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Magazine and poster research


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Published in: Education
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Magazine and poster research

  1. 1. Name: Thamina Chowdhury Candidate Number: 5899 Center Name: St. Paul’s Catholic College Center Number: 64770 Unit G324: Advanced Production Portfolio
  2. 2. Magazine cover research Through careful research, I found many magazine covers via the internet and newsagents. The features that had drew my attention is the, font colour, page layout and the images. I found the ‘Soap Life’ magazine, this had help with the layout and structuring of my magazine front cover as well as ‘Inside Soap’. These front covers that I had found through my research clearly demonstrate what a soap opera magazine is all about as they all catch the readers attention in different ways. The main image is a two shot of two characters that appear to be a newly married couple The verbal code ‘Killer’ is underlined and emphasised in bright colours, this strapline of the main story draws attention as the happy joyous looking woman is marrying a negative looking man who is identified as a ‘killer’ Multiple pictures and stories advertised on magazine cover Numerous features on magazine, in different shaped boxes Barcode Issue date and number Unique selling point, this is represented by a ‘sneak preview’ and sneak is highlighted to emphasize that this is unseen footage or photographs Original masthead to publicize its genre as well as magazine institution
  3. 3. Magazine Cover research The mast head logo is bold with simple font, detailing the issue date and location, placed on the left corner of the page. This would preferably be a good masthead shape and design to create for my magazine front cover. Other secondary features positioned at the bottom of the page, which advertises and promotes other TV soap operas and dramas. Simple, barcode convention placed near strapline. The way both the woman and the man are positioned in the image, provokes significance of their relationship with each other and what the strap line is connoting. Similar font style and the word ‘new’ is used in the same style on each of the images, which acts as the USP as this advertises brand new soaps and dramas. Which makes the issue particularly special.
  4. 4. Poster research The use of the attractive female in a dangerous red coloured dress is very eye catching and draws the attention of the male gender audience. As the woman appeals to the male gender. The young characters, for example the man on the table with the young female connotes different story lines. The chandeliers represent light from the darkness in the characters lives. This is not natural lighting it is alternative lighting. The comparison between the couple in love and the couple having a fight has a deep connotation about destructive love and relationships. The connotation from the tag line depicts that the first picture on the left is very dull and boring and the difference between the people, it looks very aggressive, the female and the male on the table is much bigger whereas the female in the second picture is much slimmer and attractive.
  5. 5. Poster research The use of the female in the image alone, shows her dominance as a woman. Shows she is also the protagonist, the main character as there is significance of her in the drama. Her black dress beginning with a elegant and sophisticated fitting goes down and introduces a prickly and thorny end. Which shows, it is difficult to get to her or go against her because of the sharp prickles, which shows her dominance and power as a female. The tagline is very strong in terms of revenge, ‘what goes around comes around’ depicts the idea of the past and the present. The word revenge is highlighted and has more significance as this Is in a bigger font however it does not use capitals which connotes the idea of a softness due to the relation to the woman as the main character seeking revenge. The use of the red colour denotes danger, blood and even death which all fits well with the theme of revenge.