CBT & sustainable presentation for the Ministry of Tourism Thailand


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Presentation of CBT and sustainable business based on the model used at Asian Oasis, Thailand, with the focus on Lisu Lodge in Chiang Mai and Lanjia Lodge in Chiang Rai.

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CBT & sustainable presentation for the Ministry of Tourism Thailand

  1. 1. Community - CBT Environment Sustainability “Sustainable CBT business in sustainable tourism” Presented by Soren Wettendorff Director of Sales - Asian Oasis Ltd.
  2. 2. Sustainable Development People depend on nature's capital, i.e. on nature's steady supply of basic requirements for life, for example energy for heat and mobility, quality food and water for healthy living, ecological sinks for waste absorption. Therefore, diminishing our planet's natural capital will lead to the destruction of humanity's own home.
  3. 3. Environmentally / Economically Sustainable Development • is envisaged as leading to the management of all resources in a way, and at a rate which enables people to meet their needs now without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. • (Brundland Report, 1987)
  4. 4. ICLEI definition International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives „Development that delivers basic environmental, social and economic services to all, without threatning the viability of the ecological and community systems upon which these systems depend“
  5. 5. UNEP Criteria:United Nations Environment Programme • Contributes to conservation of biodiversity. • Sustains the well being of local people. • Includes an interpretation / learning experience. • Involves responsible action on the part of tourists and the tourism industry. • Is delivered primarily to small groups by small- scale businesses. • Requires the lowest possible consumption of non- renewable resources. • Stresses local participation, ownership and business opportunities, particularly for rural people.
  6. 6. While the details vary, most definitions of Sustainable and CBT-Tourism boil down to a special form of tourism that meets three win-win-win criteria: 1) it provides for environmental conservation 2) it includes meaningful community participation 3) it is profitable and can sustain itself. Simplified Definition
  7. 7. Asian Oasis Company Asian Oasis – has been active in the Thai travel industry for 18 years under different constellations, owners & names. Established as an independent company since 2006, Asian Oasis company brand are the owner and operator of 6 individual products; Community based Eco Lodges: -
  8. 8. Asian Oasis - Mythical Journeys - is a collection of unique and individual travel experiences which take you through the Kingdom of Thailand from the Northern Province of Chiang Rai to the southern paradise island of Phuket. Created by passionate travelers, for 18 years Asian Oasis has worked closely with local communities to create sustainable community- based tourism while conserving the natural surroundings. Not a tour operator, nor a hotel, but as of both, Asian Oasis offering packages containing all aspects of well balanced programs that integrate experiences, healthy meals and overnight stays in one product, with no possibility for individual room reservations. This is to preserve the authenticity and balance between the tourist, the environment and the local population. “Sustainable Tourism.”
  9. 9. Sustainable Projects in Thailand By Asian Oasis Lisu Lodge •Bang Chang District, Chiang Mai Province Lanjia Lodge •Kiew Karn District, Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai Province Himmarpaan Foundation •Reforestation & Environment •EarthCare (Various educational activities)
  10. 10. Chiang Mai
  11. 11. Baan Chang, Chiang Mai
  12. 12. Lisu Lodge ‣ Located in a Lisu Hilltribe community ‣ 4 Traditional Houses, each with 6 guest bedrooms. ‣ Common dining & living area at each home ‣ Central bar area, steam bath and gift shop Sustainability & Community ‣ Market area for the community ‣ Environmental concerns for the buildings and the grounds ‣ Energy consumption concerns : solar heating & lighting ‣ Employ 19 Lisu people from the village to work at the lodge ‣ Engage local suppliers for all activities ‣ Organic vegetable garden
  13. 13. Chiang Rai
  14. 14. Kiew Karn, Chiang Rai
  15. 15. Lanjia Lodge ‣ Established in Collaboration with the Population & Development Association (PDA) ‣ Located in a Hmong & Lahu community ‣ 4 Traditional houses, each with 4 guest rooms ‣ Common dining & living area at each home Sustainability & Community ‣ Presentation area introducing the work of PDA ‣ Environmental concerns for the building & the grounds ‣ Energy Consumption concerns : lighting & gas water heater ‣ Employ 15 Hmong & Lahu people from the village to work at the lodge ‣ Batik making area in the community
