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Achema Attracts The CPI

  1. 1. April 2009 Pneumatic conveying Page 53 4capital cost calculations • optimizing pumping systems • achema Achema Show Preview Optimizing Pumping Systems Recycling Cathode Ray Tubes Temperature Measurement & Control Capital Cost Calculations Project HandoverVol. 116 no. 4 april 2009 Energy Efficiency In Steam Systems
  2. 2. Performance Fluids from DowFluids thatMove YourWorldIt takes the right fluids to achieve high levels of performance, ™ help maintain winter aviationproductivity and economy. For operating supplies that meet critical safety while contributing to on-time flight departure performance.functional and protection needs in demanding applications, choose www.ucaradf.comperformance fluids from Dow. We supply advanced, proven, andreliable solutions for heat transfer, lubrication, fluid power, freeze We stand behind our fluids with a global support team that canand corrosion protection, and deicing. provide the application, technical, regulatory, sales and customer service assistance you require. For fluids that perform, choose ™ † performance fluids from Dow. increase processing efficiency and economics inhigh temperature processing environments. ™ ™ U.S, Canada, and Mexico: 1-800-447-4369 help prevent system corrosion and freeze Latin America: (+55) 11-5188-9222damage in water-based HVAC, food and beverage, and other Europe: +800-3-694-6367* or (+32) 3-450-2240systems. Asia-Pacific: +800-7776-7776* or (+60) 3-7958-3392 ™ help protect circulatingsystems against corrosion and cavitation erosion damage in gaspipeline compressor engines and other oil and gas ™ reduce wear and extend the life ®TM Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow †SYLTHERM Fluids are manufactured by Dow Corning Corporation and distributed byof industrial, mobile, marine and other equipment while offering The Dow Chemical Companyimportant fire-resistance and economic benefits. *Toll-free service not available in all countries. Circle 01 on p. 70 or go to
  3. 3. Give your next pneumatic conveyor the PNEUMATI-CON PLUS advantage: TMThe pneumatic conveyingexpertise you need for topefficiency, plus the broadprocess experience you needfor seamless integrationwith your upstream anddownstream equipment.It takes more than a great pneumaticconveyor to deliver your bulk materialwith top efficiency. It also takesprocess engineering experts who know,in advance, how your process equip-ment, storage vessels, and materialwill affect your conveying results.Which is why you should rely on Flexicon.Under one roof you will find acomprehensive line of robust pneu-matic conveyor components from filterreceivers and rotary airlock valves tocyclone separators and blowers, andthe in-depth pneumatic experience ittakes to size and configure them toyield maximum efficiency, longevityand cost effectiveness.As importantly, you will find experiencedprocess engineers who draw onFlexicon’s 10,000+ installations inte-grating conveyors, screeners, grinders,crushers, blenders, weigh hoppers,bulk bag unloaders/fillers, bag/drumdump stations, and/or storage vessels—experts who understand how yourupstream and downstream equipmentcan impact, and be impacted by, theoperation of your pneumatic conveyor.Going the extra mile to outperformcompetitive pneumatic conveyors iswhat PNEUMATI-CON PLUSTM isall about. V-0219It’s what enables Flexicon to guaranteetop results, and you to make pivotalimprovements to your process with FLEXICON CORPORATION UNITED KINGDOM +44 (0)1227 374710absolute confidence. 2400 Emrick Blvd. AUSTRALIA +61 (0)2 9482 4033 Bethlehem, PA 18020-8006 USA SOUTH AFRICA +27 (0)41 453 1871 Tel: 1 888 FLEXICON (1 888 353 9426) Tel: 1 610 814 2400 Fax: 1 610 814 0600 www.flexicon.comWhen you convey with Flexicon, E-mail: sales@flexicon.comyou convey with confidenceTM ® ©2004 Flexicon Corporation. Flexicon Corporation has registrations and pending applications for the trademark FLEXICON throughout the world. Circle 04 on p. 70 or go to
  4. 4. Circle 05 on p. 70 or go to
  5. 5. April 2009 In ThIs Issue Volume 116, no. 4 Commentary 5 Editor’s Page Achema maintains influence This month, instead of focusing on a single comprehensive story or even a two-part series, our cover high- lights Achema 2009, anCover story important thread that34 Cover Story Achema Defies Economic weaves throughout the Odds Even in a recession year, over issue and beyond. For 180,000 visitors from 100 countries are more, see our Microsite anticipated at this triennial event departments13 Chementator This new crystallizer re- duced damage to larger crystals; Sonop- Letters ......................... 6 olymerization as a means to manufacture Calendar ................ 9, 11 composite nanoparticles; Reduce process Crossword Puzzle ....... 38 consumables with this new separator; A less expensive way Who’s Who ................ 40 to make conductive coatings; Reader A new standard for viscosity Service page .............. 70 measurement; High-throughput Economic screening accelerates glycerol- Indicators ............. 71, 72 to-chemicals research; A palla- dium catalyst makes primary advertisers amines in aqueous NH3; Optical fiber sensing gets an NSF boost; Product Showcase...... 64 EPA proposes national reporting system Classified for greenhouse gases; and more equipment & serviCes Advertising .......... 65–6824 Newsfront Recycling Cathode Ray 40D-1, 40I-1 Show Preview Advertiser Index ......... 