franchis e s to discu s s the issu e of branding and technique s that can lead to an adv a nt a g e in the marketplace. Sales Pitch One of the most succ e s s f ul way s to find financing for a busine s s is by having a great sale s pitch. Host a comp etition between student- team s; the winning team will make the most persu a siv e sale s pitch. Stude nts should be able to demon strate that they know their target audienc e, that their product fulfills a need, and that their product will improve society. Future Entrepreneurs Weekend Ask local entrepren eurs and busine s s lead ers to help with a two-day entreprene urs hip camp. Have entrepren eurs discu s s the challeng e s and gratification as s o ci at ed with becoming an entrepren eur. Host semin ars on topics ranging from how to make a product idea into a reality to using their product to fulfill a social need, to learning from common entreprene urial mis step s. Supplier Showcas e Hold a supplier showc a s e for local manufa cturers and suppliers to showc a s e their products to local entreprene urs while building their networks. It will also give
  7. 7. potential entreprene urs the chanc e to explore untapp e d opportunities in their local communities. Working from Home There are ups and downs to being your own bos s and working from home. Host an interactive se s sion to demon strate both viewpoints on this up- and- coming issu e in the workforce today. Work it Out! Invite local entreprene urs and experts to give a workshop in entreprene urial skills training. This workshop should provide the potential entrepren eurs the opportunity to spe a k with succe s s f ul local entrepren eurs and get a sen s e of what it take s to open up a busine s s venture in the local community. Wowing Women: Women Entrepreneurs The growing numbers of women entrepren eurs in the United State s are sh a ping and redefining the American workplace. Recruit some of the succ e s s f ul local women entreprene urs to spe a k to and inspire the young women in your community. How to Make It Big In Busines s Organize a day for aspiring entreprene urs to obs erve and experience the day- to- day operation of a busine s s venture. Invite local small busine s s e s to open their doors and to sh are their experience s with up and coming entreprene urs. Busines s Basics Esta blish Busin e s s Ba sic s program s to provide job training and work experience for aspiring young profes sion al s through educ ation al and hand s- on experience s. Online program s may also be offered to provide job training to a wider audienc e for whom attending in person is not an option. Thes e centers will help aspiring young profes sion al s foster the skills need e d to be succe s s f ul in busine s s and as an entrepren eur. Motivational Entrepreneurs This pan el showc a s e s and brings together motivational spe a k er s to empower those who are afraid of failure or on the brink of creating or starting a busine s s of their own. Each se s sio n will be hosted by a motivational spe a k er focus e d on a different way to promote the skills and potential that is need e d to be a succe s s f ul entreprene ur.
  8. 8. Ethical Entrepreneurship Being a good busine s s p er s o n is something that we all strive to achiev e. This se s sion shed s light on the issu e of ethics in the entreprene urs hip world. An expert panel an sw ers que stion s that entrepren eurs of all levels have compiled. Broadening Your Horizons: How to Expand Your Busines s Having a busine s s that is on the brink of expan sion is an exciting time. How can you make sure it prosp ers in the correct fashion ? That’s the que stion that is hard to an sw er. This se s sion create s a forum that allows for experts, who hav e recently expan d e d their busine s s, to give advice and an sw er que stion s of thos e considering expan sion. Tips of the Trade Learn tips of the trade -- this workshop, taught by succe s s f ul entreprene urs, will showc a s e the skills and knowledg e that ha s mad e them succ e s s f ul. Protecting your Product! Learn all about tradem ark s, property rights, intellectual property, and patents. Entreprene urs hav e rights, too. Plan an information se s sio n to provide the tools nece s s a ry to inform inventors and aspiring entreprene urs about intellectual property and patent laws. The Lair This activity is ba s e d on the hit UK reality show – Dragons’ Den, which brings creative minds in front of a panel of investors to convince them to inve st in their new busine s s idea. Likewise, you can mimic an entreprene urs hip game show, during which innovative entreprene urs can pres e nt their busine s s plan or product to a group of local ang el s or venture capital firms who are prepared to invest in an original busine s s idea. Local Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Stude nts explore and rese arch the history of prominent local busine s s p e o pl e and busine s s e s . Each students select s one of thes e entreprene urs to pres e nt to their clas s in a creative and innovative format. To the Beat of Your Own Drum Organize a music festival that will showc a s e local talent in all genre s of music; allowing kids to perform as well as help with back st a g e need s. Artists can showc a s e their talent on stag e in front of a large audienc e, demon strating entreprene urs come in many sh a p e s , size s, and formats.
