Main task planning and analysis


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Main task planning and analysis

  1. 1. Planning and analysis By Thamina Chowdhury
  2. 2. Photography planning – front cover • The front cover had to be considered a hugely significant part of the entire magazine production as the front cover is the main appeal to the target audience and other readers. To evoke certain connotations of pure beauty and elegance as well as young style and fashion, I had to ensure I used the correct style of background, costume and props to meet the needs of a front cover, including one main image that takes up the entire space of the front cover that acts as the main feature and lead for the magazine. Therefore after planning a costume, and make- up the background had been decided by using a specific location to take the images, where I could also place the boxes for ‘Amanda’ to sit down for images of her sitting. • Everything within the final main image consists of costume, make-up, props and photograph poses and positions. Therefore organisation included finding the right location with appropriate background and lighting to match themes and colours on all aspects of mise-en-scene. The main planning had begun from the decision to use a female for the main image, as this links with the target audience I planned to reach (mostly women as well as men) therefore to evoke interest for men I used a female to be attractive and for the interest of women I created a trendy stylish outfit (costume) for her to wear for the photographs including her make-up.
  3. 3. Who I chose and why • Further to my decision of choosing this specific person is because it is a female which is who I wanted to use for my main feature also because she has the endearing and attractive features that can be used for appeal. This decision was made compared to existing front cover images and other photographs I had taken for experimentation and to also have a variety of images to choose from. • This image that was taken represents similar presentations of other celebrity images on existing music magazines such as billboard magazine, featuring Mary J.Blige which uses a full body image which represents simplicity and elegance for an older female and male target audience. The props and costume were decided to create an edgy yet trendy fashion promotion, therefore I had chosen that specific ridged skirt, crop top, necklace and shoes. The props include the boxes in the background which show realism.
  4. 4. Other examples • Another example I had looked at was another issue of billboard compared to Q magazine which include props and other types of costume specifics in the main image to evoke different connotations and meanings. • Such as the billboard magazine uses a simple background with an elegant chair in the background and something placed underneath Taylor Swift, this is something she is sitting on, which denotes her simple endearing and adorable and loving character which suits the ‘woman of the year’ cover line. • Compared to Q magazine which uses a plain background but with black animals to evoke sexy and dangerous connotations of Lily Allen. • These existing examples of main images have been taken into consideration which led me to creating images with a suitable background with objects that show trendy and young style of the star ‘Amanda’. This example main image for the Q magazine was taken where this artist is smashing the ‘Q’ logo with his guitar. This denotes a wild and crazy feature of this artist as he is into rock and the connotation of him smashing the logo with his guitar is how he in turn ‘smashes’his hit songs. Therefore this research into existing main images in real magazines, encouraged me to use a particular style of clothing as part of costume, specific highlighting and bright make-up to bring out the female’s (Amanda’s) features to look more professional and realistic as well as the background objects including the boxes which was used to take photographs of her in a sitting position which evokes connotations of, style, elegance, young beauty and promote inspiration.
  5. 5. I had chosen to use this image after the variety of images I took for the main image on the left as it had the right pose, positioning and correct shot type that I desired for the main image. Further to the reason for choosing this image specifically as it evokes certain connotations and different audiences might intercept these connotations in a different way but at the same time be appealed and attracted to the magazine as well as the main feature. It has the right background colour, position, props positioning and costume presentation all in one image, therefore I had selected this image and manipulated some features on the image on Photoshop to place onto my front cover.
  6. 6. Photography planning - contents • The type of shot used for the contents page image was a long shot, this is so that I could get the model and the background objects into the whole image. For the editor photo, I used a medium close up shot this is so there is emphasis on my photo as well as a good distance from the camera. • The image used for the contents page is similar to the main image for the front cover, this is similar to images from existing magazines, therefore the outfit remained the same so there is no confusion or change. • The ‘costume’ used for the front cover and contents image use the same clothing, which consists of a stylish skirt with a crop top and trendy heels as she is acting as a celebrity, therefore style is essential for realism and eye catching effect for the viewers. • The organisation for the photographs for the front cover and contents page included using the same background and same props (objects) within the image. Make up was also prepared on the star to prepare for a professional shooting of photographs. The objects in the image were prepared and planned to have in the background for her to sit on for a different type of pose.
  7. 7. Other images taken for contents• Another image that was taken for testing and experimentation was this image on the left • This was taken in a sitting position to capture a different pose and angle but this time without a specific background and props. • However once all images were taken, I decided to use the other images with the sitting position as it looked more elegant and targeted more directly to women as the audience.
  8. 8. This photograph was taken which is very similar to the front cover image except the tilt of the head defines the difference between both photographs. I used this photograph for the contents page as it is similar to the front cover and the same background props and positioning remains which shows simplicity.
  9. 9. Photography planning - interview • The double page spread photography planning included reflecting on what poses, costume, make up and background should be used. For all these aspects, a specific background and style was created to promote style and fashion for a young audience as well as an older target audience whilst meeting the needs of a successful interview image whilst ensuring it matches with the same level of style and beauty as in the front cover and contents page.
  10. 10. A different type and style of photograph was taken including different hair and make-up style as well as costume as this has more colour which stands out in the plain background. This also evokes different denotations of a livelier, simple and colourful person. This is a full body picture which is a long shot compared to the other photograph taken which was a mid shot. I experimented with different shots and angles to manipulate and test for the double page spread image.
  11. 11. This photograph was decided to be used for the final main image for the double page spread. This is due to the elements that are ‘repeated’ Steve Neale, from existing magazines such as many double page spreads include a structured image within the page, a suitable and unique background, style and different appeal depending on the gender. When it is a female, they are used as the sexual appeal and attract the opposite sex as well as being a style and fashion icon for female readers. Therefore the success of this image was encouraged by many important features that were taken into consideration in the planning phase which include all essential and successful codes and conventions for an efficient double page spread image.
  12. 12. Front cover analysis Masthead with colour filling Magazine website address Cover lines Main image Barcode Social networking Logos and promotion Unique selling point (USP) Price and small version of masthead logo The front cover contains a consistent colour scheme that matches with the masthead as well as the cover lines. The masthead is positioned across the top of the page as it is best suited for this structure.
  13. 13. Contents page analysisIssue date and number Masthead logo at the top of the page and also beside the sub headings Social networking links for promotion Editorial letter as well as editor image with a drop capital for emphasis as well as magazine promotion through twitter link The contents page follows a similar structure to the front cover following ‘rule of thirds’ as well all codes and conventions in the correct places. Comparing the contents with the front cover and double page spread it can be seen they are of similar structure which shows professionalism and realistic production of work.
  14. 14. Double page spread analysisKl4SH magazine follows throughout its front cover, contents and the double page spread a more professional design limiting its colours to specific colours such as pink, black and white This approach comes across as more appealing to both older and young readers who are looking for a sophisticated magazine that covers everything. The main full image is also another ‘lure’ for the audience as this follows the design and format of the main image for front cover and contents page.