69 Tubes As CRTs become an obsolete form Achema Achema 2009 of video display technology, recycling their (Frankfurt am Main, Coming in may lead-filed glass is increasingly important Germany; May 11–15), Look for: Feature Re- the World’s largest assem-28 Newsfront Digital Handover Head- ports on Design and bly of chemical process aches Electronic project handover has Operation of Gravity industry professionals is helped, but standardization with data and Dryers; and Chemi- approaching. With over system compatibility remain cal Process Safety; 200,000 visitors and more than 3,500 Engineering Practice exhibitors filling the exhibition groundsengineering articles on Optimal of Messe Frankfurt GmbH, this exhibi- Cooling Systems for37 Facts At Your Fingertips Energy Effi- tion and congress on chemical engi- Coastal Plants; ERP ciency In Steam Systems This one-page neering, environmental protection and Packaging for Your guide explains the importance of efficient biotechnology continues to be the flag- EPC Contracting Busi- condensate handling in steam systems ship trade fair for the chemical process ness; and Treatment of industries. This show preview contains42 Feature Report Optimizing Pumping Wastewater in a De- a cross-section of the products and ser- Systems Often overlooked, pump system ef- layed Coking Unit; A vices that will be on display ficiency makes a dramatic impact on process Focus on Heat Trans- performance 61 Focus Temperature Measurement & fer; News articles on Control This three-way valve improves Batch Processing; and46 Feature Report Calculate Capital Costs temperature control; Field-ready por- Petroleum Refining; Quickly Estimating capital costs early can pre- table temperature monitor features three Facts at Your Finger- vent wasting money on dead-end projects Arrows indicate industrial boiler measure- scales; Get tips on Process Con-53 Solids Processing Understanding location of wear points ments for consistent blowdown control; trol; and more Bends In Pneumatic Conveying This module delivers a wide range of Systems Despite their apparent capabilities for temperature control; Mea- This months cover is simplicity, bends are often sure flowrate and temperature with one composed of pictures poorly understood and instrument; New infrared sensor offers from Achema 2006. unless properly designed, improved performance in harsh industrial Photos: Dechema / Radius bend Blinded lateral they are potentially problematic environments; and more Helmut Stettin ChemiCal engineering www.Che.Com april 2009 3
  6. 6. Circle 06 on p. 70 or go to
  7. 7. Winner of Eight Jesse H. Neal Awards for Editorial Excellence Editor’s Page Published since 1902 An Access Intelligence Publication Achema maintains influence LPublisHEr Art & dEsiGN ongtime readers of this magazine may notice that this month’s coverMikE O’rOurkE dAvid WHitCHEr theme marks an exception to a rule that has been fairly well estab-Publisher Art Director/ lished for awhile now. Topics on the cover of Chemical Editorial Production Manager typically reflect one of the practical, how-to articles that we are knownEditOrs PrOduCtiON for — or at least point readers to an especially timely and lengthy newsrEbEkkAH J. MArsHAllEditor in Chief MiCHAEl d. krAus roundup article. This time, however, instead of focusing on a single VP of Production & Manufacturing prehensive story or even a two-part series, we highlight an important mkraus@accessintel.comdOrOtHy lOzOWski stEvE OlsON thread that weaves throughout the issue.Managing Director of Production & That thread is Achema 2009, the 29th International Exhibition-Congress ManufacturingGErAld ONdrEy (Frankfurt) on chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology,Senior WilliAM C. GrAHAM which will take place next month (May 11–15) at the colossal fairgroundskAtE tOrzEWski Ad Production Manager in Frankfurt, Germany. Notably contrary to what one would expect for a bgraham@che.comAssistant Editor MArkEtiNG trade show in this economy, Achema does not show signs of HOlly rOuNtrEE Chemical Engineering’s cover policies aside, Achema is in no way a newsuzANNE A. sHEllEyContributing Editor Marketing Manager phenomenon to this magazine or to the global chemical process industries (CPI) that it serves. The first Achema was held in 1920 in Hanover, with 75 AudiENCECOrrEsPONdENts dEvElOPMENt exhibitors. Initially touring different German cities for a short period, AchemaCHArlEs butCHEr (U.K.) sylviA siErrA has long been staged in Frankfurt on a frequency of once every three Senior Vice President, Over time, Achema has grown substantially and is on course to attractPAul s. GrAd (Australia) Corporate Audience 180,000 visitors this year — slightly more than the previous Achema didtEtsuO sAtOH (Japan) JOHN rOCkWEll in 2006 under much better economic circumstances. The size of the event Vice President, Audience Development Chemical is truly remarkable. Dechema e.V., the show’s organizer, expects aroundJOy lEPrEE (New Jersey) 4,000 exhibitors to fill 140,000 m2 of net exhibition space — that is equiv-jlepree@che.comGErAld PArkiNsON lAuriE HOfMANN alent to more than half of the combined floor area of the Empire State Audience Marketing Director(California) Building here in New York. Meanwhile, Achema continues its trend towardEditOriAl tErry bEst becoming increasingly global, with around 46% of exhibitors coming fromAdvisOry bOArd Audience Development Manager outside Germany, compared to 44% in the year 2006.JOHN CArsONJenike & Johanson, Inc. GEOrGE sEvEriNE That said, it is easy to wonder what is holding Achema together when thedAvid diCkEy Fulfillment Manager CPI’s travel budgets and other expenditures are reportedly being cut. That gseverine@accessintel.comMixTech, Inc. CHristiE lAMONt anomaly is the subject of our Newsfront on p. 34, which points out — amongMukEsH dOblE List Sales, World Data 561-393-8200 other things — that Achema has a reputation for being “the place” to showcaseIIT Madras, IndiaHENry kistEr CONfErENCEs new technologies. See our Achema Show Preview (p. 40) for a brief crossectionFluor Corp. dANA d. CArEy of the products to be unveiled there (also see March, p. 40, for Part I). Director, Global Event SponsorshipstrEvOr klEtz Even as prevalent as the Achema theme is in this issue, it is only theLoughborough University, U.K. PECk siM tip of the iceberg when it comes to our coverage of the event. Chemical En-GErHArd krEysADECHEMA e.V. Senior Manager, Conference Programming gineering delivers Achema-related news across our print and online plat-rAM rAMACHANdrAN forms leading up to, during and after the show. The central clearinghouseBOC bEAtriz suArEz for this content is our Achema Microsite (, which Director of Conference OperationsiNfOrMAtiON has been live since February. A comprehensive collection of Achema showsErviCEsrObErt PACiOrEk COrPOrAtE news, new product summaries, exhibitor information and useful visitorSenior VP & Chief Information Officer stEvE bArbEr links, this online show guide is a convenient resource not only for VP, Financial Planning & Internal Audit visitors but for all chemical engineers who are simply curious about theCHArlEs sANdsSenior Developer briAN NEssEN important trends that are emerging in the CPI.Web/business