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  1. 1. St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College       Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media     Locations     Our  trailer  is  going  to  be  filmed  in  only  one  location.  This  consists  of  the  ‘Hounslow  United  Sports   and  social  club  –  Car  Park  lot’  and  the  actual  inside  of  the  bar/pub  of  the  club  itself.   These  shots  show  how  one  of  the  main  characters  who  is  the  female  antagonist,  has  entered   the  club  area  as  a  new  arrival  and  is  welcomed  back  into  the  youth  community  with  a  shocked   aura  from  the  group  of  friends.                
  2. 2.   Location  one  –  scene  1     This  is  the  ‘Hounslow  United  sport  and  social   club   car   parking   lot’,   which   will   be   used   for   the  first  scene;  this  is  a  long  shot  of  the  empty   car   part   lot.   The   trailer   entails   detailed   shots   of  the  outside  location;  this  will  be  done  as  an   establishing   shot   so   the   audience   can   become   familiar   with   the   location.   This   location   has   been   chosen   for   that   quiet   and   aerie   atmosphere   which   can   introduce   the   characters   and   the   club   in   the   trailer.   We   planned   to   film   this   scene   in   daylight,   as   the   purpose  of  the  scene  is  to  make  the  audience   focus  on  the  main  female  antagonist  who  will   introduce   the   scene.   The   simple   location   background   depicts   the   focus   on   the   antagonist  as  there  is  a  character  build  up  and   creates  an  enigma  which  helps  with  the  personality  buildup  of  the  main  character  as  she  will  be  in  a  costume   which  denotes  the  antagonist’s  character  personality,  as  a  young  youth  teenager  who  has  made  mistakes  in  the   past  and  this  can  be  identified  through  the  style  of  clothing.         This   shot   shows   the   car   parked   in   front   of   the   building,  this  quiet  and  empty  area  is  the  pure  reason   why   we   chose   this   location,   at   the   beginning   when   the  antagonist  will  step  out  of  the  car,  the  audience   will  feel  a  sense  of  the  character  being  alienated  and   a   stranger   to   the   community,   which   she   returns   to.   Every   shot   that   is   used   will   thoroughly   break   down   the  importance  of  every  scene  in  the  trailer.   This   sign   on   the   wall   signifies   great   importance,   the   mid-­‐shot   of   this   sign   on   the   wall   shows   the   perspective   of   the   character   briefly   taking   a   note   of   the  message  and  walking  by  anyway  not  caring  about   the   risks   that   can   be   inflicted   on   the   person,   this   also   reveals  the  characters  personality.         ‘Parking  in  this  car  park  is  at  owner’s  risk’   Which   connotes   the   idea   of   a   quite   ‘rough’   area   which   is   watched   closely   by   young   teenagers   and   adults   who   are   criminals   heart,   for   example   when   the   audience   will   read  this  sign  they  will  get  the  idea  that  their   car   might   be   robbed   of   the   owners   belongings   or   the   car   itself.   This   shows   dominance  in  the  female’s  character  as  well   as  a  risk-­‐taking  persona.          
