L'acqua di Fiori - Digital Engagement


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Case de engajamento digital desenvolvido pelo time da Edelman Digital entre 2009 e 2010 para a L'acqua di Fiori.

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L'acqua di Fiori - Digital Engagement

  1. 1. NOMINATION BALLOT 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service L’acqua di Fiori April 9How to renew a brand using social mediaEdelman Brazil | Rua Joaquim Floriano, 820 – 20º Andar – Itaim Bibi – São Paulo / SP – CEP: 04534-003
  2. 2. Quality Client Service Award Submission ........................................ 03The beginning of the partnership ..................................................... 05Lacqua di Fiori returns to the spotlight ............................................ 08Lacqua di Fiori and the relationship with franchisees ....................... 11ROI: return over investment ............................................................. 13The real outcome: change in consumers behavior ……………....... 14 Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori
  3. 3. Team Member’s NamesRonald Mincheff, Managing Director, Sao PauloThiane Loureiro, Regional Director, Edelman Digital Latin AmericaThais Silva, Assistant Account Executive, Sao PauloOffice Location(s) of TeamSao Paulo, BrazilName of Client Company and Client ContactL’acqua di FioriPatrícia Magalhães, Sales ManagerName of Program or CampaignL’acqua di Fiori: How to renew a brand using new mediaNominated byThiane Loureiro, Regional Director, Edelman Digital Latin America Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori -3-
  4. 4. The change of focus from product sales to the consumers’ needs reflects a change in the way of thinking. Companies must think from the outside to the inside, as the new consumers tell us what they want and how they want it. For Lacqua di Fiori the work done by Edelman was significant. The development of online actions and the effective monitoring resulted in excellent outcome. It is worth emphasizing the efficiency of the team responsible for the care and development of strategies. A partnership focused on results is only possible with compromised people. Patrícia Magalhães, Sales Manager, L’acqua di FioriNomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori -4-
  5. 5. ACHIEVEMENT: Responsibly identifies the client’s objectives and assembles the rightmix of skills and resources to meet them.Almost three years ago, Edelman Brazil Some findings were also important so thebegan the digital movement in the São client could have a clear notion of itsPaulo office. Pioneer in the market, it was image in the market:the first PR agency in Brazil to join thequality of the communication servicesand the power of new media. In 2009,Edelman Digital team was presented tothe challenge of developing a Valentine’sDay job to L’acqua di Fiori, a nationalperfume and cosmetics producer founded30 years ago. Throughout thedevelopment of the proposal, we heardthe same comments: “L’acqua di Fiori? With the approval of the proposal, weBut does this company still exist?” developed an online communication strategy for L’acqua di Fiori, which included the generation of content for theSince the 1980s, Brazilian consumers Valentine’s Day hotsite, creation ofhaven’t heard about L’acqua di Fiori. The cultural contest, management of officialcompany, famous in the past for the channels on Twitter, Orkut and YouTube,perfume production, was away from besides the creation of relationship withpeople’s mind. With all these signals, the beauty blogosphere.Edelman decided to do a research tosupport the proposed actions, which It is important to say that in Brazil theconfirmed the comments above: beauty blogosphere reached an important level of influence, equivalent to the traditional media. The bloggers are:: 100% remembered the brand respected as specialists and brands treat:: 51% never used its products blogs as important communication:: 49% didn’t know the products vehicles.:: 28% considered the brand popular:: 14% thought the brand was declining Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori -5-
  6. 6. Summary of the results to the Valentine’s Day job (22 days) :: 23,364 visits to the hotsite on the campaign period :: 13% increase on the new visits rate (71, 78%) :: 781 entries on the cultural contest :: 37 spontaneous posts in blogs about the campaign :: 314 followers on Twitter :: 36 spontaneous tweets about the campaign :: Almost 3,000 views on the video channelNomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori -6-
  7. 7. Posts on the main Brazilian feminine blogs (click on the image to go to the post) The results achieved on the web by the Valentine’s Day job opened L’acqua di Fiori doors for Edelman. The client was pleased about the results and asked for a retainer proposal, which was rapidly accepted and assured great results.Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori -7-
  8. 8. ACHIEVEMENT: Delivers informed analysis, strategic thinking, effective writing,breakthrough creative and sound measurement with intelligence and ingenuity,timeliness and accuracy.With the beginning of a continuous onlinerelationship work for L’acqua di Fiori,Edelman developed a long term strategy.In each internet universe, the work wasdone in a specific way, to optimize theresults and approximate the brand moreand more to its consumers.Hotsites | 287,000 visits to 5 hotsitesDuring the second semester of 2009,Edelman developed five hotsites forL’acqua di Fiori. Three of them wererelated to products launches (make-up,male and female perfumes) and two wereassociated to commemorative dates(Valentine’s Day and Christmas). Together,the hotsites received more than 280,000visits, an extremely high number thatexceeded the average of visits in thesame period of 2008. All the hotsiteswere thought to have a relevant andinteractive content. Therefore, they havebecome attractive and users spent anaverage of 5 minutes online in thehotsites. Hotsites developed in 2009 (click in the image to go to the hotsite) Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori -8-
