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Tips management skills


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Published in: Business
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Tips management skills

  1. 1. Top Tips: Essential Management Skills to inspire you
  2. 2. If a leader gives too much time to achieving tasks, sooner or later the individuals and team may feel undervalued and demotivated.
  3. 3. It is important to adapt your leadership style to suit the situations you are dealing with and the individuals you are managing.
  4. 4. When putting together a new team, you must consider all 4 team development stages – forming, storming, norming, performing.
  5. 5.   Remember that 55% of effective face-to-face communication is through your body language, 38% through your vocal range and only 7% through your words. Yet many managers wrongly spend too much time preparing the words rather than the other key elements before communicating with their team.
  6. 6.   When delegating tasks to your team, try to delegate to develop them. That way, you are far more likely to motivate your team.
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