Applications Architect Group Publisher Of course, during the show, Chemical Engineering editors will once be onsite to produce the official Achema Daily, in cooperation with VogelHEAdquArtErs Business Media GmbH. And, our Achema review in the July issue will round110 William Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10038, U.S.Tel: 212-621-4900 Fax: 212-621-4694 up the highlights of the show and summarize the manyEurOPEAN EditOriAl OffiCEs innovations that we witness there.Zeilweg 44, D-60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany The point is, Achema’s front and center status inTel: 49-69-2547-2073 Fax: 49-69-5700-2484 this magazine might indeed be rare, but its influenceCirCulAtiON rEquEsts:Tel: 847-564-9290 Fax: 847-564-9453 is ongoing. For the connections that we make there,Fullfillment Manager; P.O. Box 3588, ourselves, go a long way toward achieving two chief,Northbrook, IL 60065-3588 email: longterm goals: cultivating good sources for practical,AdvErtisiNG rEquEsts: see p. 70 how-to articles and keeping you informed of what isFor photocopy or reuse requests: 800-772-3350 or info@copyright.comFor reprints: happening in and affecting the CPI. ■ Rebekkah Marshall ChemiCal engineering www.Che.Com april 2009 5
  8. 8. Letters Solar plant construction Thank you for your recent article, Solar’s Second Com- ing, in March (pp. 18–21). I completely enjoyed it. Your information was relevant and quite well presented. Perhaps you might consider a follow-up story on how the components and their materials of construc- tion are affecting solar plant efficiency and construc- tion costs. The chemistry and metallurgy that are being used in struts, frames, and storage devices are, in many ways, as interesting as the plants themselves. Again, congratulations on a terrific article. Brian Courtney, Senior PR Executive Schubert Communications, Inc., Downingtown, Pa. Hydraulic Institute seeks input on ANSI pump standards The Hydraulic Institute (HI; Parsippany, N.J.; www., under the approval of the American Na- tional Standards Institute (ANSI; Washington, D.C.;, is seeking qualified individuals in North America to participate in the review process for the draft of two updated standards: 1. Standard ANSI/HI 4.1-4.6, Sealless Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application, Opera- tion and Test. This standard covers the unique features of sealless rotary pumps and includes sections on types and nomenclature; definitions; design and applications; installation, operation, and maintenance; and test. Because of the variety of rotary pump configurations available and the broad range of applications, familiarization withCircle 57 on p. 70 or go to Hydraulic Institute Standards ANSI/HI 3.1–3.5 Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Ap- plication and Operation and ANSI/HI 3.6 Rotary Pump Tests is recommended. 2. ANSI/HI 5.1-5.6, Sealless Rotodynamic (Centrifu- gal) Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Applica- tion, Operation and Test. This standard applies to canned motor pumps and magnetic drive pumps. Excluded from the scope of products are submersible wastewater pumps. The standard includes types and nomenclature; design and application; installation, operation and maintenance; and test. Individuals and organizations directly and materi- ally affected by either standard are asked to contact HI. These parties include pump users and specifiers, producers, standards developers, government agencies, and general interest groups. HI is currently assem- bling a canvass list of all parties interested in review- ing the drafts. These lists will be submitted to ANSI in order to meet its open canvass requirements. To participate in the ANSI/HI canvass, contact Karen Anderson, administrator, Technical Affairs, at kanderson or (973) 267-9700 x 23.
  9. 9. Centrifuges Filters Dryers Systems -Maffei Krauss fuges Centri ryers D Filters, d an s System I want When you choose KMPT and our Krauss-Maffei Centrifuges, Filters and Dryers, EMA in you will realize the quality gained from tradition in innovative equipment design at ACH y. Visit us rt, German 3-E16 and manufacturing. As we have done for more than 80 years, our engineers fu 1 Frank .0, Stand D rward to develop advanced solutions for mechanical and thermal process technology. Hall 5 looking fo We areg you. Trials at our test center ensure your decision for safety, reliability and efficiency meetin of your process application. Free-admission vouchers for Achema are available at or per mail to Circle 07 on p. 70 or go to
  10. 10. mighty powerful With Experion LS even small plants can carry a heavy load. Improve cycle time, quality and compliance with the power of a distributed control system delivered in a compact package. Honeywell provides process manufacturers of all sizes with optimum productivity and profitability. With powerful batch features, Experion LS helps small sites better respond to market changes and increase process uptime without the cumbersome engineering and lifecycle support of traditional PLC-based solutions.Let the process control experts help you transform your business with an agile system designed toreduce lifecycle costs and improve process efficiencies.  To learn more about Experion LS, please call 1-877-466-3993 or visit  Circle 09 on p. 70 or go to /© 2009 Honeywell International, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. CalendarNORTH AMERICAResiduals and Biosolids 2009. Water Environment Westfalia Separator ®Federation Specialty Conferences (Alexandria, Va.).Phone: 703-684-2400, ext. 7739; Web: caretechnologyPortland, Ore. May 3–622nd Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition.American Filtration and Separations Society (Richfield,Minn.). Phone: 612-861-1277; Fax: 612-861-7959;, Minn. ay 09 May 4–7 11. - 15. M ACHEMA - G 22 Stand D 13World Innovation Forum. HSM Group (New York, N.Y.). Hall 4.0 |Phone: 866-711-4476; Web: York, N.Y. May 5–6 EngineeredPlastics in Underground Pipes 2009. Applied MarketInformation (AMI) LLC (Reading, Pa.). Phone: 610-478-0800; Web:, Fla. May 6–7 with Care19th Annual Joint ISA POWID/EPRI Controls andInstrumentation Conference, and 52nd AnnualPOWID Division Sympostium. ISA (Research TrianglePark, N.C.). Phone: 919-549-8411; Web:, Ill. May 12–14 Protecting people and the environment while boosting