  9. 9. How to Start a _________! Whether it’s a bowling alley or a restaura nt, young entreprene urs need a place to start. Invite local entrepren eurs to come and provide direction about how to start a spe cific kind of busine s s . For example, invite a restaurateur to describe what s/he had to do to open the doors and gain clients. Spin-Out Encoura g e entrepren eurs to look to big busine s s e s for idea s. The objective is for students to extract idea s from thes e busine s s e s and transform them into their own. Geo Jam Through a variety of game s and challeng e s, students test their abilities and innovating skills in the world of math and scienc e. By having students host their very own comp etition, they will be eng a gin g in innovative thought proce s s e s as well as learning. Doing Well Through Doing Good Busin e s s is a place to not only make our lives ea sier, but also to make our world a better place. Organiz e a comp etition in which the conte st a nt s submit a plan that will not only make money, but improve the world around us. This program will introduce the conce pt of corporate social respon sibility and demon strate that financial outcome s do not exclude positive outcome s for the environme nt and social performan c e (the triple bottom line). Discus s with Dr. Entrepreneur Plan a se s sio n with a busine s s advisor and allow for an extensive Q & A se s sion in which attende e s will be given the opportunity to se ek advice from the advisor. You may also arrang e for participants to sch e d ule a brief (10 minutes) one- on- one consultation with a busine s s advisor for free and spon s ore d by your organiz ation. Discovering New Talent Organize a networking meeting focusing on employing people with a disa bility. It is a part of a serie s of networking meeting s looking at diversity and equ ality in the workplace. Did you know over a million people with dis abilities are ready, willing, and available to start work? Tap into an often overlooked talent pool for your future recruitment. Art is Enterprising Entreprene urs hip is not just about the world of busine s s and stocks, but also encomp a s s e s fields like arts and crafts. Activity workshop s hosted by community artists and entreprene urs may be set up in different localities. Arts and crafts are an excellent way to hold the interest of young audienc e s, while also enabling them to explore their creative side.
  10. 10. Art and Entrepreneurship Organize an Art Show that feature s artists who explore the ba sic theme s or chara cteristics of entrepren eurs hip such as: opportunity recognition, creativity, problem solving, risk taking, resourcefulne s s, and pa s sion for idea s. Poetry Slam Organize a poetry slam for students to expres s what entreprene urs hip me an s to them or to honor entreprene urs from their are a or around the world. The poetry slam can be part of a larger event or arrang e d by schools, many of which already hav e similar events. Not only is a poetry slam another way to celebrate entreprene urs hip, it also demon strate s that people with all interest s – poetry, film, art, busine s s, technology – can be entrepren eurs. Local entreprene urs or poets can judge the conte st. How to Do Busines s In ____ (Insert Name of City) The Sm all Busine s s Office, Procureme nt Office, or the Minority Busin e s s office s from your city host an event on how to do busine s s within your city. Learn about the ins and outs of starting a busine s s , the resource s av ailable to entrepren eurs from the city, how to win government contracts, and other related information for your community. Include city officials as well as local entrepren eurs who can sh are their experience s on how they used the av ailable resource s. Leav e plenty of time for que stion s! Non-profits via Pro-profits: Mutual Synergies How- to workshop on legal and practical way s of how to create mutually beneficial relations hip s in sale s, service an product delivery as well as pres e nt ation s of compelling busine s s idea s that offer commercial and social value simultane ou sly. Entrepreneurship Emersion: Operate a busines s for a day Conte st a nt wins opportunity to experienc e of running one’s own busine s s by pairing up with local esta blish e d busine s s e s . Local Entrepreneurship Studio: Raise money for Community Enterprise Center “Entrepren eurs hip Studios” where current young profe s sion al entrepren eurs receive con structive criticism about their current busine s s practice s and strategie s At-Risk Activities Tailor entrepren eurs hip workshop to group s focus e d on helping at- risk youth to overcome unique challeng e s. Global Entrepreneurship Studio Identify key young entrepren eurs in all countries who sh are the common goal of wanting to invest money to create entreprene urial communities/incub ators in their capital cities. Each country compete s to create the best “system” or clearinghou s e that facilitates entrepren eurs hip in their country.
