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  1. 1. People - Seminars/Conferences - a People Network for seminar/conference Organizers to communicate & stay connected to Users. Sign-up @ Post an event – your Invite your Users to join seminar/conference. – They will automatically Create a Profile – as in be added to your individual or a group. network. It’s SIMPLE! =) • Communicate with Users - Pre-Event Questions & Answers / Forum • Post up an FAQ – Set expectations / Dress-code / Directions map / Course material • Attendance List – Let your users view the profiles of who else is attending. 90% of Users do not want to attend an event alone. • Post-Event support – Upload files / Event pictures / Future events • Stay Connected with Users – Q&A / Group Messaging / Feedback Forms / User Testimonials • Networking – Users may continue network with Organizers as well as each other. Our personal introduction system makes sure everyone is introduced via a common contact. • Market to Socialwalk! – We have a network of users who are keen on attending seminar/conferences. • Earn Karma points for positive feedback on your events. Karma points will earn you recognition! The higher your Karma, the more likely your events will be featured on our main page. • Build your Reputation by participating in our Answers Segment. Answer questions from your area/industry, or post your own opinions about topics. • Participate in our Celebrity Guest Segment – We will feature your speakers on our Answers Segment to ask/answer questions from all Socialwalk Users and we will conduct a short interview about your particular specialty area. The Interview will be posted on our Socialwalk blog. • Online Ticketing! – We make sure that any Users who are attracted to your presence and want to participate can do so IMMEDIATELY. Just click and buy! Please visit us at – by the way it’s Free. *Contact: *We are committed to a 100% NO-MLM, NO-SPAM policy, which will result in account removal and ban-listing. *All Organizers looking to offer tickets on Socialwalk must to undergo a verification process.