separation efficiency and reducing11th Annual Electric Power Conference & Exhibi- operating costs – Westfalia Separator caretechnologytion. Trade Fair Group (Houston, Tex.). Phone: 832-242- combines these parameters in a single concept.1969, ext. 306); Web: electricpowerexpo.comRosemont, Ill. May 12–14 Our separators and decanters, developed specially for the chemical industry, ensure safe production.IETC 2009: 31st Industrial Energy Technology They fulfil all applicable explosion proof regulationsConference. Texas A&M University, Energy Systems and are rated for overpressure conditions.Laboratory (College Station, Tex.); Phone: 979-847-8950;Web: http://ietc.tamu.eduNew Orleans, La. May 12–15 Profitable production is assured thanks to design features such as the special corrosion-resistant2009 BIO International Convention. BIO Interna- lining of the separator bowls and the option oftional (Washington, D.C.). Phone: 202-962-6655; direct drive.Web:, Ga. May 18–21 Safety and productivity in ideal combination – Westfalia Separator caretechnology for the chemical19th Annual Fugitive Emissions/Leak Detection industry.and Repair (LDAR) Training and Symposium. TheInternational Society of Automation (Research TrianglePark, N.C.). Phone: 919-549-8411; Web: You will find further information at:Austin, Tex. May 19–22, SMARTSearch Code 2505CE55th International Instrumentation Symposium.The International Society of Automation (ISA; Research Circle 08 on p. 70 or go toTriangle Park. N.C.). Phone: 919-549-9418; Web: City, Tex. June 1–5Human Error Prevention (a) and Root Cause Anal-ysis (b) Seminars. High Technology Seminars (Cold GEA Westfalia Separator Process GmbH WSPC-2-50-005Spring, N.Y.). Phone: 845-265-0123; Web: Werner-Habig-Straße 1 · 59302 Oelde (Germany) Phone +49 2522 77-0 · Fax +49 2522 77-2828 ·
  12. 12. Circle 10 on p. 70 or go to
  13. 13. FP0.C.GB CalendarAlbuquerque, N.M. June 9–10 (a), and June 11–12 (b)Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Show. Canon Com-munications LLC (Los Angeles, Calif.). Phone: 310-445-4200; Web: Visit us!New York, N.Y. June 9–11 ACHEMA 2009 Frankfurt am Main,AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition 2009. GermanyAmerican Waterworks Assn. (Denver, Colo.). Phone: 303- 11 - 15 May 2009347-6140; Web: Hall 3.0, Stand L20 - L21San Diego, Calif. June 14–18Honeywell Users Group Americas Symposium.Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions (Phoenix,Ariz.). Phone: 877-466-3993; Web: honeywell.comPhoenix, Ariz. June14–1913th IACIS International Conference on Surfaceand Colloids, and 83rd ACS Colloid and SurfaceSymposium. International Assn. of Colloid and InterfaceScientists (Delft, Netherlands), American ChemicalSociety — Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, andNSF Industry/University Center for Surfactants at Co-lumbia University (New York, N.Y.); Phone: 203-569-7909;Web: innoresearch.netNew York, N.Y. June 14–19Recycling Metals from Industrials Waste. ColoradoSchool of Mines (Golden, Colo).; Phone: 303-273-3321;Web:, Colo. June 23–25 Conveying Palletizing PackagingEURopENanofair 2009. VDI Wissensforum GmbH (Düsseldorf,Germany). Phone: +49 (0) 211 62 14 201; Web:nanofair.comDresden, Germany May 26–27 BEUMER solutions forElectronics & Battery Recycling 2009. ICM AG(Birrwil, Switzerland). Phone: + 41 (0) 62 785 1000; Fax: the chemical industry.+ 41 (0) 62 785 1005; Web: icm.chToronto, Ont. June 24–26 Efficient. Safe.17th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition.ETA-Renewable Energies (Florence, Italy) and WIP-Renewable Energies (Munich, Germany); Phone: +39 055500 2280; Fax: +39 055 573 425; As a leading international manufacturer ofWeb: intralogistic solutions for the conveying, palletizingHamburg, Germany June 29–July 2 and packaging equipment segments, we know every aspect of your products and their specific properties. This expertise flows into the designASIA & ElSEWHERE and construction of all our plants and systems23rd International Activated Carbon Conference for the chemical industry. See for yourself. Weand Courses. PACS Testing and Consulting (Coraopolis, look forward to your visit!Pa.). Phone: 724-457-6676; Fax: 724-457-1214; Circle 11 on p. 70 or go toJohannesburg, South Africa May 26–27 ■ Suzanne Shelley
  14. 14. Too good to be true? We’ll let you decide. Try the AT9000 before youbuy. We think that you’ll be impressed with its consistent performancefrom day one to year ten, thrilled by its ease of customization, andpleasantly surprised by the window sticker.The Yamatake AT9000 Advanced TransmitterReliability you need. Performace you want. Pricing you crave. Circle 12 on p. 70 or go to
  15. 15. Edited by Gerald Ondrey April 2009 Vapor Calibration-free pHThis new crystallizer reduces Crystallizer Fines destruction The world’s first con-damage to larger crystals Steam tinuously self-calibrating ph measurement system was Fines previewed at the interphexW ith the exception of Oslo-type crystalliz- ers, the main commercial crystallizersare agitated systems that use an agitator Small Condensates show in new York last month by Sensorin (Burlingame, crystals Calif;[agitated tank or draft-tube baffle (DTB)] or according to the manufac-a circulation pump [forced circulation (FC) turer, all currently availablecrystallizers]. In such systems, however, ph sensors including glass,large crystals become damaged by the pump optical and ion-selective field Small & largeor impeller, which leads to the generation crystals effect transistors (iSFeT)of fines, says Michel Malfand, president of Larger require calibration, whereasCrystal Evap consult (Draveil, France). crystals Sensorin’s approach, which Steam is internally referenced andAs a result, FC units typically have an based upon amperometricelutriating leg, and most DTBs have Heater ph sensing, does not. This issome type of “fines killer”, he says. Mixing device a plus for online monitoring Malfand has patented a new crystal- Feed of ph-sensitive applications.lizer (diagram) that is based on a differ- Condensates The Sensorin solid-stateent hydraulic concept, whereby only the me- tals with a d50 of 500 microns, compared to design combines two elec-dium-sized crystals are in contact with the dispersed crystals with a d50 of 200–250 mi- trodes onto a proprietaryagitating device; the larger crystals are indi- crons produced in