  9. 9. Cultural Contests | 4,500 entriesAs a way to interact directly with theconsumers and increase even more theawareness of the brand, Edelman usedthe cultural contests. We received 750entries in each of the six contestsdeveloped on the hotsites, Twitter andOrkut. The majority of the prizes wereproducts kits, which reduced to almostzero the cost of the actions.Blogosphere | More than 100spontaneous postsAs we said before, the influence of thebeauty blogosphere became higher inBrazil over the last years. The bloggersform a network: they know each other,read and link each others’ blogs.Together, they have millions of readers.For that reason, our major onlinecommunication strategy for Lacqua diFiori was the individual approach with keybloggers. This way, they feel privileged bythe brand. By the time of productreleases, the bloggers receive the newproducts to test and, if they wish, writeabout them. Based on major blogs, otherbloggers end up posting about it Spontaneous posts about L’acqua di Fiorispontaneously. (click in the image to go to the post) Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori -9-
  10. 10. Twitter | 1,245 followers YouTube | 10,450 views in 10 videosThe Twitter’s profile is used to share news L’acqua di Fiori channel on YouTube hostsand curiosities about the female world. the campaign videos of the productsThe posts are not restricted to Lacqua di launches. Each video was seen, inFiori and its products; the channel works average, 1,000 times.as a great source of information for thosewho want to keep posted about the worldof beauty, fashion and style. Twitterfollowers compliment L’acqua di Fiori forthe variety of information on the channel,which also honors the bloggers byspreading the contents of their blogs.Orkut | 202 membersOrkut is the most popular social networkin Brazil and the first massive adopted bythe users. L’acqua di Fiori officialcommunity on Orkut hosts all theinformation and news about the brand injust one place. The users who want to beupdated about the launches, hotsites andother news can became members of thecommunity. The profile is used as arelationship tool with other communitiesrelated to the brand’s universe, likebeauty, perfumes and cosmetics. Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori - 10 -
  11. 11. ACHIEVEMENT: Values the client’s perspective and anticipates its needs.L’acqua di Fiori is a family business thatworks with the franchise system. For thatreason, keeping a good relationship withfranchisees is as important as being closeto consumers. In a meeting with theclient, Edelman noticed fragility: thefranchisees still had doubts about thequality of L’acqua di Fiori communication,because they didn’t know all the workthat had been done. Besides that, theyignored all the positive comments aboutL’acqua on the media and especially onthe internet.Edelman then suggested the creation ofan online newsletter to cover this gap andget closer to the franchisees. The bulletin“Por Dentro da L’acqua di Fiori” (InsideL’acqua di Fiori) was received with joy andcompliments by the franchisees. In thefirst edition of the newsletter, the links tothe articles were clicked 1,410 times. Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori - 11 -
  12. 12. “I love it! It is very important for us to know the news, products launches and what is being said about L’acqua di Fiori. Congratulations on the initiative!” “As a recent franchisee, I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a communication channel as handy as this one you just adopt. Well, congratulations… better late than never.”“Hi! Congratulations on this new communication channel. It’s a real proof of interactionbetween franchise / franchisee / customer.” “We are writing this email to congratulate you on the initiative of creating L’acqua informative. It was a really great idea. We really missed something like that and now we can feel part of L’acqua di Fiori.” Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori - 12 -
  13. 13. ACHIEVEMENT: Is consistently committed to the smart financial management of theclient’s business.One of the main goals of the digitalcommunication work developed byEdelman was to impact the increase ofthe sales in the L’acqua di Fiori virtual It is important to highlight that all workstore. The sales in the virtual store are was performed within the scope of theimportant to the company because the contract and hasn’t impacted at any extraprofits go directly to the company, cost to the client. Moreover, Edelmanwithout going through franchisees. managed to close a semester agreement with the supplier of hotsites’ layout andUsing the Google Analytics tool installed programming, which facilitated thein L’acqua di Fiori website, Edelman payment and reduced the unit cost of themeasured the amount of sales during the hotsites for Lacqua di Fiori.period in which the online actions tookplace (May 29 to December 31). In thisperiod, 7,096 sales were effective. In thesame period of 2008, 5,644 wereeffective. Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori - 13 -
  14. 14. ACHIEVEMENT: Produces results that go beyond media relations, for example,increased third party alliances, product sales or share of market, target audiencebehavior change, expanded contract fees for Edelman, extended work to otherEdelman practices or offices, outstanding E2s, etc.After six months of intense work for These results demonstrate that the brandL’acqua di Fiori, Edelman São Paulo digital has achieved its primary goal, to engageteam is proud to have developed an the consumers and enhance itsonline communication program which mindshare. Daily, bloggers and consumersfully impacted on how the company is come to us searching for news,seen in the market by its customers and information about releases and tobusiness partners. We can even see a compliment the brand and the quality ofchange of costumer behavior in relation its products.to the brand: daily, Lacqua di Fiori is165% more spontaneously mentioned on The launch of the new makeup line,Twitter and 60% on blogs. developed primarily on the internet, was a huge success and put Lacqua di FioriBesides that, Edelman’s work directly next to international brands like MAC andimpacted the number of visits to the URL LOreal.www.lacquadifiori.com.br, where thehotsites were hosted during a period and At the end of six months, the clientthe virtual store was in the first plane for responded the E2 Review with an averagethe rest of the time. score of 8.59, more than 9 points for performance, service and people. For all that, Lacqua di Fiori has renewed its contract with Edelman for 2010, with a 22% increase in monthly fee. Moreover, because of the 30th birthday of the company to be celebrated in 2010, the client asked for a full public relations proposal, which also includes Consumer practice. Nomination Ballot | 2010 Chairman’s Award for Quality Client Service | L’acqua di Fiori - 14 -
  15. 15. Edelman Brazil | Rua Joaquim Floriano, 820 – 20º Andar – Itaim Bibi – São Paulo / SP – CEP: 04534-003