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  • YOU MUST insert anything you can find about this genre – secondary sources (quotes form articles; statistics; other magazine front covers)Make sure your findings are neatly presented and contain images where needed.
  • Front Cover and Conventions – If there is anything missing YOU MUST explain what this is and give a reason WHY it should be included.
  • Log book

    1. 1. OCR Media Studies – AS Level Unit G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media Preliminary Task and Log Book Name: Thamina Lipa Chowdhury Candidate Number: 5899 Center Name: St. Paul’s Catholic College Center Number: 64770 Set Brief - Print Music Magazine – Production Preliminary Task and Log Book
    2. 2. Preliminary Task – Evidence - Front Cover - Step-by-step Gridlines created from using the ruler tool so that I do not go out of those boundaries and carefully plan where my conventions should go. After opening a new blank document, I selected the ruler tool. Step 1
    3. 3. I added 2 similar borders which is slightly vertically tilted, which creates a unique design and also added the St Paul’s ident on the maroon colored border This contrasts with the horizontal border at the bottom of page. This will be for the strapline. To create a realistic magazine front cover I added a bar code and placed this in the strapline border at the bottom. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
    4. 4. In this step I created a white box to emphasize the barcode and separate the barcode. and other contents such as social networking logos from the strapline. This is outlined with a maroon colour to stick with the theme Here, the Masthead was added, I manipulated the name of the school and a significant word “spirit” as it is a religious college. Created “St Paul’s Spirit using a bold and assertive yet friendly font, which is stencil, to this I added a white stroke effect The white stroke outline has made the Masthead bolder. I also inserted the St Paul’s website address as well as the school motto for students and parents to recognize the educational institution. Step 5 Step 6 Step 7
    5. 5. Editing the main image Firstly by electing to use the QUICK SELECTION TOOL, I highlighted the area that I wanted cropped, which is the student out of the background and pressed the ‘Q’ key on the keyboard and this red colour has only highlighted the student image so that I can select the image area needed. Step 8
    6. 6. After refining the image to my requirements, I selected inverse and pressed backspace. I had deleted the background and then I saved the image as a new JPEG file. I adjusted the SMOOTH and feather feature to make the image look finer, smoother and rounder on the edges so it does not look rough or straight on the sides. Once the background is deleted, I saved and inserted it into the magazine front cover. Step 9
    7. 7. I opened a photo that I had taken of a student, on a separate file and PLACED it in the centre of the magazine cover. I aligned it with the strapline border at the bottom of the page. As seen below, it is only the image of the student and no background. Step 10 Step 11
    8. 8. I inserted the social networking logos as a list beside the barcode in the white box, so readers know where to read latest news online. The social networking logos inserted include INSTAGRAM, a new social networking application with includes posting images, which is where the images used in the ‘ST PAULS SPIRIT’ issue will be posted for students and other individuals can follow. This will increase It’s readers as INSTAGRAM is a new and popular application used by many people I also placed a TWITTER logo below this, as well as a FACEBOOK logo, to encourage the readers to follow and comment on these social networking sites regarding the issues of the magazine “St Paul’s Spirit” on the e- media platform. Step 12
    9. 9. Below the Masthead box, I PLACED two images of the main student and another sixth form student reading from a text book. I also edited the two smaller images by removing the background from both. Placing these two images creates significance for the cover lines. The use of the main student in the smaller image with another sixth form student emphasizes the text on the her jumper, “HOMELESS OR…” and a book is placed below OR which connotes the homeless or study life, its an individuals choice for success in the future. This image connotes a significant element for the study life and fits well in the magazine front cover. Step 13
    10. 10. I added cover lines to fill the page and make the cover look more appealing to the readers. By adding a promotion ‘win a free HP Laptop’ increases the readers interest as they may want to enter this competition. This is a very appealing feature on a magazine cover. Step 14Step 13
    11. 11. I added a cover line about UCAS as this is appealing to sixth form students about university. I also added a link for the twitter username for the magazine Here I have added the student’s name and a main story headline.Step 15 Step 16
    12. 12. Final front cover This includes all elements of a front cover as well as the STRAPLINE which was added as the last step as I wanted a very meaningful strapline which captures attention from the audience. The final addition also includes the price, which is the affordable and preferred price range that everyone prefers from the questionnaires that have been completed. This completed version of the magazine front cover contains all finalized elements such as the cover lines the strapline which is the school emblem, the price and additional smaller images of sixth form students and a year 11 GCSE student holding a results sheet, she has a smile on her face connoting her happiness in her top GCSE results. This further encourages the readers to read the magazine as they have helpful revision tips which are the cover lines.
