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French vs U.S. school systems


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French vs U.S. school systems

  1. 1. School Life U.S. France School starts at the age of School starts at the age of 4-5 2-3 School years are labeled School years are labeled in ascending order (1-12) in descending order (12-1) Students attend school Students attend school Monday-Friday Monday-Friday, with Wednesday off Middle serves ages 12-14 Collèges (middle school) serve children ages 11-15 High school serves Lycées (high school) children ages 14-18 serves children 15-18 ! School in France is not so different from its American counterpart. In France pre- school starts around the age of 2-3, while in the U.S. it doesnʼt start until the age of 4-5. France is considered “lucky,” for students that is, because the normal school week is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, did away with school on Saturday morning for primary schools and collèges in 2008; however, the high school, lycée, students continue to go to school on Saturdays. 1. En France, les professeurs enseignent le leçon. 2. En France, les élèves respectent les autres. 3. En France, les professeurs donnent les devoirs.Tyler Holender Wednesday, February 9, 2011 6:25:14 PM ET 34:15:9e:16:81:86