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Dhanurmas Cosmic Physiology Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Dhanurmas Cosmic Physiology Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar

  2. 2. DHANURMAS COSMIC PHYSIOLOGY Cosmic physiology is yet to come in vogue. But it is an incoming thing. Holistic perspective is inevitable. Globalization is only a small visible counterpart of holistic perspective. Holistic perspective sees individual human existence; as part of cosmos; or other way round; it sees cosmos as an extended body of an individual. Apart from crude observations such as circadian rhythms, everything in the universe influences one another. The Sun, moon, planets; their movements and events taking place on the earth; are all interrelated. Not only they influence the living beings and human beings; but they specifically influence different systems of the body and also various aspects of cognition, affect and conation. 2 DR. SHRINIWAS JANARDAN KASHALIKAR
  3. 3. DHANURMAS COSMIC PHYSIOLOGY Hence the astrology depicts specific days with specific prescriptions. (MUHURT, SHUBHA, ASHUBHA KAL) However those who do not understand the subtle interrelationship, describe days and periods as auspicious and inauspicious. Nothing is inauspicious, even a time of death if it is logical culmination of the fulfilled life! It has to appreciated that some periods are good for physical, some are good for sexual, some for intellectual and different periods are good for different faculties. If we perform the different activities during those periods; which are suitable for them; then we would succeed in living and dying with fulfillment, at individual and global levels. 3 DR. SHRINIWAS JANARDAN KASHALIKAR
  4. 4. DHANURMAS COSMIC PHYSIOLOGY There are some individuals who oppose the teaching and learning of astrology in universities and schools. This is gross (Non) intellectual fanaticism. We may or may not consult an astrologer; but calling astrology as hoax and trying to sabotage or suppress its study is called TAMAS i.e. a fanatic; (so called) scientific bigotry. Astrology is a means for shaping your life so as help yourself and the universe blossom. I strongly feel that the astrologers should do their job with full commitment and dedication and keep learning. They should not use nonspecific words such as auspicious and inauspicious, and describe the nature of interactions; specifically. What is inauspicious 4 DR. SHRINIWAS JANARDAN KASHALIKAR
  5. 5. DHANURMAS COSMIC PHYSIOLOGY for developing sexual relations; is not necessarily inauspicious for getting money. Such many examples can be given. The case in point is DHANURMAS. This is a month; when the floodgates of enlightenment open for the mankind. Hence it is a golden opportunity to remain awake and welcome the enlightenment by getting up early morning and focusing on the cosmic consciusness i.e. God. Some astrologers described this as inauspicious month, but it is not. It is only, unsuitable for some mundane activities. Dhanurmas or Dhanurmasa starts from 16th of December and ends on 13th and according to some on 14th January. 5 DR. SHRINIWAS JANARDAN KASHALIKAR