    13. 13. Preliminary Task – Evidence Contents Page Layout Step-by-step I began simply with rectangle shapes as the base colour for the text. I had left a space on the left for the name of the school magazine, this layout was supported by the Q magazine contents page as they had a logo on the left before ‘contents’. I do not have a specific logo for the cover therefore I had used the letters of the school magazine name, and this was effective as the S on the end is in the maroon colour which portrays its significance of the word ‘spirit’ as the school community is a very positive atmosphere.
    14. 14. From this I have progressed by creating the sub headings and objects. I have added the web address for promotion purpose and started the editor message below.
    15. 15. There has been significant development within this screen grab from the previous screen grab as it was much more empty. This includes the editor name, my image and cover lines to fill the A level section. It also includes the issue date and number. The color scheme of the cover lines and text is the same color as the logo.
    16. 16. Here the main mage has been added to the page as well as the editor message, a round object with the USP within it, with extra cover lines to fill the page.
    17. 17. Final contents page The final prelim contents page consists of all cover lines that are essential for a school related news papers and magazines. I also used the pen tool to shape the editor message around the editor photograph. I also included another image to present further another cover line and intrigue interest. In this final page, I had moved the USP near the top to fill the space. The contents page includes all basic and required codes and conventions and the main image used for the contents repeats a style and pose from existing contents page such as billboard magazine.
    18. 18. Section 1) – Log Book
    19. 19. Music Magazine – Genre research Music magazine front covers Week 2
    20. 20. Contents page
    21. 21. Double page spread ideasInterview Promotions and prizes Week 2
    22. 22. Double page spread analysis This long shot takes up the left side of the page and works as the background of the spread The feature of this double page spread is the powerful image of the star positioned on an object which is draped in the American flag. The flag is also of relevance to the contrast of her vibrant hair colour as well as the background text “USA” The first letter of the text which begins the article is very enticing to the readers. The use of bold italics emphasises the concept of the article. The image itself represents the article Week 2
    23. 23. Magazine for my Research Masthead Secondary features Feature headline; shows the main subject of the magazine. Selling line, which denotes what the magazine is about and its main genre. Main image; this anchors the feature headline. Red colour scheme contrasts well with the feature image, font colours blend well for a simplistic sophisticated young feature image. Slogan; explains the magazine content and addresses a certain audience and readership. Issue number Week 2
    24. 24. Improvements? • Advertisement/promotion: There is no unique selling point for this magazine cover apart from the issue number; by adding a promotion it will help to encourage the intended audience to buy the magazine. • There is another important convention which is missing from the page, which is the issue number and date of the magazine. Although it may not be essential with different types of magazine covers, as this targets a specific target audience which is women, preferably older women therefore a barcode and issue number were not required as only the feature of the magazine is important to the readers. • Promotions and issue number may be essential to remember for my music magazine front cover depending on the feature image and concept of the magazine. Week 2
    25. 25. Target Audience – The target audience for Q magazine can be denoted as a young audience, and middle aged women and men (Hartley) who are interested in specific feature stars for example Adele, many middle aged women and young adults are interested in her music. Especially because the feature image and secondary features have articles which are targeted for a young audience. Therefore the audience feel they can relate to Adele and her story in the magazine. This relates to Katz personal identity and through this concept of the theory, the women targeted will try to replicate the star in the feature image. What is the USP of this magazine? Through thorough analysis and research into the media products, I believe the USP of this magazine is the ‘300th issue’ which is positioned boldly on the cover and promotes its celebration for a big number of successful issues being sold, this figure helps to promote the magazine itself. Its also not available on any other Q magazine and this makes it particularly unique. This helps to promote the magazine as it draws in the audience attention from the bold color that stands out from the red and white colour scheme. Week 2
    26. 26. Magazine for my Research Masthead Promotion ‘Win VIP’ this is instantly intriguing to the readers as it is also presented In bold colours and fonts. Advertising posters is also another way to draw attention from readers as it is in the magazine. Feature headline Bold feature image of the boy group. Their black clothing goes well with the colour scheme of the front cover and dark colours suits the groups type of music, which is rock. Slogan Bar code USP Week 2
