AS survey monkey results analysis


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AS survey monkey results analysis

  1. 1. AS MEDIA STUDIES – SURVEY MONKEY MUSIC QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS Q1. The first question’s chart reveals that it is mostly 15-17 year olds who have completed the questionnaire, a few of them 18-26 and a few more 27+ this shows that all answers that are given in the results are based on their age group. Q2. This question reveals that the most common answer which is the main image also written as the cover photo, this is an important aspect to many of the readers as this is particularly eye catching and draws their attention. Therefore as this is the significant element I will focus on creating an eye catching main image to draw my reader’s attention. Thamina Lipa Chowdhury
  2. 2. Q3. These answers show that it was mainly females who completed the questionnaire and less males, therefore there are different answers and views in the respect of their gender. My target audience are mainly females and having females complete the questionnaire gives me a good insight into their opinions as well as males. Q4. This is a very important question as it focuses on the particular genre individuals are interested in reading about. Pop was the most popular and this was my chosen genre for my Main task – Music Magazine. Thamina Lipa Chowdhury
  3. 3. Q5. Monthly was the most chosen answer for this question, this is the most common answer, as many music magazines are issued monthly and this will relate closely to the issue of my magazine, as it will be a monthly magazine. Q6. The common answer selected in this question was £1.00£2.00. This is because it is a very affordable price and this price suits the music magazine genre – Pop. By having an affordable price like this, it will have many buyers. Thamina Lipa Chowdhury
  4. 4. Q7. The main image was a common answer for this question, therefore I will focus on the main image as well as the other voted elements such as the Masthead, the main headline and a promotion this will equally draw the attention of my intended audience. Q8. Many of the answers were a yes and explained that they would like to read about it because it is nice to know about the celebrities lives like gossip and this allows the readers to relate themselves with their personal lives. Therefore, I will include an interview with the person in my main image in the Double Page Spread. Thamina Lipa Chowdhury