conventional crystallizers, substrate on the samerectly circulated without contact. To increase says Malfand. Because fewer fines are pro- probe’s surface. Both elec-the particle size, the system is also equipped duced, there is less recycled material from trodes, therefore, contact the aqueous solution to bewith a leg and, if necessary, a fines killer. the dryer, the air treatment and the screen. analyzed. The reference A pilot crystallizer has been constructed As a result, the new crystallizer is expected electrode is a ph-insen-capable of producing 20–40 kg/h of crystals to save energy and capital costs, he says. sitive redox couple andwith a water evaporation rate of 40–120 And because there is no pump or agitator, its potential is a constantkg/h. The hydraulic concept has been vali- scaleup is very easy, adds Malfand. signal at a constant poten-dated, achieving improved crystal size dis- Last month, the firm started tests for a po- tial in solution. The mea-tribution and lower coefficient of variation tential customer; the results of the test could surement electrode is a(CV). In tests performed with product “A”, lead to the construction of a crystallizer with ph-sensitive redox couplethe crystallizer produced homogeneous crys- a 40,000 metric ton per year (m.t./yr) capacty. and its potential varies as a function of hydronium ion concentration. The sensingSonopolymerization as a means is performed by measuringto manufacture composite nanoparticles (Continues on p. 14)M any methods have been developed for the encapsulation of “active”materials within a carrier nanopar- nanoencapsulation of magnetite nano- particles within host latex particles. The team says sonochemical free- fusional forces in ways that individual nanoparticles will not.” This is an impor- tant factor in chemical processes usingticle, such as a polymer. These compos- radical-polymerization reactions can be high-gradient magnetic separations.ite structures can be used in many bio- achieved without chemical initiators, The process starts with magnetitemedical, cosmetics, and food processing and that fast polymerization rates are particles dispersed in the monomerapplications for the controlled release of obtained with a relatively high percent- phase. Water and sodium dodecyl sul-pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, and age of monomer-to-polymer conversion. fate (SDS) is added to the phase. Theflavors. However, most of the proposed The particles exhibit excellent colloidal liquid mixture is sonicated (20 kHz, 8 W/encapsulation methods developed so far stability and strong magnetic proper- cm2) for 20 s, which leads to the forma-involve multiple steps or complex prepa- ties, and are of the desired size to be tion of SDS-stabilized monomer dropletsration. Now a team from the School of technologically relevant, according to containing magnetite particles. FurtherChemistry, University of Melbourne the researchers. The composite beads sonication for 50 min leads to SDS stabi-(Australia; and prepared by the team “will retain the lized polymer particles containing mag-the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Mas- superparamagnetic properties of their netite particles. The researchers believesachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT; small constituent Fe3O4 nanoparticles, this technique can be applied to a rangeCambridge, Mass.;, has yet have sufficient magnetic content of polymers, and are currently investi-developed a “one-pot” sonochemical pro- that they will respond to magnetic field gating the synthesis of polymers sensi-cess using ultrasound at 20 kHz for the gradients to overcome counteracting dif- tive to temperature and pH.Note: For more information, circle the 3-digit numberon p. 70, or use the website designation. ChemiCal engineering www.Che.Com april 2009 13
  16. 16. (Continued from p. 13)C hementato R the potential difference be- tween the current peaks for the 1 2 3 4 two reagents. Since the peak Upperflow potential of both electrodes is Floating layer used with every measurement,Reduce process consumables the sensor is inherently self- calibrating. This Continuouslywith this new separator Self-Calibrating Sensor (CSC Sensor) design is independent of temperature, pressure andA queous Recovery Resources, Inc. (ARR; Bedford Hill, NY;,has developed the Suparator, an oil/water Bottom valve Underpressure other variables that can inter- fere with other ph systems.separation system that involves no moving Underflow Sonocrystallizationparts or media, for low operational costs Syrris ltd. (royston; www.and minimal maintenance. The separator and chemicals re-enter the water flow (3). has launched(diagram) is based on the Bernoulli effect, Finally, the upper fraction of the floating the atlas Sonolab System inwhereby increased stream velocity in a fluid layer gets skimmed off, isolating pure oil for collaboration with prosonixresults in internal pressure reduction, which refining or storage (4). ltd., (oxford, both U.K.; www.enables liquids of different specific gravi- This technology enables desired chemi- The auto-ties to be separated. A number of valves are cals to stay in the aqueous medium and not mated system combines themounted across the fluid channel such that get separated with the oil, making it ideal atlas jacketed-reactor platformthe major part of the flow passes underneath for removing thin oil films from valuable with prosonix’s Sonolab ultra-and a smaller portion passes overhead. Sev- mixtures and solutions. By reusing the re- sound technology, enabling theeral wings are used to progressively shear sulting process fluids and allowing oils to be reproducible control of crystal- lizations, and allows selectivityoff more oil and reduce water content. Dirt recovered and reused, process consumables of parameters such as particleand other unwanted foreign objects also get are potentially reduced by 50%, compared to size, shape, crystallinity andremoved before they settle into the water. conventional separators, says ARR. polymorphism. The system can In the first step, water and oil enter a com- Since the system was commercialized a also be used for sonomillingpartment (1), from which only water gets few months ago, several large-scale units and sonochemistry.sucked out (2). The remaining oil becomes have been sold. ARR is next looking to useconcentrated