    27. 27. Target Audience – Katz, Maslow, Hartley and/or socio-economic needs After careful analysis and research of the target audience for Kerrang! magazine, can be denoted as readers who are interested in rock music and those who would like to be informed and entertained (Katz) for gaining insight into social empathy on the recent news and gossip about new groups and popular bands and gaining a poster which is provided from inside the magazine. This also links with the socio-economic needs for example because it is targeted for a young audience they have a need to identify themselves with others, escaping from the real world and being diverted and also for emotional release. The intended readership can also connote their interest and care for the feature stars of the magazine, this links to Maslow as they are gaining and reaching their level of need by reading an insight into their lives. What is the USP of this magazine? From the research completed into this media product, I believe the USP is the ‘WIN VIP tickets to Reading and Leeds’ . This is very appealing to the audience and will persuade the viewers to buy the magazine to continue reading and perhaps to enter the competition. It also seems like a very popular event that is taking place and the tickets to Reading and Leeds portrays itself as being targeted at a much younger target audience. Week 2
    28. 28. Magazine 1) – Publisher research http://magazines.bauermediaadvertising.com/magazines/detail/Q http://www.bauermedia.co.uk/brands/q Q was launched in 1986 and it has painstakingly built an international reputation for quality amongst the fans, stars and the music industry. With world-beating exclusives, definitive album reviews, outstanding production values and an inimitable sense of humour, Q shapes music in the UK and beyond. Every month the magazine creates new starts and identifies what's coming next. Q is online and all events are messaged and live everywhere so all readers are up to date with everything. “Q is all about quality and character” “Q is about authority and opinion” “Q is trusted and influential” Q’s target audience is younger and more affluent people than any other monthly music magazine. 97% of readers rate Q as a good quality magazine. It measures such as best interviews, writing and award winning photography. Week 2
    29. 29. Magazine 2) – Publisher research Kerrang! Claims that they will ensure that they are constantly appealing to a younger teenage target audience who are more encouraged by the rock music genre. All issues provide a variety of articles to read about various bands and scenes that the readers are intrigued by. As young rock bands are very appealing to a young teenage audience. An aspect that is particularly focused on is the ‘BIGGEST things’ that are going on in our world each week. They portray themselves as ‘educators’ of rock music to the young target audience. Kerrang! Is a weekly music magazine that is issued compared to other magazines which are monthly. Kerrang! Is a weekly issue due to the reasons that they want to keep the audience updated on the latest band and other rock music news. Kerrang! Brings the best in rock online, on radio, on TV and in print which creates a bigger promotion of the company, . Week 2
    30. 30. Conventions of a Music Magazine Masthead USP (Unique Selling point) Main image Main Cover line Cover lines Barcode Model credit ‘new music. new body’ What Is not included: • An element that is not included Is a promotion which would persuade the readers further to buy an issue of this magazine. • Social networking site links not included which does not promote VIBE magazine on other sites for the target audience. Example magazine features for a possible sub-genre Week 3
    31. 31. I believe that the target audience for VIBE music magazine is young urban followers of hip-hop and pop music genre. This is heavily influenced by the language that is used on the front cover such as the cover lines, it is very open, welcoming and inviting. Which is all considered colloquial in the respect of Register. Because of the young target audience the magazine is aimed at, I feel they are categorized as ‘Diversion’ (Katz) as the audience can ‘escape’ from their reality and immerse themselves into the text of the magazine, which is very similar to the Kerrang! Magazine. This relates to Katz uses and gratifications of entertainment. Through thorough analysis, the Unique Selling Point is depicted as ‘31 ways to ball in Miami’. This acts like a guide which influences the readers to buy this magazine. This encourages more people to buy the issue and read further to find out more about the USP that is provided on the front cover as this can also be considered an exclusive inside the magazine. Other unique selling points (USP) are the cover lines on the front page, this further interests readers. The language used also encourages the male gender, as there is a female as the Main image and the cover lines include ‘Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?’ Which encourages the male gender audience as well as females. This relates to (Hartley) Gender, because it appeals to the young male gender as she appears seductive in the clothing she is wearing. Week 3
    32. 32. Magazine names • KL4SH • My survey web link - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HJRV5X7 • Slideshare embed quote – survey monkey • <iframe src="http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/27598041" width="476" height="400" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> • Slideshare embed quote – music magazine • <iframe src="http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/27599571 " width="476" height="400" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> Week 3
    33. 33. Magazine names Week 3
    34. 34. Magazine names Week 3