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AS Media Schedule


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Published in: Education
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AS Media Schedule

  1. 1. St. Paul’s Catholic College 64770 Candidate Name:ThaminaChowdhury Candidate Number: 5899 Unit G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media Studies Schedule Week Beginning Work Completed Summer Holidays Monday 9th September Blog page created and log book started. Monday 16th September Further research on magazine covers ad analyzing codes and conventions Monday 23rd September Preparing and completing questionnaire and putting data into Word and creating charts and brainstorming names for music magazine and started on school magazine drafts. Monday 30th September Completed survey monkey and audience profile sheet Monday 7th October Started Prelim task of school magazine and adding to the logbook and evaluation Monday 14th October Finish school magazine and add detail to logbook and evaluation
  2. 2. about prelim task Monday 21st October Complete prelim contents draft and start contents page on Photoshop Half Term – extra research into sub-genre completed Monday 4th November Complete prelim contents page and begin drafting and planning for main task Monday 11th November Completing screen shots of the prelim contents page and carry on with research Monday 18th November Finalize drafts and ideas for main task and begin with template Monday 25th November Continue to add to blog page and complete analysis to be done and survey monkey questionnaires Monday 2nd December Finalize edit process on blog page Monday 9th December Finalize photography for main task and upload onto the main task templates of the front cover, contents and double page spread Monday 16th December Complete research on chosen existing magazine as template for my main task magazine production Christmas Holidays New Year Monday 6th January Begin editing main task front cover image and manipulate this to get desired look and complete editing by 10th of January
  3. 3. Monday 13th January Begin contents page photograph manipulation and complete this by 17th January Monday 20th January Begin double page spread image manipulation and complete this editing process by 24th January Monday 27th January Begin creating masthead logo on online software and continue to manipulate to adjust it onto the main image. Complete the masthead and start putting cover lines onto the front cover and place these in suitable places on the page. Monday 3rd February Start contents page structure, creating objects and placing the main image onto the contents page. Monday 10th February Create double page spread and prepare and finalize entire article. Monday 17th February Once article completed insert this into suitable sized columns onto the page beside main image Monday 24th February Complete contents page cover lines and insert my editor image and finalize web address and promotions Monday 3rd March Finish front cover with objects shapes, masthead position, cover lines and codes and conventions including barcode issue date and number as well as price and social networking. Also finish contents page including all cover lines social networking sites and main image and follow ‘rule of thirds’ Monday 10th March Complete double page spread with social networking logos, promotions, quotes, editor information with matching page number format with contents page.
  4. 4. Monday 17th March Start all evaluation questions Monday 24th March Complete entire media evaluation ensuring all screen-grabs and example images are placed within the evaluation and finalizing the photography planning and final magazine page analysis. Monday 31st March Ensure all documents are uploaded on blog page and upload corrected evaluation onto prezi and finalize survey monkey results as part of audience feedback.