Bookishness: A Model of Publishing


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A presentation made to the Book Manufacturers' Institute November 5, 2012

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Bookishness: A Model of Publishing

  1. 1. BookishnessA Model of Publishing in the Age of Ebooks Thad McIlroy November 5, 2012
  2. 2. A Bit About Thad Started in trade publishing in 1977 Consulting for 25 years on publishing and technology. 18 books; 300+ articles.
  3. 3. Our Session Banish the bad news People have rediscovered the joy of reading! A great time to forge partnerships between print & digital I call it “Bookishness” – what makes a book a book?
  4. 4. Banish the Bad News Bears Shrinking markets Both chain and independent bookstores in trouble Ebooks replacing printed books Premium production & printing moving offshore
  5. 5. Banish the Bad News Steady print markets; digital exploding Chain bookstores holding steady; solidly profitable (except for digital) Ebooks augmenting printed books Premium production & printing moving offshore. OK, that’s true: but let’s focus on what we do best...
  6. 6. There’s Gobs of Good News More readers than ever Book readers cheerfully pay for books! 293 new publishing startups since 2008  Smart people working on innovative ideas An explosion of new ereaders and tablets hungry for good content Printing companies already have presses in place
  7. 7. People haverediscovered thejoy of reading
  8. 8. The Sales ReportJuly 2012: It doesn’t get much better than this! Trade sales of $523 million were up 12% Ebook sales at $138 million, up 62 percent YTY  Ebooks are 25% of trade sales
  9. 9. Yet Just a Fraction of the Total
  10. 10. Higher Ed Won By Best-Managed
  11. 11. Environmentalism You’ve lost the battle when you hear people saying “well at least I didn’t kill a tree to read that book.” Trees are just another cash crop like corn or carrots No one ever says “Do you realize how many carrots were killed to make that carrot cake?”
  12. 12. Cory Doctorow Innovates
  13. 13. The Goon Squad
  14. 14. The Goon Squad + PowerPoint
  15. 15. Old Mr. Smiley
  16. 16. Mr. Smiley Reborn
  17. 17. Celebrating Book Covers
  18. 18. Reading at the Leading Edge Craig Mod Designing Books in the Digital Age
  19. 19. A Short History of Production  Magenta Stencil duplicator, 1880  Cyan Spirit duplicator, 1923  Black Laser printer, 1969  Yellow Inkjet printer, 1976
  20. 20. The Emphatic Bookshelf
  21. 21. Jonathan Safran Foer
  22. 22. The Concise Book of VisaApplication Forms
  23. 23. Textbooks are Troubled Look at tablet adoption rate both in K-12 and higher ed Take a look at both Inkling Habitat and Apple’s iBooks Author and see what you think the future of textbook publishing is Also delve into open courseware, MOOCs, state licensing and more
  24. 24. But Other Opportunities Abound As of last night on, 25% of the top 20 bestselling books have no print equivalent (5/20) Too many new/novice self-published authors have lost sight of how important the print version of their book can be  75% of sales  Cataloging in publication  Library sales
  25. 25. Many Motivations
  26. 26. Start Partnering Writers’ associations Designers (AIGA) Independent publishers International publishers International retailers Paper and ink companies
  27. 27. Recommendations Two-pronged: 1. Spur innovation 2. Teach book appreciation Embrace digitally fully Awards, and cash Support independent bookstores  The chains may have to look after themselves
  28. 28. This is a great time forinnovative book printersbecause the market forreaders and book buyersis growing.
  29. 29. Thank