World Religions Final


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World Religions Final

  1. 1. +Synchronicity: A WorldReligion?Tyler Grey
  2. 2. + Definition  Carl Jung - 1951  Definition: the acausal connection between two or more psycho-physic phenomena  In other words, there is a connection between humans that goes beyond anything physical  There is some sort of higher power drawing certain humans and objects together for one reason or another
  3. 3. + The Trend  Taking Jung theory and applying it to World Religions  Religions drawn to each other beyond coexisting, but somehow interconnected  Church attendance declining across America  Cathy Lynn Grossman  USA Today “More Americans Tailoring Religion to Fit Their Needs”  More and more Americans molding their faith to what they believe
  4. 4. + The Trend Abroad  UK  Students in grade school taught numerous different religions and rituals within those religions  Eastern Asia  Popular religion  Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism  Creating new religions all together
  5. 5. + What does the media think?  Synchronicity is the trend  More exciting than liberal religion  More exciting to have control of your own religion and spirituality  Embrace the way religion is changing  Blending of religions is a good thing  Makes it easier for everyone to live together in the “melting pot”
  6. 6. + What does the media think? Pt. 2  Synchronicity is fine  You can believe what you want to believe  Not recognized as a true religion, but still acceptable for people to take what they believe from different religions to fit what they believe
  7. 7. + What does the media think? Pt. 3  No way!  Synchronicity not considered an actual religion  Traditionalist viewpoint  No scripture to believe in, so there is no religion
  8. 8. + Synchronicity as a World Religion  Definition of World Religion: no true definition of religion  To be considered a World Religion, must have:  Scriptures  Institutions  Clergy  Rituals  By definition, Synchronicity not a World Religion
  9. 9. + Synchronicity Considered Spirituality Instead?  “I‟m spiritual, but not religious”  Carl McColman  Huffington Post “Interspirituality: A Meaningful Alternative to „Spiritual Not Religious‟”  Could not consider himself religious because he explored his spirituality through learning about and practicing traditions from other religions  “Interfaith friendly”
  10. 10. + Conclusion  Synchronicity can be a great thing  Significance in religions being interconnected  Coexist  Common ground for different cultures  Can be considered spiritual, but not considered a World Religion because it does not contain the criteria necessary
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