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How Technology is Changing the Writer's Craft & Audience


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Published in: Business, Education
  • This is my presentation as part of a panel held May 25, 2012 at the annual conference of the Writers' Union of Canada in Vancouver, BC.

    Is Technology Changing Craft and Audience?

    Description: Technology is changing how we think and read. Is it also changing how we write and access our audience? Rachel Zolf, author of an award-winning poetry narrative generated from search engines, and Cynara Geissler, marketing manager for Arsenal Pulp Press, will talk about such reshapings. Thad McIlroy, electronic publishing consultant and author, will moderate the conversation.
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How Technology is Changing the Writer's Craft & Audience

  1. 1. How Technology is ChangingCraft & Audience Thad McIlroy WUC OnWords Conference Vancouver, BC May 25, 2012
  2. 2. Our Session Technology is changing how we think and read. Is it also changing how we write and access our audience?
  3. 3. Our Speakers Cynara Geissler, Marketing Manager, Arsenal Pulp Press Rachel Zolf, Poet & Professor, University of Calgary Thad McIlroy, The Future of Publishing
  4. 4. A Bit About Thad Started in publishing in Canada in 1977. Founded Virgo Press and Beatty & Church. Consulting for 25 years on publishing and technology. 18 books; 300+ articles.
  5. 5. Understanding Technology Black + white thinking is anathema to appreciating change. Change is not either/or. It’s and. Technology is a process; it’s not an event. Don’t be defensive; it attracts predators.
  6. 6. What’s Changed?More The Same FewerBooks Libraries BookstoresAuthors Grants Old publishersPublishersReadersAlternatives
  7. 7. The challenge lies in theabundance of media competingfor readers’ attention.
  8. 8. Leisure Time Canada, 2005
  9. 9. Media Consumption Microsoft, 2012
  10. 10. It’s Not Just About Bookstores
  11. 11. Canadian Outlets
  12. 12. And Many Motivations
  13. 13. Ebook Sales are Exploding
  14. 14. Yet Just a Fraction of the Total
  15. 15. New Tablets Demand Content
  16. 16. Fiction is Hot!
  17. 17. Literary Fiction is Hotter!
  18. 18. While Ad Spend Plummets
  19. 19. Be Thankful You’re Not on TV
  20. 20. Large Publisher Sales Reduced by $70m ̶ $120m
  21. 21. Self-Published Authors Winning
  22. 22. Thank you