  11. 11. From Rags to Riches: Venture Capitalist Forum + Program Organize a forum to inve st se ed money into prosp e ctive start- up busine s s e s for enterprising the poor. Tran sform the world’s poor into entrepren eurs with ba s e capital from generou s and venture capitalists and teach- ins held in every capital city in the world up until and during the Week. Po st- entreprene urs hip week: all other cities in the host country adopt me a s ure to employ the poor via entreprene urs hip. Partner with all anti- poverty camp aig n s, like One camp aig n etc. This would be one of the most ambitious forms of social entrepren eurs hip ever undertaken. Es s e ntially, entrepren eurs would be employed to teach and train the world’s able- bodied, mentally adept, and interested poor to start new busine s s e s . Conne ct all venture capitalist with the world’s poor. Employ every single poor person in the world by creating entreprene urial jobs that compete Make Your Mark with a Tenner Organize a competition where 10, 000 schoolkids were given £10 each and told to make as much profit and social impact as pos sible. The £10 gets returned but they keep their own profits, or donate it to a worthy cau s e. Make Your Mark Challenge Organize a one- day entrepren eurs hip competition in schools where team s of 5-7 are given a broad brief and hav e a day to creatively come up with a busine s s idea. Make Your Mark in Film Organize a film-making competition in two stag e s, script writing and direction, which culminate s in a 10- part film that is filmed in 10 countries by 10 different team s Make Your Mark with a Ball Harne s s young people’s pa s sion for sport by encoura gin g them to come up with enterprising and creative idea s to make money using just a ball. What ball they use is entirely up to them, and the more creative and wacky the idea s the better! Global Entrepreneurship Contest Organize an internation al competition where participants are given each a very sm all amount of startup capital and told to make as much profit and social impact as pos sible via ordinary objects or service s. Team s create creative busine s s plan as a found ation from which to unlea s h their idea s. Global Entrepreneurship Film Festival Organize an internation al film-making competition. Participating team s write short scripts for a film and direct section s of the winning script. The challeng e will culminate with semifinalists piecing together team film section s into one internation al collaborative film. Variation s include mixing repres e nt ative countries in team s creating internation al team s vs. nation al team s in a competition to create the best docume nt ary about entrepren eurs hip; while another could be to create a docume nt ary film or fictional movie that explores the entreprene urial proce s s and the challeng e s faced by entreprene urs, particularly
  12. 12. in the early stag e s of their busine s s. World Virtual Idea Contest Organize an internation al competition where thous a n d s of people form internation al team s to implement (locally or globally) all pos sible shelved busine s s idea s from such online source s as idea volcano (http://blog.ideav olc a n o.co m/). International Innovation Expositions Organize worldwide fairs of entrepren eurs hip. Invite entreprene urs, inve stors, franchis ers, suppliers, innov ators etc. to showc a s e their work to the gen eral public. This event can be organiz e d in a large open sp a c e where each vendor sets up a booth to display their product or service to visitors and spe ct ators. Team Entrepreneurship: Challenge to Improve the World Participant s from all host countries form team s and select a product that improve s impoverish e d parts of the world via internation al investme nt opportunities. One example could addre s s the need for wireles s internet computers. A variation on this could be to hav e individual internation al conte st a nt s compete with each other to produce a new and intriguing product that they will market to a spe cific audienc e. Participant s will be judged on the creativity, functionality, su st ain a bility, pres e nt ation, and budg eting of their idea. Global Entrepreneurship Music Festival What “Live Earth” did to raise climate chan g e awaren e s s , this global festival would do to raise awaren e s s of the univers al challeng e s to and benefits of entreprene urs hip. The festival would con sist of a serie s of musical celebrations. Each festival around the world would also include other ma s s eng a g e m e nt activities such as workshop s, art and craft show s, and markets. International Young Entrepreneur Competition This activity could be ba s e d on the hit U.K. reality show – Dragons’ Den, which brings creative minds in front of a pan el of investors to convince them to inve st in their new busine s s idea. The grand prize may either be the opportunity to sh a d ow local entreprene urs or the receipt of ca s h to start- up their own enterprise s. Out with the Old, In with the New: New Products for Old Companies Host an international product design and sale s comp etition. The team who come s up with the next hottest selling item and succe s s fully markets it to the establish e d entrepren eurs wins the opportunity of a lifetime! Imagine this: a powerful comp a ny give s you the chanc e to be the brains behind their next big idea. Entrepren eurs will sh are their insights on what it take s to becom e a succ e s s f ul entrepren eur.