  16. 16. Responsible Tourism •Each local authority should enter into a dialogue with its citizens, local organisations, and private enterprises, and adopt a "local agenda 21". Agenda 21 is the action plan for sustainable development for the 21st century adopted by world leaders at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) - the Earth Summit - held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992.
  17. 17. Asian Oasis was founded on the principles of sustainable development emphasizing on;  •Preservation: of culture, traditions, nature and community  •Sustaining: the natural environment and the livelihood of the community  •Building strong and vibrant communities and protecting the environment  •Delivering the authentic experience to the visitors
  18. 18. Preservation
  19. 19. Preservation of traditions, cultures, communities and the nature
  20. 20. Sustaining Create Long term Opportunities & Economic Prosperity
  21. 21. Creating: employment, small business’ & education opportunities
  22. 22. Building
  23. 23. • Skilled Work force • Local business • Education • Strong family ties and community life
  24. 24. Delivering, an Authentic Experience We give our guest the opportunity to exchange and experience with the local community and their surroundings.
  25. 25. Experience Sustainable Activities
  26. 26. The EarthCare Program Designed to ensured that the local community and Asian Oasis works towards a common goal which is to sustain the livelihood of the community and their environment. Creating opportunities for community projects through schools, institutions, internships and volunteers.
  27. 27. ‣ Learning & Building: Community and Environment ‣ Discovery: New culture and self ‣ Awareness: traditions, communities issues and environment. ‣ Past Projects: ‣ Building dams, schools & Museums ‣ Implementing waste recycling in villages ‣ Cleaning up the local community ‣ Teaching English ‣ Endangered Giant Cat Fish preservation EarthCare Students
  28. 28. Learning, building and sustaining community and environment. Education :
  29. 29. Community life: - Ethnic Minority along the Mekong River Thursday Market, Song Pi Nong, Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai •Learn about cross border trade of small communities between Laos and Thailand.
  30. 30. ‣ Building; environment & community interaction ‣ Leadership ‣ Bonding & Cultural Exchange ‣ Retreat ‣ Self Awareness & Balance EarthCare Corporate
  31. 31. Volunteer: Conversational English Class’ to local students • Micheal Peschadt of BBC Peschardt's People • Young Skal Association • Mekong Tourism Forum
  32. 32. Volunteers : Working with the Local community to reforest areas where villagers have encroached.
  33. 33. Himmapaan Foundation
  34. 34. Himmapaan Foundation is a network of organizations, individuals and companies mainly in the travel-related industries. Working together to support sustainable tourism in areas where tourism has had an impact on the environment and local traditions. It strives to encourage travelers to take part in activities to restore or improve the quality of life of local people in their communities and environmental protection projects.
  35. 35. Asian Oasis & Himmapaan Foundation
  36. 36. ‣ Active member of the HMP Foundation ‣ Manage HMP Visitor Center ‣ Encourage & sells activities with travelers participation ‣ Participate in seed collection and annual tree planting Asian Oasis - Activities
  37. 37. Lahu Hill Tribe: the community is only accessible by trek. • Education program: building a local school & English lessons (Kru Su Doi) • Cultural & Heritage Perservation: museum building • Reforestation: seed collection and waste disposal. Lahu Outpost: Koop Kup District, Chiang Mai
  38. 38. Kru Su Doi: Developed with the Himmapaan to raise funds for the salary of a school teacher at Kop Kup Lahu village, Chiang Mai. The project helps children in the village ages between 2-7 years old to have access to education. Before the project began, the children had to trek for hours from their hill tribe village to attend school, which is located on the foothill
  39. 39. Reforestation • Volunteers work with local communities to plant trees in area which they impacted. • Volunteers educate and work with the locals on the reforestation.
  40. 40. Mekhala - Traditional Rice Barges • Life on Thailand Oldest Commercial River • Study on the impact of communities living along the river by visits
  41. 41. June Bathra : traditional Chinese Junks in Phuket Working with local fishermen and Muslim community in Phang Nga Bay (Boat Crew, Catering, etc.)
  42. 42. The following principles should be followed by everyone who implements and participates in ecotourism activities:  Minimize impact  Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect  Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts  Provide direct financial benefits for conservation  Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people  Raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate  Support international human rights and labour agreements
  43. 43. so that our children can enjoy the same resources and beauty that we have for generations.
  44. 44. for information please contact: email: info@asian-oasis.com website: www.asian-oasis.com