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Luxury boat hire in London


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Thames Boat Hire company provides simply the best luxury boats for hire on river Thames in London. Our luxury boats are wonderfully decorated, and we offer excellent food throughout your journey . We organize any type of party like corporate party, product launch , birthday party , film / television shoots, Gala dinner ,weeding reception.

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Luxury boat hire in London

  1. 1. Luxury Thames Boats
  2. 2. The best boat on the river in London
  3. 3. Our luxury Section have been specially selected
  4. 4. Opulent fixtures and fittings into boat
  5. 5. High quality dining options
  6. 6. Exceptional levels of service on board
  7. 7. Always Thames Luxury Boats make the ideal choice
  8. 8. For
  9. 9. Wedding Ceremonies on the River Thames
  10. 10. Corporate events
  11. 11. Formal dinner
  12. 12. It is important to offer the very best quality and to impress your guests.
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