  13. 13. Global Entrepreneur Race Rac e to form a succ e s s f ul internation al busine s s in 7 day s. The object of the game is to create a busine s s with the greate st profit, lowest environme ntal footprint, and deep e st social impact. The conte st will teach young entrepren eurs the ba sic s of busine s s by introducing them to this gam e that make s solving internation al busine s s challeng e s fun and exciting. The Global Entrepreneurship Gazette To showc a s e the best and the brighte st idea s to chan g e the world through entreprene urs hip, a global online and pap er newsp a p er will feature all participant s and their big idea s. With the power of the internet, individual conte st a nt s will submit their idea s and semi- finalists will pitch their idea in front of internation al spon s or s and entreprene urs to compete for individual grants to start their own busine s s e s . Entrepreneurial Accelerators Coordinate a global effort to create nation al and local incub ators as a way to spur economic developme nt. Every host country could spon s or “accelerator models” with individual roles overs e ein g different enterprise s, creating multiple enterprise centers simultan eo u sly with the purpos e to usher new busine s s e s into society quickly. Global Microfinance Impleme nt global efforts to levera g e microfinan c e credit targeted to impoverish e d, but talented and aspiring entreprene urs. Global partners help to form local entrepren eurial team networks, including thos e less entreprene urial for job creation. Team s gain acce s s to credit, expand their busine s s e s , and stimulate local economic growth. The SkillsWall Global hosts and partners facilitate networking to enable young people to overcome the barriers in forming a team with compleme nt ary skills. Polaroid pictures are taken of participants from all over the world with their 3 top skills written on the bottom. The polaroid is put up on a big online SkillsWall with everybody else’s so people can sca n it to see if there is anybody who can help them develop a project. Stanford’s Rubber Band Challenge Stanford University created a challeng e that sp arked interest all around campu s and they entrepren eurs hip community. It was “a fast and furious competition to se e who could create the most value from rubber band s in only five day s…” Click this link for more information about Stanford University’s Rubb er Band competition – http://www.reuters.com/article/pres s R el e a s e/idU S 1 9 9 3 1 4+05- Mar- 2008+BW20080305
  14. 14. Busines s Clubs at Universities Have business clubs at your university host a breakfast. Make it available to all students on the campus and encourage outside participation. Invite speakers, give away bagels and enjoy an open discussion. This will engage the community, show the dynamic nature of business clubs and teach a valuable thematic message. Monday Revolutions Monday s are times of revolutionary chan g e, i.e. the 1989 Mond ay Demon stration s in Leipzig, Germa ny. Global Entreprene urs hip Week starts on a Monday too: how about starting a new revolution, a new way of thinking in terms of entrepren eurs hip ? Start a revolution of the mind on Mond ay, Novemb er 17th! Hold demon stration s that encoura g e entreprene urs hip. Have fiery leaders spe a k about their mes s a g e s . Create a mural to show a unified vision of revolution. The Amazing Race: Entrepreneur Edition Teams of two will compete in this one-day race. Clues at different stations will provide facts about the company at the next station (i.e. “John Smith got the idea for this health foods store in 1990 when his mother complained about the lack of organic snacks…”). Each station will challenge the teams to uncover a fact about the company (i.e. guess which product is the best-seller and find out why) and document with visit with a photo. The first team to take all the photos and complete all the challenges wins. Intercollegiate Fair Invite the business or entrepreneurship clubs in your city to jointly host an entrepreneurship fair. Students will be able to set up booths for their existent ventures, learn from other enterprising students and form a better idea of what innovations are occurring. Many of the other activities from the activities list (i.e. the SkillsWall, the various instructional workshops, the brief competitions) can be incorporated as elements of the fair. Sales Pitch Auction (extension of Sales Pitch activity) Randomly assign competitors to represent a pre-selected list of similar products. Have them give sales pitches for the products, and get local entrepreneurs to “invest” in them. Each local entrepreneur will be given 1 dollar to invest, and can divide this up however he or she wants between the contestants. The contestant with the most investment capital wins. At the end, the bidders will give feedback on each participant’s presentation.
