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A People Network for seminar/conference Organizers to communicate & stay
connected to Users.

It’s Easy!
Step 1. Signup @ ...
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  1. 1. A People Network for seminar/conference Organizers to communicate & stay connected to Users. It’s Easy! Step 1. Signup @ Create a profile – as an individual or a group Step 2. Post an event – your seminar/conference Step 3. Invite your Users to join! – They will be automatically added to your network What can Socialwalk do for you? Pre-event • Communicate with Users - Pre-Event Questions & Answers / Forum • Post up an FAQ – Set expectations / Dress-code / Directions map / Course material • Attendance List – Let your users view the profiles of who else is attending. 90% of Users do not want to attend an event alone. Post-event • Post-Event support – Upload files / Event pictures / Future events • Stay Connected with Users – Q&A / Group Messaging / Feedback Forms / User Testimonials • Networking – Users may continue network with Organizers as well as each other. Our personal introduction system makes sure everyone is introduced via a common contact. Theres more … • Market to Socialwalk! – We have a network of users who are keen on attending seminar/conferences. • Intelligent Matching Algorithm - will match your event to the interests of other Users. • Earn Karma points for positive feedback on your events. Karma points will earn you recognition! The higher your Karma, the more likely your events will be featured on our homepage. • Build your Reputation by participating in our Answers Segment. Answer questions from your area/industry, or post your own opinions about topics. • Participate in our Celebrity Guest Segment – We will feature your speakers on our Answers Segment to ask/answer questions from all Socialwalk Users and we will conduct a short interview about your particular specialty area. The Interview will be posted on our Socialwalk blog. • Online Ticketing! – We make sure that any Users who are attracted to your presence and want to participate can do so IMMEDIATELY. Just click and buy! Please visit us at – by the way it’s Free. *Contact: *We are committed to a 100% NO-MLM, NO-SPAM policy, which will result in account removal and ban-listing. *All Organizers looking to offer tickets on Socialwalk must to undergo a verification process.