  3. 3.   Location  one  –  scene  2           This  is  a  mid-­‐shot  of  the  ‘Football  club’       on  the  way  from  the  car  park.     This   can   also   be   used   as   another   establishing  shot  which  shows  the  side   view  of  the  building.  This  is  the  scene   which   breaks   down   the   journey   to   the   entrance   of   the   club;   there   will   be   a   high   angle   point   of-­‐view   shot   of   the   antagonist’s   feet   to   show   that   she   is   walking  to  the  club.  The  point  of  view   shot   signifies   the   importance   of   the   characters   thoughts   and   feelings   on   the  way  to  the  club,  showing  that  the   character  is  in  her  own  world.  In  this     scene  there  will  also  be  use  of  tracking   movement   to   create   a   tensed   atmosphere  within  the  scene  and  build  up  the  character’s  story.     This  is  a  long  shot  of  the  social  club,  in   the   trailer   it   will   be   portrayed   as   a   point   of   view   shot   from   the   main   antagonist.   It   is   identified   from   the   location   pictures   that   there   are   two   paths  that  lead  to  the  main  entrance  of   the   social   club,   in   terms   of   connotations  it  implies  the  idea  of  the   sense   of   peace   in   the   community   and   also  the  darker  side  of  the  community   which   has   been   struck   from   the   murder  that  happened  which  is  shown   as   a   flashback   later   in   the   trailer.   This   picture  shows  a  realistic  aura  and  tense   atmosphere   which   links   well   with   the   themes   and   the   costume   that   the   antagonist   will   be   wearing.   The,   Mise-­‐en-­‐scene   part   of   the   filming   plays   a   crucial   part   of   the   trailer,   and   this   creates   great   significance   for   the   breakdown   of   each   of   the   areas  of  the  location.  Having  a  shot  of  the  club  name  helps  the  audience  familiarize  themselves  with  the   location   as   well   as   the   personality   of   the   character   itself;   initially   this   also   builds   on   the   character’s   story   as   this   club   is   seen   as   the   central   location   for   the   young   youth   community   to   gather   and   to   socialize   like   that  of  this  generation.  By  having  realistic  and  significant  establishing  shots  it  encourages  the  audience   to  watch  ‘Manor  Drive’  as  it  airs  after  Eastenders  and  is  another  typical  soap  opera  which  focuses  on  the   themes   of   murder   and   youth   which   attracts   an   older   and   perhaps   teenage   audience,   which   is   the   intended  audience  we  are  looking  to  interest.   The  objects  in  the  scenery  depict  that  this  community  club  is  a  place  of  peace  and  fun  for  young  adults   and  families  to  relax  and  socialize  with  each  other,  but  with  all  the  emptiness  which  will  also  be  shown  in   the  trailer,  will  portray  the  alienation  the  antagonist  is  feeling,  and  her  confidence  and  dominant  male   instinct  that  creates  a  very  tensed  atmosphere,  the  ambiance  increases  as  well  as  the  audience  attention   as  they  can  predict  what  the  character’s  attitudes  and  personality  is  like.    
  4. 4. Location  one  –  scene  3       The   entrance   of   the   club   is   introduced   as   the  female  antagonist  enters  through  the   main  doors,  which  look  very  secure,  and   with   the   addition   of   the   note   on   the   glass,   says   clearly   the   club   is   secured   with   security   cameras,   this   instantly   makes   the   audience   and   the   characters   feel   safe   to   some   extent   because   once   they   are   in   the   club   they   are   hidden   away  from  the  outside  world  and  locked   into   the   warmth   and   peace   of   the   community   club.   This   entrance   shot   breaks   down   the   journey   to   the   bar   significant   as   she   is   completely   alone   in   this  scene  and  then  welcomed  by  the  tensed  and  shocked  aura  from  the  people  in  the  bar.                                         This   location   that   we   have   chosen   complies   with   the   codes   and   conventions   that   are   used   in   a   Soap   Opera  as  they  usually  and  realistically  show  a  young  youth  community.      