  15. 15. Build-a-Bear Auction At a large toy store, give each contestant a basic teddy bear, provide decorative materials (ribbon, sequins, fabric of different colors, cute stationery) and have the participants spruce up their bear. After giving an original description and sales pitch of their products, participants will put their bears on auction. Customers at the store can bid on the bears, and the one that sells for the highest price wins. Starstruck Invite entrepreneurial celebrities to bring a product that is still in development. Have youth contestants draft a plan on how to improve the product, create a marketing concept and ultimately present their idea to the celebrity. Contestants will learn about reading the needs of their celebrities (AKA their clients), about taking advantage of resources when promoting a venture (AKA the celebrities’ image and fame) and about effectively promoting a concept. My Second Life Second Life, an online simulation world, has a real economy and currency exchange rate with the real world. Give contestants 1 week start an account from scratch and see who is able to generate the most value from working for Second Life companies, starting their own venture or buying and renting virtual real estate. Survivor Entrepreneurship Encourage participants to find a need and fill it. Challenge their resourcefulness by requiring them to use only raw materials found in their own backyards. In addition to getting entrepreneurs to think outside the box, this activity is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Election 2008- Entrepreneurs Edition Get participants to come up with an idea or product and market it, campaign style. This could include anythin from inventing camp aig n slog a n s for their idea, g making buttons/posters/t-shirts to promote their product, conducting polls to as s e s s public opinion on how best to execute their idea, and using the local media in order to get the word out. At the end of the week, hold an election and inaugurate the winner “Honorary Pre side nt of Global Entrepren e urs hip Week 2008.” Entrepreneurship Science Fair Get participants to create a scienc e- fair-style display explaining their (technology or scienc e- related) product or busine s s idea. Hold an entreprene urs hip scienc e fair where all the display s are exhibited. Entreprene urs will hav e the opportunity to exch a n g e idea s and interact with like- minded people, while gaining expo sure and an sw ering que stion s about their idea s from the gen eral public.
  16. 16. George Washington Carver Challenge George Washington Carver reportedly created or diss e min at e d about 100 products mad e from pean uts that were useful for the hous e and farm, including cosm etics, dye s, paints, plastics, ga s oline, and nitroglycerin. Participants will be ask e d to choo s e one material and find many different use s for it. Both the quantity and the quality of their idea s will be judged. The winner of the challeng e will receive the George Washington Carver Award for Entrepren eurial Excellence. Old Dogs, New Tricks Find a product, busine s s, or industry that is struggling and come up with way s to revive it and market it to a young er demo gra p hic (i.e. clas sic al music). Winners of the challeng e will be invited to sh are their idea s with people who are in a position to implement them. If I Had a Million Dollars Challenge Give participants 1,000,000 “GEW dollars” and ask them to create a mock busine s s plan. How would they allocate their funds in order to start a succe s s f ul busine s s ? Have them write up their propo s al s and submit them for judging. Submis sion s should be compreh e n siv e and detailed (i.e., where would your busine s s be, what would you sell, how much would you pay employe e s, what would your hiring practice s be like, etc.) Community Art Project Find a public sp a c e in your are a that can be used for a mural. Have students or local artists plan a mural that illustrate s the value of entreprene urs hip. Convert an empty wall into a work of art! Popularize the cau s e of entrepren eurs hip, and get local busine s s e s to contribute by providing materials and funds in exch a n g e for having the name of their busine s s incorporated into the mural. Marketing Consultation Local busine s s e s , which seek to create a new marketing camp aig n or imag e, come to your university. The marketing dep artment and the art dep artment collaboratively form team s of both marketing student s and arts student s. The s e team s work together to come up with unique camp aig n s for the busine s s. The team competition will result in a winning idea, which would be chos e n from a pan el consisting of various profes s or s in both discipline s and the owner from the busine s s.
