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Inventing with Purpose, Intention and Focus


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The current model of invention needs to be augmented. We have to include user feedback more integrally and we need to invent to reduce unintended consequences.

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Inventing with Purpose, Intention and Focus

  1. 1. July 24, 2018AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassador Talk Inventing with Purpose, Intention & Focus Dr Tyrone W A Grandison
  2. 2. Emergency ✤ Healthcare is data-intensive ✤ Access to data is critical ✤ The data is sensitive ✤ Security system is bypassed at least 70% of the time ✤ Information security and patient privacy routinely compromised
  3. 3. Purpose Patients: Protect their data, Enable service delivery. Healthcare Staff: Provide access, maintain compliance, work with the way they work. IT Staff: Enable them to be more effective at their jobs
  4. 4. INtention Create a sound system that would be used to improve data security and privacy in emergency rooms
  5. 5. FOCUS Model the current state Define our goal and success metric Develop a system that moves towards this goal
  6. 6. Formal ModEL IT Security System and Clinical Workflow
  7. 7. Policy Coverage the % of overlap between the real and ideal representations of the security system
  8. 8. PRIMA - PRIvacy Management Architecture Audit Logs Clinical Environment PRIMA Policy Policy Refinement Audit Management Privacy Controls
  9. 9. Initial Paper: Towards Improved Privacy Policy Coverage in Healthcare Using Policy Refinement (2007) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176157D Date Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Nov-06 Deployment showed policy coverage improvement, liability decrease, smarter policy, early detection of data attack. New field of investigation - using audit logs to improve security, privacy, and X.
  10. 10. The Big Picture
  11. 11. Purpose User + Function
  12. 12. INtention Use + Consequence
  13. 13. FOCUS The Plan To Value
  14. 14. Purpose INtention FOCUS Cool Innovative Potentially Harmful
  15. 15. “Invent things that help humanity.” –Robert L. Read, PhD Public Inventor. Co-founder of @18F. Presidential Innovation Fellow. Agilist.
  16. 16. Thank you @tyrgr