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Audience feedback questionnaire results


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Audience feedback questionnaire results

  1. 1. Thamina Chowdhury A2 Media studies – Audience Feedback – questionnaire results Question 1: Do you feel the manor drive trailer was successful compared to existing soap opera trailers? From this data we can see that the audience feel the ‘Manor Drive’ trailer was successful when compared with existing soap opera trailers such as Eastenders, this is mainly due to the shot types that were used in the group trailer. Question 2: Why do you think the trailer is the answer you have selected? Successful, not as professional or unsuccessful? Written responses: 1. The location was realistic and people can relate to this as it is a club/bar. 2. The weather suits the entire theme of revenge as is a cold a gloomy day and fits the mood it’s trying to create. 3. The type of shots and angles were professional and created different meanings, which is what many existing trailers do. 4. The characters are young people, so us as the audience can relate with them especially when it’s younger viewers. 5. Shots were professional evokes different connotations, such as the close shot of the wheel as it came to a stop, it’s very similar to the way it’s been filmed in some of the EastEnders episodes and trailers. 100% 0%0% Successful trailer compared to existing soap opera trailers? Successful Not as professional Unsuccessful
  2. 2. Thamina Chowdhury 6. Good use of the sound track, it creates deep meanings of the theme of revenge which is shown well throughout the trailer. 7. The BBC three logo and voiceover at the end is very realistic as voiceovers are used in every promotional trailer for soap operas and TV dramas. 8. The sounds of the car door and door squeak add realism to the trailer for the characters as well as the audience along with the sound track. 9. Theme of revenge is presented successfully 10. Different themes are portrayed, and the female characters shows strong dominance over the other characters and the use of the flashback really draws our attention as the audience, as we get to see a preview of past and current events. From the responses given, it has been noticed that the trailer was successful according to many aspects of filming a trailer such as, the lighting, location, characters, and most important shot types as well as non-diegetic and diegetic sound which are all important codes and conventions that complete the trailer. In the research made before filming and editing, we had done thorough textual analysis which allowed us to explore and witness different codes and conventions of different soap opera trailers. This planning and research allowed us as a group to create a successful soap opera trailer. Question 3: What themes do you feel were shown well in the trailer and how? Revenge responses: 1. It is because of the music (the sound track). 2. The flashback shows the group leaving her as she is injured and she opens her eyes shows, she remembers and will take her revenge on them. 3. The flashback shows the past events and what each of the characters think about. 10% 10% 60% 10% 10% What themes are presented and how? Youth Danger Revenge Death Friendships
  3. 3. Thamina Chowdhury 4. The girls return has shocked the other characters, shows they are shocked and were not expecting her to be there, which shows the girls dominance and the groups fear. 5. The soundtrack lyrics are in time and synced with the shots of the girl as she enters the room, like for example when the bottle stops spinning, the word revenge is introduced which signifies the main characters motive for revenge. 6. The flashback presents a motive for the girl wanting to take revenge. Danger response: 7. The arrival of the woman creates an atmosphere of danger as her journey to the bar is signified with all of the shots used, the flashback shows she is injured with blood and her opening her eyes afterwards shows there is danger approaching for the group of people. Youth response: 8. The young characters in the soap opera portray the stereotypical aspects of youth, as the characters in the trailer are all teenagers, and the themes of danger and revenge portray their realistic and dangerous encounters they face due to things they have done. Death response: 9. The theme of revenge portray also a theme of death as there the female was injured in the flashback, and her opening her eyes show possible death of maybe one of the characters in the group. Friendships response: 10. Friendships are portrayed by the group of friends gathered around the table at the lounge room, shows they are quite close as a group, and the encounter with the female arriving could possibly show how close they really are in the actual soap opera. It is understood from this question, that the audience feel revenge is portrayed particularly well through the use of the sound track music used as part of non-diegetic sound; the flashback which is a popular technique used in trailers, soaps and TV dramas. Also other themes were presented through characters and portrayal as a group. Question 4: What stood out the most on the ‘Soap Surf’ magazine front cover?
  4. 4. Thamina Chowdhury In this question, everyone had chosen mostly chosen the masthead, as this looks like the most professional feature as this is the magazine logo, therefore audience members will look at the logo as well as other interesting features on the magazine. Also the main image was chosen by 4 people this shows the main image is also of an interest to readers as they want to see who the main feature is of the magazine. The cover lines are equally important as they provide the readers with further information about the soaps. Question 5: Do you think the song used for the background sound; with the lyrics ‘revenge’ particularly suit the ‘Manor Drive’ trailer? Please explain why. 50% 40% 10% What stood out the most on the 'Soap Surf' magazine front cover? The masthead (Magazine name - Soap Surf) Main image Cover lines 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Yes No No Yes
  5. 5. Thamina Chowdhury Explanations:  The manor drive trailer portrays themes of revenge and danger and so the lyrics suit particularly well.  The lyrics are synced and in time with the confrontation of the female character at the table, therefore her return with the word ‘revenge’ in the chorus of the song makes the trailer very intriguing.  When the word ‘revenge’ is repeated its very exciting for the viewers because many thoughts cross our mind such as why has she returned and where has she returned from and why is she taking revenge?  The song is slow and creepy and suits the aura of the trailer.  The trailer shows the soap is all about revenge and so the lyrics of the song go well with the entire trailer.  Shows the main character will be getting her revenge and so the song suits the trailer. Question 6: Which one of the ancillary products persuaded you to watch the new soap opera, ‘Manor Drive’? From this question, it was identified that the trailer was the most persuasive method to attract viewers to watch the soap opera. The trailer helps people to visualise the characters and the actual plot, it also gives a sense of danger and action and this is something which many viewers enjoy watching. Question 7: What aspect of the poster did you most like and why? 1. I liked the use of black and white as it makes the person look isolated 2. The background is black and white and creates a sense of alienation and loneliness 10% 80% 10% Which of the ancillary products persuaded you to watch the new soap opera? Poster The trailer Magazine front cover
  6. 6. Thamina Chowdhury 3. Connotes danger and revenge as with the tag line uses the word ‘revenge’ 4. The use of the tagline including ‘revenge’ and the dark background image promotes danger, action and revenge. 5. The social media logos advertise the soap opera further through these social media services for the viewers. 6. The person who has their back to the camera shows secrecy, and this makes the viewer’s think who this person is? Which makes it more interesting and they would want to find out by watching the soap. 7. The poster is simple, and with its simplicity it is very meaningful and has deep connotations of revenge and danger. 8. The tagline is very strong and speaks from the person’s point of view as though this person is getting revenge and the background also creates meaning as it gives an insight into the dark themes that are interpreted. 9. The image is strong as well as the tagline, the merging of the person in the coat in the image shows they are dangerous. 10. The use of the days and times the soap is on advertises the soap opera so that the viewer’s know when it is on, and what channel it can be watched. This has helped me to understand the opinions of potential viewers about my poster as a whole, as I wanted to keep the poster simple yet provoke many deep connotations when people see the poster. I planned for the tagline and the image to be the focal point and main attraction of the poster, and this was successfully achieved by the image manipulation done as well as deep thinking of a meaningful tagline.