  17. 17. Extreme Commercial Makeover This is a play on the popular serie s “Extreme Home Makeov er.” Commercial properties wishing to alter their interior ae sth etics would receive help from the visu al art and design dep artments at the local university. Stude nts in both discipline s would collaborate on design and style initiatives to renov ate thes e properties. Student s in the busine s s school focus e d on Strategy and Marketing may also provide insight and provide quantitative and qualitative support to the design sug g e stion s. A big part of having a popular busine s s is the way you brand and pres e nt yourself. This sort of collaborative activity between the two schools would ena ble art theory to combine with busine s s theory to create sp a c e s that psychologic ally and visu ally affect the cons u m er. Again there may be several team s competing on a design- thus, the owner of the commercial property will hav e a choice in the renovation. The property can then be evalu ated by an apprais er to quantify the value add ed Save the Arts Stude nts majoring in the arts, either studio or art history, could provide after school art course s to students lacking the facilities in their schools to expre s s their creativity. Thes e students could volunteer or provide the service for profit. This could be offered as an elective cours e or an indepe nd e nt internship. They would be required to create a busine s s plan and establish a self sufficient small busine s s. They would have to attract potential con su m er s, create a sch e d ule, and a location for the activity. The school children could then comp ete in a talent show to illustrate the skills imparted by the student. Community Green High school student fundrais er s need to deviate from traditional paths. Looking outside the box of the yester- year lemon a d e stand, bake sale, or car was h, high schools need to encoura g e novel and original ventures. High schools need to provide their students with an objective but allow for the student to examine what will work in their community. In this activity, thes e student s would attempt to improve their communities by se eking out pos sible busine s s venture s and providing them with creative and original solutions. The community would benefit from thes e fresh appro a c h e s and students would build their entreprene urial skills. Fashion Show Sales This activity would spe cifically focus on college students interested in fashion and design. The s e students should be encoura g e d to develop unique lines of fashion. The dep artment could then inve st in the 3 or 4 best students, by providing them with the fabric and materials to produce their garments. Thes e students could also work clos ely with sm all specialized local boutique s to offer their idea s as pos sible products. The boutique s could also provide advice during the developme nt of the student’s line. The products would then be display e d at a fashion show, where the audienc e could bid and purch a s e the clothing. Series of Panel Ses sion s with Group Involvement Host a serie s of pan el discu s s io n s on issu e s pertinent to entreprene urs hip, such as environme nt ally cons ciou s busine s s practice s, ethical entreprene urs hip,
  18. 18. motivation, getting started, finding financing, etc. After the pan els are completed, split up into group s and discu s s the most releva nt issu e s facing entrepren eurs. Give the group s a time limit and ask them to create a simple PowerPoint pres e nt ation, which outlines strategie s to overcome hurdles with starting a new busine s s. Have them discu s s how to maintain a succe s s f ul enterprise, utilizing the advice and thoughts of the previou s pan els. Groups will take turns pres e nting their thoughts with the rest of the participants. This would primarily be suitable in a high school or cla s sroo m- like setting. 3 in 1 This event will focus on marketing through a team activity. Team s will consist of artists, musician s and busine s s - oriented people. The objective is to take an original idea and create a sale s pitch, utilizing song and art to push the idea forward. This will allow participants to learn the importance of working together as a team and shed light on the many different facets involved when getting a busine s s idea off the ground. Sales Pitch via Video This event will focus on marketing through a team activity. Team s will consist of artists, musician s and busine s s - oriented people. The objective is to take an original idea and produce a short video featuring a sale s pitch accomp a nie d by song and art. A busine s s conce pt will be transformed via a marketing strategy involving music, art, graph s, charts and thoughtful sale s pitche s. This will challeng e and encoura g e future entrepren eurs to work together and push an original idea as a viable busine s s venture. Put Your Community on the Map II “Do you think there are things lacking in your community ? What do you think can be done to make it better? Create a video, pres e nt ation, short story, or busine s s plan that highlights how you could make your community better!” The point is to imagine an entrepren eurial venture that would make the greate st social impact. Ideally, memb ers of the local governme nt would be involved in judging and offering feedb a ck, bec a u s e this event focus e s on their districts and involve s their constituents. It would help bring a sen s e of community to all people involved. University Challenge S et up a university challeng e where students from different or rivaling campu s e s compete. One comp etition could be to find the next best way to advertise and market for the school. Another competition could be to do the sa m e, but for the opposin g school. For example, USC students would create idea s that would benefit UCLA and its students, and vice vers a. Local busine s s lead ers and profes s or s could serve as judge s for the event. Green with Envy The world is currently experiencing a climate chan g e crisis. Host a political cartoon drawing competition where students can use their artistic and comedic skills to help inform others about the innov ation and entrepren eurs hip. By organizing this competition, students would be given a platform to expre s s their
  19. 19. opinion s on the Week and stimulate students to come up with new innovative idea s to the world’s problem s.