into a thick floating layer, but the Suparator in the extraction of oil from Energy-saving burnerstill contains some water and chemicals. The Canadian oil sands, which are very thick last month, Dürr environmen-oil becomes further concentrated as water and difficult to separate. tal and energy Systems (Stutt- gart, germany; launched the Tarcom V gasA less expensive way to make conductive coatings burner, which is said to reduce energy consumption in ther-C ambrios Technologies Corp. (Sunnyvale, strates. The coating can be formed at room mal air oxidizer (Tar) systems. Calif.; has formed temperature using standard coating pro- The burner can be retrofitteda strategic partnership with Chisso Corp. cess equipment, such as slot die, gravure into existing Tar oxidizers. Tarcom V is the product of( and Sumitomo Corp. and spin coaters, instead of sputtering. The a series of burner develop-(both Tokyo; for coated film is then soft baked at a low tem- ments, which started with thecommercialization of Cambrios’ first prod- perature for a short time to achieve best so-called cone burner, anduct, ClearOhm coating material. Targeted performance characteristics. further refined into the swirlfor the liquid crystal display (LCD) market, ClearOhm coatings have been found to burner, and has now culmi-ClearOhm is seen as a solution to some of perform better than standard transparent nated in a swirl burner with athe problems with the currently available conductors in many applications. For exam- hollow cylindrical flame. Thistransparent conductive coatings that are ple, this novel coating has better transmis- flame geometry — similarmade from Indium tin oxide (ITO) and other sion than standard transparent conductive to a rotating hollow cylinderconductive oxides. oxides (TCO) in a wide range of conductivi- — achieves a high mixing ef- ficiency, resulting in a better Transparent conductive materials are ties. ClearOhm coated films are also more temperature distribution in thewidely used for displays, touch panels, flexible and far less prone to cracking. combustion chamber, whichsolar cells and other applications. Coatings Another consideration is that in most ap- in turn leads to “significant”of these materials, such as ITO, are depos- plications, transparent conductive layers are energy savings and improvedited using expensive, energy-consuming patterned and so require additional process- emissions, says the company.vacuum-sputtering processes. The market ing steps. ClearOhm can be printed directly,has been interested in finding a replace- eliminating the need for costly patterning Slow-release pesticidesment for ITO to eliminate the high cost of equipment and additional acids and other Scientists at the institute ofprocessing involved. chemicals used in the patterning process. natural resources and agrobi- Cambrios’ technology consists of a dis- Cambrios expects commercial sales of ology of the Spanish nationalpersion of metallic nanowires in a solvent, ClearOhm coatings in the touch-panel mar- research Council (madrid;which is typically water, that has a viscos- ket starting in 2009, with future plans for have developedity and surface tension suitable for most commercialization in the LCD and thin-film (Continues on p. 16)wet-processing coating equipment and sub- solar markets. 14 ChemiCal engineering www.Che.Com april 2009
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  18. 18. C hementato R (Continued from p. 14) a method to encapsulate and Moving piston in measurement chamber slowly release pesticides as aA new standard for Electromagnetic coils Internal temperature probe RTD means to prevent leaching and volatization of the substancesviscosity measurement into the environment. The pesticide is encapsulated inT he American Society of Testing Materials (Conshohocken, Pa.; has developed a are capable of taking viscosity mea- surements of fluids much more frequently than older capillary- lecithin liposomes or vesicles, which in turn are fixed onto the surface of clay. The finalnew standard for measuring vis- tube viscometers. They also product is a powder that cancosity: ASTM D 7483-08, Determina- use a smaller sample size (volume of be dispersed in water. adsorp-tion of Dynamic and Kinematic Vis- less than 5 mL with a typical solvent tion to the clay prevents thecosity of Liquids by Oscillating Piston volume of less than 10 mL) than rota- active compound from being washed away, yet enables theViscometer (OPV). The new ASTM tional or vibrational viscometers, says slow release of the pesticidemethod is part of a brand new product Arthur Hindman, executive vice-presi- as needed. The researchersline to be launched this month by Cam- dent of Cambridge Viscosity. believe the method can be ap-bridge Viscosity (Medford, Mass.; www. The new test method can be particularly plied in other areas, such suitable for many petroleum products and mosquito repellents. OPVs are driven by two coils that move lubricants for bearings, gears, compressora piston back and forth magnetically at a cylinders, hydraulic equipment, fine PFOA alternativeconstant force (diagram). Cambridge Viscos- and general chemicals and coatings, Cerealus holdings, llC (wa-ity’s patented circuitry analyzes the piston’s where proper viscosity is important terville, maine; www.cerealus.two-way travel time to measure and con- f o r product performance. It covers the com) has developed a non-trol absolute viscosity. OPVs allow viscosity measurement of dynamic viscosity and deri- toxic, bio-based chemicalmeasurement and control of a broad range vation of kinematic viscosity of liquids, such replacement for fluorinatedof fluids including those that are transpar- as new and in-service lubricating oils. The compounds, such as perfluo-ent, translucent and opaque. The measure- test method is applicable to Newtonian and rooctcanoic acid (pFoa), usedment function of the viscometer is fully au- non-Newtonian liquids, covering dynamic in food packaging and food-tomatic and maintains a continuous fresh viscosities of 0.2 to 20,000 cP at tempera- (Continues on p. 20)sample while under test. Oscillating pistons tures of –40 to 190°C. Equipment works better when it’s backed by expertise. You can count on Aggreko’s vast We create customized rental experience for tailored rental solutions for: utility solutions that meet your • Shutdowns and turnarounds needs efficiently and cost-effectively. • Seasonal process and Whether your facility is planning a supplemental cooling shutdown for maintenance and repairs, • Emergency response or you need backup equipment during • De-bottlenecking processes an emergency or peak demand, your solution is just one phone call away. Aggreko is your go-to company for all of your power generation, temperature control, and oil-free compressed air needs. Contact Aggreko today. 800.348.8370 Circle 14 on p. 70 or go to 16 ChemiCal engineering www.Che.Com april 2009