  5. 5.                                        Location  one  –  scene  4         This   is   a   corner   shot   of   the   lounge   room   from   the   main   entrance;   the   comfortable   seating   area   is   where   the   characters   will   be   sitting   in   scene   4,   the   characters   here   will   be   acting   as   friends   and   socializing   to   create   a   friendly   welcoming   atmosphere   for   the   audience.   The   dark   room   and   lights   beside   the   chairs   symbolizes   enlightening   for   the   people   who   sit   down   to   socialize,   this   convention  will  help  to  create  a  better  effect  for  the   scene,   this   also   shows   importance   of   the   entire   theme,   which   connotes   the   idea   of   trying   to   find   light  through  a  dark  tunnel.   This  is  a  long  shot  of  the  bar  lounge,  the  specific   reason   for   why   we   chose   this   club   is   because   of   the   groggy   typical   bar   lounge   aura   which   is   purely   why   the   effect   as   part   of   mise-­‐en-­‐scene   will   create   a   relaxed   every   day   atmosphere   till   the   antagonist   enters   and   then   the   lighting   and   the   atmosphere   is   very   tensed.   Hence   why   we   have   chosen   this   location   as   it   creates   an   enigma   for   our   trailer.   During   the   avant-­‐garde   of   the   filming  process,  we  experimented  with  what  area   of  the  room  the  characters  should  sit  in  for  good   point  of  view  shots.         The   arrangement   of   the   chairs   and   tables   around   the   room   signify   that   the   lounge   is   always   a   busy   place   and   has   a   lot   of   people   in   the   room;   it   has   been   arranged   in   a   way   that   shows   that   when   a   person   is   in   the   room,   they   are   always   accompanied   by   someone   and   not   alone.   This   contrasts  to  the  female  antagonist  who  enters  the   room  alone,  as  she  is  a  dominant  character  within   the   trailer.   This   is   shown   by   her   behavior   throughout  the  trailer,  the  way  she  is  dressed  and   the  aura  she  brings  in  and  the  characters  (group  of   friends)  have  familiarized  themselves  with  the  antagonist  and  instantly  creates  a  tensed  atmosphere  because   of   the   flashbacks.   This   will   ultimately   appeal   to   the   intended   audience   as   this   creates   a   realistic   effect   of   the   friends  reliving  what  happened  before.  From  the  ‘spin  the  bottle’  game  that  they  will  be  playing  in  scene  4            
  6. 6.   Location  one  –  scene  5         These   pictures   of   the   sign   on   the   glass   signify   great   importance   in   terms   of   ‘evidence’,   ‘crime’   and   ‘protection’.   It   clearly   states   that   there   is   CC.TV.   Connected   around   the   inside   of   the   building,   and   if   there   was   any   crime   or   dangerous   risks   the   footage   will   be   handed   to   the   police   if   they   had   to   get   involved.   To   some   extent   the   sign   is   used  as  a  warning  to  those  who  may  do   things  that  are  not  permitted  on  site  or   dangerous.   This   is   a   close   up   shot   of   the   sign   on   the   glass   window.   ‘Roland   Barthes   –   enigma   codes’   relate   closely   to   the   expectation   of   our   intended   audience.   From   the   audience   point   of   view,  seeing  young  adults  and  teenagers   in   the   club   it   shows   the   social   class   and   the   age   of   the   characters   that   helps   to   encourage   young   people   and   adults   to   watch  ‘Manor  Drive’  our  soap  opera.   This   shot   was   taken   outside   of   the   bar   lounge  in  the  corridor.   This   is   a   mid-­‐shot   of   the   sign   on   the   window,   the     ‘no   smoking’   sticker   also   denotes   that   the   area   is   only   a   place   of   safe   comfortable   enjoyment   and   socializing   club   for   people   to   get   together   and   not   do   something   that   is   not   permitted   in   the   building.   This   also   acts   as   a   warning;   the   antagonist   will   glance  at  these  signs  briefly,  the  shot  will   be   a   point   of   view   shot   and   will   be   screened  through  her  perspective.   This   is   a   point   of   view   shot   from   one   of   the   characters  that  are  sitting  at  the  tables,  this  will   be   shown   through   their   perspective   in   the   trailer,   taking   a   glance   at   it   and   looking   at   the   antagonist   that   will   step   into   the   room.   The   lights   light   up   the   bar   showing   warmth   and   comfort   for   those   who   sit   at   the   bar,   this   depicts   how   people   sit   there,   looking   for   light   in   their   life.   The   darkness   around   the   bar   signifies   how   everyone   has   secrets   although   not   everyone   would   know,   it’s   kept   hidden   and   everyone  is  in  their  own  world.