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TGT#16 - Pain of test automatization in PAAS/SAAS solutions - Krzysztof Lembicz i Grzegorz Próchnicki


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Have you tried to test solutions created on platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Do you know how hard is to combine end to end testing in the software like Adobe Campaign? We didn’t know and we want to share our pains which we encountered during creation of our tool.

Published in: Software
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TGT#16 - Pain of test automatization in PAAS/SAAS solutions - Krzysztof Lembicz i Grzegorz Próchnicki

  1. 1. Pain of test automatization in PAAS/SAAS solutions
  2. 2. Our experience
  3. 3. Hypophora Who are the systems designed for then?
  4. 4. Our idea
  5. 5. Operational scope Testing Development Deployment Behaviour requirements Requirements determine the testing Scope and testing scripts content Business tests scripts created on the base of requirements testing end-to- end logic After a successful deployment monitoring tests used to periodically check system’s sanity Developers use Testing Lab for instant check of the quality of their work
  6. 6. But we encountered some problems Typical.
  7. 7. No test mode. Tests on production. Problem 1
  8. 8. More than one API and unstable API Problem 2 Więcej niż jedno API to?
  9. 9. Sniffing client software Problem 3
  10. 10. Documentation & support Problem 4
  11. 11. Different technologies in one product Problem 5
  12. 12. How to test different media: SMS, email, web, push Problem 6
  13. 13. What we’ve got
  14. 14. Solution components Production Monitoring Features Continuous Integration Server (e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity) Tests environment Production Environment Development environment Business Features Development Support Features Toolbox Library Adobe Campaign Plugin Email Plugin Selenium Plugin SFTP Plugin File Generation Plugin Other plugin Testing Framework / Libraries File Generation Plugin Tests definition & periodical execution
  15. 15. User perspective ● Selenium handling ● Emulating mail client System perspective ● REST/SOAP API requests ● Direct operation on Databases Multi layer end-to-end testing Admin perspective ● Generating test data - randomly or using data provided in scenarios ● Sending through SFTP/FTP/SSH
  16. 16. Cucumber approach
  17. 17. Sample tests scenario
  18. 18. Sample tests scenario
  19. 19. Questions? Thank you!
  20. 20.