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Creativity in technology

  1. In a nutshell Creativity in technology Community Environment Tools Create, share, influence community = learn
  2. Where learning is bigger Creativity in Technology!! than you, me or ANYone else
  3. Play Imagery Through enhances Artistic perception play Self-expression The best tools promote visualisation and language creation Create, share, influence community = learn
  5. Blank Canvas Paint Production Inspiration Imagination Creative fluency development
  6. Opening statement Introduction  The question of what a successful government policy should entail dogs administrations all over the world. ISSUE STATEMENT REALITY The question of…… is a good expression for all topics and essay introductions
  7. Try a Clean Slate!! Some tools for self-expression Eduglogster imind Mindmaple Prezi Animoto Go animate
  8. How far can you reach? “ The arts aren’t just important because they improve maths scores. They’re important because they speak to parts of children’s being which are otherwise untouched.” Ken Robinson Layers of experience
  9. Fun sharing Influence  Just doing your  homework for good grades has lost it’s appeal. Today, learners want to share their creation across learning environments and communities.
  10. Platforms with school Where accounts schools are welcome Learning environments  Artistic platforms Eduglogster Story Bird  Learning spaces Moodle Club EFL Bitstrips Edmodo Make Belief Comix OpenClass Pixton comics Wikis Go animate Second Life Blogs
  11. Learning goes viral? Communities
  12. Images created by:  Prezi  Wordle  imind Learn more by staying connected with your PLN Online The End