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  20. 20. C hementato RHigh-throughput screening accelerates glycerol-to-chemicals researchA rkema (Colomes, France; www. and hte (Heidelberg,Germany; have using conventional testing equipment,” says Jean-Luc Dubois, scientific direc- tor at Arkema. the first step; this not only extends the life of the catalyst, but also significantly reduces the production of some byprod-successfully concluded a research col- Arkema already has a number of pat- ucts, says Dubois.laboration aimed at identifying new ents covering this glycerol-to-chemicals Glycerol conversions of 100% are easycatalysts for the conversion of glycerol technology. In the process, glycerol first to achieve, and several families of cata-— a byproduct of biodiesel production undergoes an intramolecular dehydra- lysts can lead to selectivities of at least— to acrolein (2-propenal) and acrylic tion to acrolein using a solid acid cata- 70%, says Dubois. The acid strength ofacid. The collaboration, which started lyst. Acrolein is then further oxidized to the catalyst is one of the key param-last year, utilized hte’s proprietary par- acrylic acid with the same catalyst, or in eters, he adds. Arkema may build aallel testing technology to explore and a separate reactor. The reaction takes demonstration plant within two to fourevaluate suitable catalysts by means of place in the gas phase at 300°C and near years. This will only make sense if thehigh-throughput experimentation. “By atmospheric pressure. Although glycerol product can be made at the same costusing this approach, we have produced dehydration does not require another re- as current technology, but with a lowerresults in a matter of months; this nor- agent, a major innovation (patented by carbon footprint — something Arkemamally would have taken over two years Arkema) has been to add oxygen during is now investigating, says Dubois.A palladium catalyst makes primary amines in aqueous NH3P rimary amines are made in high yield by a palladium-catalyzed al-lylic amination reaction developed by source — the first time this has ever been achieved, disproving a 30-year old theory that allylic amination using rahydrofuran (THF) solvent. No reaction occurred when using NH3 gas as the nitrogen source; but when switching toShu Kobayashi, a chemistry professor aqueous ammonia was impossible. aqueous NH3, the researchers obtainedat the University of Tokyo (Japan; www. Kobayashi discovered the method 71% secondary amine and 14% The reaction when trying to perform allylic amina- amine. Kobayashi speculates that the pri-uses aqueous ammonia as the nitrogen SpencerACHEMAad7x4.875final:Layout 1 3/18/09 1:22 PM Page 1 in tet- tion of 1,3-diphenyl allyl acetate (Continues on p. 20) Specials are our standard. Dangerous, acrid, corrosive, caustic, or poisonous – how do you deal with all those nasty In the process Spencer applies more than 115 years of industry gases? With specially industry, air and gas technology leadership to engineer, design and designed blower and gas handling equipment must manufacture solutions for extreme air and gas booster solutions from perform flawlessly under very handling challenges. Our custom blowers and gas The Spencer Turbine tough requirements: boosters are unique and specialized for their target • Corrosive and toxic gases such as application. We fabricate from special metals and Company. sulfides, nitrogen, halogens, acids, utilize corrosion-resistant coatings, restrictive shaft cyanides, hydrogen and ammonia sealing and leak-tight designs. • Temperatures to 11000 F (593 Celsius) Only Spencer offers the process industry more • Casing design pressures to 1000 psig (6895 kPa) choices, more options and more experience in • Inlet pressures to 300 psig (2068 kPa) providing air and gas handling equipment for • Differential pressures to 20 psig (138 kPa) hot, high-pressure or corrosive gases. • Volumes to 15000 icfm (25485 m3/hr) • Leak-tight performance The Spencer Turbine Company • 600 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095 USA • 800-232-4321 • 860-688-8361 • Fax 860-688-0098 • Visit us at ACHEMA 2009 – Stand F4 in Hall 9.0 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, May 11 through 15. Circle 16 on p. 70 or go to 18 ChemiCal engineering www.Che.Com april 2009
  21. 21. Circle 17 on p. 70 or go to
  22. 22. (Continued from p. 16)C hementato R grade paper. The patented coating additive, called hold-Optical fiber sensing gets an NSF boost out, is made from a byproduct of corn, and is a water-basedL ast January, Chiral Photonics, Inc. (Pine toring, industrial furnaces (such as smelters) formulation that is grease and Brook, N.J.; was and concentrated solar power. oil-resistant, making is suitable Sensor gratings are fabricated by twisting a for food packaging in the fast-awarded $500,000 in a Small Business Tech- food industries. pFoa, whichnology Transfer Phase II grant from the Na- glass fiber into a helix as it is passed through a is used in similar applications,tional Science Foundation (NSF; Washington, microheating zone. The resulting optical fiber, has come under increasedD.C.). The grant will be used to develop a new tradenamed Helica, has unique optical prop- scrutiny over its potential tox-optical-fiber-sensor platform capable of mea- erties. For example, characteristic dips in the icity, and was classified as asuring temperature, pressure, strain axial grating’s optical transmission spectrum shift “likely human carcinogen” intwist, liquid levels and other variables. The to the red by about 1.3 nm as the temperature 2006 by epa, which has com-company has already started commercial- increases by 100°C — the property that is ex- menced programs to eliminateizing a temperature sensor — based on the ploited for