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ELT Ireland Digital workshop


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Workshop for ELt Digital Ireland

Published in: Education
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ELT Ireland Digital workshop

  1. 1. Padlet
  2. 2. Brainstorming Affective learning Critical thinking Social & emotional intelligene
  3. 3. Collaborative mindmapping
  4. 4. From Flo Joe Website
  5. 5. Rakesh Bhanot (poet) & MagdolnaTerray (artist)
  6. 6. Video s
  7. 7. International house website
  8. 8. Activities and projects Comics Story boards posters Videos Blogs
  9. 9. Digital Tools Comics Bitstrips Bitstrips app. Pixton Toondoos Posters, infographs Tackk Pictochart Glogster Padlet Video & Podcast TedEd Animoto Quizlet/EyeReport Audioboo/vocaroo Story sites Storybird Zooburst Zimmer Twins Go Animate Blogging & sharing Kidsblogs Edmodo Storify Joomag magazine
  10. 10. Edmodo Symbaloo Pearl Trees Listly Blog/Wiki Private or public?