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Greek myth project longoria


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Greek myth project longoria

  1. 1. Greek Mythology ProjectStudents will create a project on a 12 in. x 12 in. sheet of paper. It will be in a scrapbook-layout fashion,consisting of photos and information of a particular topic. You may work in pairs, or you may work by yourself.TopicsTBA(Students may choose another topic after asking permission.)Checklist:(450 points total)Students must have at least 3 photos and at least 6 important/interesting facts of their chosen topic. (90points)Students must have a works cited listing in MLA style on the back of their paper. (50 points)Each photo must be clear (not fuzzy-looking). (5 points each)Each photo must be colored. (Black and white photos may be colored with colored pencils.) (5 pointseach)Students must have a frame around each photo. (5 points each)Each fact must be accurate. (10 points each)Each fact must be important/interesting. (10 points each)Each fact must be written in a complete sentence. Do not use pronouns (such as “he,” “she,” “it,” “they,”etc.) (10 points each)Students must have a frame around the facts. (20 points)The 12 in. x 12 in. paper cannot be cut/trimmed. (20 points)Any photos, facts, and other décor cannot be placed off the edge of the 12 in. x 12 in. paper because the12 in. paper will be placed in a page protector. (Anything hanging off the edges will be ripped off.)Please limit décor to light-weight objects (such as additional paper, feathers, sequins, scrapbookcardboard lettering, stickers, etc.). NO GLITTER. You cannot have décor that is too thick or too heavythat may inhibit the 12 in. paper from fitting nicely into the page protector. (Anything too thick/heavywill be ripped off.)Students must take turns presenting their final product. Presentation of knowledge is key. (45 points)Rubric of Points Earned:450-400 =100399-350 = A(90)349-300 = B(80)299-211 = C(75)210-150 = D(70)Below 150 = F(0)Extra Credit:Bring your own 12 in. x 12 in. paper (10 points for group)Bring your own glue and scissors (10 individual points);Bring your own décor (10 individual points)(P)May 13th/ (S)May 14th – 1 day in lab to research / print. You will have some time on (P) May 15th/ (S)May 16thto put it together. Whatever you do not finish must be completed at home or before or after school atthe Writing Lab.(P) May 22nd/ (S) May 23rd– Project due. Presentation to be done in class.