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Ux design process


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Creating User Experience for Applications involves multi various skill sets & is on vogue.
Know what UX is all about & Pixel Studios Design Process in this presentation.

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Ux design process

  1. 1. Creating Awesome UX | User Experience
  2. 2. Designing for the user experience has a lot more to it than making a product USABLE. Usability allows people to easily accomplish their goals. UX Design covers more than that. It’s about giving people a delightful and meaningful experience.
  3. 3. Good design is pleasurable and seductive
  4. 4. Good design is playful
  5. 5. Good design gets you in the Flow!
  6. 6. Hierarchy of UX Needs Model Creativity Proficiency Usability Reliability Functionality Aesthetic Beauty and Innovative Interactions. Design perceived to be of the highest level. Empower people to do more & better. Design perceived to be of High level Design is forgiving, easy to use. Design perceived to be of moderate value Stable & Consistent performance. Design perceived to be of low value. Design Works, meets basic functional needs. Design perceived to have little to no value
  7. 7. … the process of creating Awesome UX | User Experience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DISCOVERY WIREFRAME PROTOTYPE VALIDATE TESTING SUMMARIZE ITERATE Define and Use Cases Visual Design Internal Demo Testing Validate and research to Workflow Icons + Style Validate Client review Learn from user define user Sitemap Mock up Get Feedback Niche group of Behaviour scenario and Screen HTML Proto From Executive Target users conceptual Wire framing IOS & Team model Major interaction ANDROID Plan & move to next cycle
  8. 8. A good design is pleasurable, thoughtfully crafted, makes you happy and gets you immersed. Think of games, they usually have these characteristics Or think of the iPhone that makes even failures “more enjoyable than succeeding on a Blackberry”.
  9. 9. We are passionate about Design & competent on Technology We bring awesome User Experience to your Web / Mobile Applications
  10. 10. Our Design Policy useful usable desirable valuabl e findable accessible credible
  11. 11. Thank YOU