high-temperature sensing. pFoa production by 2015.patented chiral grating technology — that Fiber optic sensors are immune to electro-is capable of measuring temperatures up to magnetic interference, have fast response Making H2 from H2O1,000°C with ±1% accuracy, says business times, can be remotely operated and pose no Scientists at the max planckdevelopment manager Saul Felman. Since electrical ignition hazard. Because the grat- institute of Colloids and inter-then, the device has found applications in pe- ings can be implemented in any fiber, ra- faces (potsdam-golm, ger-troleum refining (fractional distillation pro- diation and chemically resistant fibers are many; and combustion), oil borehole moni- being developed. have discovered that carbon nitride acts as a photocata-Palladium Catalyst (Cont. from p. 18) lyst for splitting water into h2. been achieved with other allyl substrates. In Besides being less expensivemary amines form first, which subsequently addition, asymmetric synthesis of optically than alternatives (such asundergo a further amination to form the sec- active allyl-amine have been performed inorganic semiconductorsondary amine. This secondary reaction can be with 71% yield and stereo-selectivity of 87% doped with pt), the carbonsuppressed by using dioxane instead of THF using a palladium catalyst with BINAP nitride is stable over a wideas solvent, producing 71% primary amine. [2,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)-1,1-binaph- ph range. The next step is to Primary amine yields of 71–85% have also thyl] ligand. improve the efficiency. ❏ “ WHAT YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT.” At Cashco, Inc., we do not follow “office hours.” We have trained employees available 24/7 to offer technical assistance and customer support. This includes next day service on critical parts; express stock capabilities, and parts delivery to regional stocking locations worldwide. We do not stop there. Cashco, Inc. has company employees strategically located around the globe to solve problems locally and assist with training and technical support on-site. We are committed to providing top of the line products and timely delivery. Dan Ray, Regional Manager 28 Years Industry Experience www.cashco com Cashco, Inc., P.O. Box 6, Ellsworth, KS 67439-0006, Ph. (785) 472-4461, Fax: (785) 472-3539 Innovative Solutions Circle 18 on p. 70 or go to 20 ChemiCal engineering www.Che.Com april 2009 CAS-176A.indd 1 11/24/08 4:02:57 PM
  23. 23. Materials | Development | SolutionsTÜV – ASTM Testing and Certificationfor Tantalum TubingIn a highly competitive marketplace, H.C. Starck is constantly testing, inspecting, and certifying our Tantalumtubes to the highest quality standards. We are the only manufacturer of welded Tantalum tube to offer testingand certification to both the TÜV European and ASTM Standards.H.C. Starck provides reliable and innovative solutions to the chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries.Our products are highly corrosion resistant and virtually inert to acid attack.Many manufacturers rely on H.C. Starck for high performance materials, such as tantalum and niobium, usedin linings for piping, tubing for heat exchanges, cladding for vessels, and other parts for dependable corrosioncontrol:> Tubing > Rod> Sheet > Coils> Wire > Repair PatchesTo find out more about how H.C. Starck can offer you high tech materials and highest quality testing,call 617.630.5940 or visit our website at Circle 19 on p. 70 or go to
  24. 24. C hementato RCut installation costs in half with this orifice flowmeterA BB Instrumentation (Warminster, Pa.; cut the cost of installing orifice-plate OriMaster installation is sim- plified by its wafer-design, orifice- carrier assembly, enabling it to be fitted in line sizes from 1 to 8 in. (DN25 to DN200) and pres- sures up to 1,450 psi (100 bars).flowmeters by up to half with the launch into an existing space between standard The OriMaster combines all majorof its OriMaster compact orifice DP flow- pipe flanges. Because incorrect central- components needed for installa-meter. The latest in the company’s Flow- izing of orifice devices can cause ad- tion in one assembly, therebyMaster range, the OriMaster comes fully ditional metering errors of 3%, the eliminating the need for usersfactory configured and pressure tested, OriMaster comes with a centering to source and install a separatesolving many of the problems associated tool to ensure correct placement in manifold, transmitter and im-with sizing, selection, installation and the pipeline. pulse piping, typically cuttingoperation of conventional orifice-plate The flowmeter is suitable for clean the cost to install and commis-installations, says ABB. liquids, gases and steam applications sion by up to 50%, says ABB.EPA proposes national reporting system for greenhouse gasesT he U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, Washington D.C.) plansto set up the first U.S. national system better protect our health and environ- ment,” says Administrator Lisa Jackson. Under the initial proposal, the report- mit their first annual reports in 2011, for calendar year 2010. The proposed rule will be publishedfor reporting emissions of CO2 and other ing requirements would apply to suppli- shortly in the Federal Register, aftergreenhouse gases. The proposal marks the ers of fossil fuel and industrial chemi- which there will be a 60-day commentfirst step toward a program for climate cals, manufacturers of motor vehicles period, including two public hearings,control. “Through this new reporting we and engines, and facilities that have before the rule is finalized. The report-will have comprehensive and accurate greenhouse gas emissions of 25,000 ing requirements will cost industrydata about the production of greenhouse m.t./yr or more. Most (except for vehicle $160 million in 2011 and $127 million ingases . . . a critical step toward helping us and engine manufacturers) would sub- subsequent years, estimates the EPA. ■ A lot of people don’t know we’ve had SEMCO since 1992. See, our engineers can even prevent breakdowns in communication. That’s right, MAC bought SEMCO back in 1992. So if and when you need SEMCO components or replacement parts, look no further than us. To find out more, call MAC at 1-800-821-2476 or email us at
  25. 25. Circle 21 on p. 70 or go to