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Gmat Idiom


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Gmat Idiom

  1. 1. A debate over Care about Easy to A lot Care for Either...or A native of Centers on Elect + person A responsibility to Centers on + Elect to A result of person/thing Emerges from A sequence of Choose + infinitive Enable + person + Able + infinitive Compare a to b infinitive Access to Compare a with b Enable to Agree on + gerund Concerned with Encourage + person + Agree on + noun Conform to infinitive Agree to Consider + person/thing Escape from Agree with Consistent with Except for + gerund Aid + person/thing Contend that Except for + person/thing Allows for Continue + infinitive Explain to Appeal to Contrast a with b Expose to Are in danger of + Convert to gerund Count on + person/thing As Created with Fail to As an instance of Fascinated by As good as...or better Flee from than Decide + infinitive Focus on + thing/person As good as/or better Decide on + Forbid to than thing/person Forbid x to do y As great as Defined as Force + thing/person + As much as Delighted by infinitive Depend on Ask + infinitive Depends on whether Ask + person + infinitive Depicted as Get credit for/give credit Associate with Different from for Attend to (someone) Different from/differ from Give credit for Attribute to Difficult + infinitive Grow from Attribute x to y/x is Disclose to + Grow out of attributed to y person/organization Distinguish between x and y Help + thing/person + Base on Distinguish from infinitive Based on Distinguish x from y Begin + infinitive Distinguishes between x Believe x to be y and y Identical with Boom in Doubt that In contrast to Both x and y Draw + thing Independent from Built by Draw on (take out) Indicate that Dream of/about Indicate to + person Dwindle from Indifferent towards
  2. 2. Inherit from Require + thing/person + To mistake x for y Invest in infinitive To result in Resemble + thing/person To sacrifice x for y Responsible for Transmit to Leads to Resulting in Localized in Results from Results in Use + person/thing + Retroactive to infinitive Make + thing/person + Rivalry between x and y Used + infinitive verb (simple form) Manage to Mistake + thing/person + Save for for Save from Modeled after Seek + infinitive More than ever Seek + thing/person Seem + infinitive Sleep with Native to So (adjective) that Need to So x as to be y Neither...nor Speak to + person Not only...but also Speak with + person Not so Subscribe to Originate in Take advantage of Teach + person + infinitive Permit + thing/person + Teach + person + thing infinitive Tell + person Potential to The rivals x and y Prized as The same to x as to y Prized for Tie to Prohibit from + gerund To be + composed of + Prohibits x from doing y thing Promise of + thing To be + essential to + Promise to person/thing Published by To be + necessary + Published in infinitive To be + used to + gerund To be + willing + infinitive Range from x to y To be drawn to + Refer to thing/person Regard as To contrast x with y Regardless To credit with